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The Organic Earth School: Regional Education's Solution

Bukan lautan hanya kolam susu, Kail dan jala cukup menghidupimu
Tiada badai tiada topan kau temui, Ikan dan udang menghampiri dirimu
Orang bilang tanah kita tanah surga, Tongkat kayu dan batu jadi tanaman

Sekolah Alam Bumi Organik!

“Mungkin sesekali dalam hidup membutuhkan seorang dokter, pengacara, polisi bahkan ustadz (guru
agama). Namun hal yang tidak bisa di sangkal bahwa setiap hari kita membutuhkan petani dan sehari
sebanyak tiga kali.

Indonesia has an extraordinary natural wealth of "land of heaven", representing the beauty and
prosperity of the natural archipelago which is gemah ripah loh jinawi. The land is not only fertile but
also planted easily. Even sticks and stones grow into plants.

The potential of agriculture becomes the main sector of Indonesian people's welfare because
God has predetermined geographically as an agricultural area, not only that various commodities are
able to grow well and have a large market opportunity for the long term as a source of foreign exchange
and farmers' income. How rich, fertile, vast and beautiful the land of the archipelago is, if managed,
guarded and utilized wisely can prosper the Indonesian people in general.

Ironically, as if conjured up, now the archipelago's earth is no longer able to breathe, losing
hundreds of hectares of oxygen, hundreds of hectares of arid land due to loss of water supply, and the
breeze that blows even scented with fire. This is because industrial development is rapidly changing
the face of the archipelago's agriculture and shifting land functions to industrial growth such as
factories and housing. Naturally, every year the damage to nature is not diminished but gradually
increases. National assets stored in the bowels of the archipelago as a reserve for posterity that should
be able to be processed and maintained by the community so that the results can improve their welfare.
But what power, the low level of education, the limitations of science and the high rate of poverty
cause the mind to be closed for it, instead it becomes a disaster for them and also our children and
grandchildren later.

Sekolah Alam Bumi Organik!

This Organic Earth School is a school idea that can be built in areas in the archipelago. This
school certainly involves the younger generation to care about the natural world of the archipelago in
the agricultural sector. The concept of this school is in the form of providing education in organic
farming that is designed naturally and is bound to nature, because basically humans cannot escape from
nature and live dependently. Why organic ? because of the rampant agriculture that uses chemicals, in
the form of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Of course this causes environmental pollution because
what is emphasized in agriculture is the result. In addition, the current generation has more work in
urban areas, making the space for movement in the city narrower. Because the economy in the region
is low and the cost of school or college is high, the dropout rate in Indonesia is also increasing. So that,
the solution to all these problems is in the form of making the Organic Earth School in areas throughout
Indonesia. Where the younger generation who drop out of school and do not have the funds for
schooling can be schooled at the Organic Earth School, where all students will be taught organic
farming with materials from natural sources such as compost, the results also have a high selling value
because the product quality is more good in terms of health.

Learning program with the concept of fun learning. Studying in the open, without pressure and
far from boredom. Using the concepts of Involvement, Nature, Telling and Talking, Games, Happy
Handiwork. The integration of the five concepts is called IN-TEAMWORK. The Concept of
Involvement of the Young Generation of Farmers itself refers to the concept of learning by doing.
While Nature here means the concept of learning from nature. In the concept of Telling and Talking,
Young Generation of Farmers are invited to be more practical in responding to activity-based learning
to hear and speak through video and images. Games based on the concept of learning by playing are
also useful for creating an entertaining and recreational learning environment. In the last concept
Happy Handiwork. This, the Young Generation of Farmers is able to produce works through high
imagination and made with their own hands.

It would be nice if we start our farming system by using the concept of EARTH ORGANIC
NATURAL SCHOOL so that later our children and grandchildren can feel the beauty of this
Bung Karno : Soal pangan adalah mati hidupnya suatu bangsa. The problem of food is the death and
life of a nation