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Why does the Honolulu City Council favor mainland businesses over local ones? Bill 40 Cripples Local Businesses Honolulu City Council Bill 40 was originally about banning plastic straws, utensils, and take-out bags in restaurants, But, at the last minute, without full input or testimony, Councilmember Joey Manahan expanded it to include all food manufacturers and to include ALL plastics that are used in the manufacturing of food on ‘Oahu. The bill grants an automatic exemption if the food was manufactured outside of Hawaii, but ‘Oahu food manufacturers must apply to the city bureaucracy for an exemption and prove "undue hardship.” This bill is extremely unfair to local businesses and will ensure that only mainland companies can ship food to Honolulu. This bill is the death of the local food industry in Hawaii and deepens Hawaii's dependence on imported foods. BANNED: The plastic wrap around your spam musuhi, the bag used for locally made chips, the bento box from the convenience store, plastic poi bags, trays under your locally grown meat at the supermarket, your tofu container, and thousands more items. But, the maintand-based chip manufacturer gets a free pass, like the mainland meat processor, and other imported items. Is this fair? We support reasonable limits on single-use plastics, bu Bill 40 is beyond extreme in banning ALL plastics in food manufacturing. Bil 40 kill local jobs and ensures that only mainland companies survive. Whose interests should the Honolulu City Couneil value more - local or mainland? Call all members of the City Council NOW and tell them to VOTE NO on BILL 40! Kymberly Marcas Pine Tommy Waters Joey Manan (608) 768-5001 (808) 748-5004 (808) 748-5007 kmpine@hanolulu.goy Heidi Tsuneyoshi ‘Ann Kobayashi Brandon Elefante (208) 748-5002 (808) 768-5005 (80) 768-5008 Htsuneyoshi@honoiulugo _—_akobayashi@honolulugov Taka Anderson Carol Fukunaga on Menor (0) 748-8003 (08) 768-5006 (808) 768-5009 cafuhunaga@honolulugoy _menor@hanollu gov