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85621 Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics z Vols. 244, 246 J. CONCONE OP, 10 TWENTY-FIVE LESSONS FOR THE MEDIUM PART OF THE VOICE [A Sequet to THe Firry Lessons” Op. 108 THE SAME FOR ALTO $ Revise artex THE LATEST Ebinion oF ALBERTO RANDEGGER H.W. NICHOLL NEW YORK : G. SCHIRMER BOSTON ; BOSTON MUSIC CO. Convnscitr. 1892, nv G, ScttuenER PREFACE. ‘Tue sterling value and great usefulness of Concone’s Lessons have been so long recognised and so generally admitted, that their extensive adoption caused, as a natural consequence, the issue of numerous editions in almost every country where the study of the Art of Singing is cultivated. No edition, however, which has hitherto come under my notice, seems to me as correct, complete, and reliable as it should be. I have endeavoured to rectify this deficiency by adding in the present edition signs of expression and phrasing, where I considered it expedient to do so; completing, and in some cases altering, the breathing-marks, and altogether carefully revising the whole work. The purpose of these Lessons—in their Author's own words—is :-— I. “To place and fix the voice accurately" ; Il. “To develop taste while singing broad, elegant, and rhythmical melodies.” I recommend their practice, in conjunction with the vocal Exercises to be found in my “ Method of Singing’—after the system of respiration and voice- production therein explained has been sufficiently mastered, These Twenty-five Lessons are intended as a sequel to the “ Fifty Lessons for the Medium Part of the Voice ”, and should be the broad and open sound of the Italian vowel A (as pronounced in the word Father), vocalised ’—viz,, sung upon ALBERTO RANDEGGER. Twenty - five Lessons of moderate Difficulty. For Alto. J. CONCONE, Op. 10bis- Andante 50) dolce espré 2 D legato. ? poco rall 2 14806 Copyright, 1892, by G. Schirmer. > ole oxo; st eae eae 4 Moderato (J 96) —— poco ra £ 14806 tranguilto — ed es DC 4; Fine laso6 Allegretto grazioso amabile y 2 SS crese. molto 2 ~ ° dectso __—— dolce sy subito Fine. vasow, Moderato. (6 -96.) — po 14806 a +g 7 —— — ¢ dime rit. __| calla vote Te. al Fine ee D.C. * al Fine 14806 Andante con moto.(é294) ‘i 7 Piolce @ tranquilio 5 p legato oS P aoiee Erasioso 14806 DCH Pin laso6 12 Moderato.(e = 100) p grasioso en 2 a tempo express. 2 | OL 1an06 Ss con abbandono = largamente 2 o col canto —— 14806 14 Allegretto amabile.(@- 104) it dolve Fine. ey con antna a ‘poco riten. Fine ioe BS Fine. - Andante sentimentale.(4= sa) pees elegante 13806 17 Zz largamente ae 2 poco writen. a tempo . Andante mesto.(.-.60) sempre a messd voce ¥ ve hs bd pe = v riten. sotto Caee / ry oles tap hey verile rire Serre ee TJ. - e+ ve vel we a rrr vasew ; s Has06 J 20 Allegro moderato (¢:108) A ——_——_ 10. 1806 2 af ‘Andante eantabile. (¢=40.) a = - — SS SS] o = aa r — press. i + (PSS == dada Pe i ctrter ———doleg legate R= | PRE =— — i eo = Oa i P a “Spress poco rath $33 33833, 11806 Allegretto scherzando. (90) p staccato Hasou DS. al Fine. 26 Allegro risoluto.. fat Tanon (Die A806