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Ardee Maye N.

Adriosula December 7, 2017

15-6681 LL 310

“There is no Religion”

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and more are a

collection of beliefs that establishes spiritual views of

people. In my opinion, there is no such thing as religion

because of three reasons. First, for me religion is a just a

standard that we need to follow. Second, people have religions

not because they have faith but because they believe that they

should have one. And the last one is that people have religion

because everyone does. People don’t want to be different that’s

why they chose to have their own religion. According to (Farley,

2017)a lead teaching pastor of Church Without Religion and a

bestselling author of six Christian books. Dr. Andrew said that

“we are all about relationship with Jesus Christ, not

legalistic, religious rules”. For me, religion limits our

knowledge because the religion that we are in set our minds

about we what should and should not do.

 According to (Slone, 2007), religion is for dummies

and romantics. For Slone, people invent their own

versions of religion in whatever ways that seem to

suit their fancies. Religion for Slone is

prescriptive, it tells us what we should believe about

the world. Slone says that Religion deals with the

“ought” for example (what we ought to think, what we

ought to do and so on). There is an old joke about

religion that never bombs regardless of audience “If

you ask two people of the same religion one question,

you’ll get three answers”, For Slone, the joke is

funny because, like all jokes, it points out the


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as Mahatma

Gandhi was the leader of the Indian Independence movement

against British rule said that, “God has no religion”. We have

many religions but Gandi believes that, since there is one God,

there can be only one religion. According to (Deshpande), for

Gandhi There is no religion higher than Truth and Righteousness.

Gandhi said that, “My religion is based on truth and none-

violence. Truth is my God. Non-violence is the means of

realizing him”. According to (Chaudhari) Gandhi observe that it

is no religion if it does not takes no account of practical

affairs and does not help to solve him.


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