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Communication and Performance in the Australian

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CPW5 – Reporting to Managers
A15. Executive Summary
Week 27
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 Prepare an Executive Summary Report with top level financials

 Prepare and submit to the CEO (or equivalent).
 You must use dictionary for appropriate English.
 Upload your assessment in your assessment file on RTOm.

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Executive Summary Report

The main objective of our TrueSide YouTube channel is to explore everyday problems
faced in real life, record them and telecast to the viewers. This channel will initially
focus on problems that international people face at workplace, at home and problems
that overseas students face when they arrive in Australia for the first time.
This is a YouTube channel, so we don’t require to lease any property or any particular
space to start our business. We selected Sydney as our base of operation. The reason
behind this location is that it is a major attraction for international students and
families who want to settle in Australia. Initially we will select guest for our videos
from Sydney Suburbs. Once we start to get response then we will cover all major
cities around Australia.
Before working on our YouTube video, we will narrow down our audience depending
on their gender, age, occupation, and knowledge level. After knowing their specific
needs, we can easily create video content that helps them accomplish what they want
and become our loyal subscribers. We will go through the comments in our pages and
review if there are any users who are not happy with video or wants some
improvement, thus we will focus on what audience are looking for in next videos.
We will use different marketing strategies to reach more viewers like 3 E’s, i.e.
Entertain, Educate, and Experience to engage our audience. There are not many
YouTube channel that provide insight in life of migrant or international people. So, we
have very good opportunity to get viewers’ attention. To increase our business, we will
make contact with colleges and university where we will provide guidance to new
student who need help in accommodating and settling down in their new environment.
Another strategy that we will use is to conduct surveys. In these surveys we will ask
viewers about their preference, what they like and dislike about our channel, what
type of changes they want in content, etc. Based on result of those surveys we will
modify our content and make changes.
Our start-up cost for running the channel is approximately $40,000. For that we all
business partners have invested $10,000 each. Based on our financial projection we
will make net profit of $5,180 at end of first year. For year 2 and year 3 we will make
profit $7,000 and $12,474 respectively. We are confident that in time period of five

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years we will achieve our ultimate goal of becoming leading YouTube channel in our
niche market.

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Assessment Performance Criteria



Understand the types of research task participants

may be required to do an internship or early in ☒ ☐ ☐
their career.
Understand the manager’s instructions, including
☒ ☐ ☐
the objective of the task for the organisation
Take notes of the task instructions, deadlines and
☒ ☐ ☐
important information.
Analyse information for reliability and validity. ☒ ☐ ☐
Provide a structured verbal report of findings to
the manger, providing the right amount of ☒ ☐ ☐
relevant detail.
Understand how to provide information using a
☒ ☐ ☐
direct and linear approach.
Understand new terms and words with the use of
☒ ☐ ☐
dictionaries and online resources.

☐ ☐
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nt Compete

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