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In the DepEd monthly celebrations, the month of November is regarded as the English
Month. English Month is a month-long celebration of the uniqueness of the English language
and all the learners working hard to master it. In a world of 7.6 billion people, English has
become a uniting force bringing people from different backgrounds together through
education, work, business, everyday communication and culture. Students around the
world strive to learn and study in English because it is the language of instruction at many
top universities around the world. Above all, the goal of English Month is to create an
ongoing celebration of this global and constantly evolving language.

Hence, on behalf of the Language Department of Lim-ao National High School, it is

my great honour to welcome you all to today’s opening program for the English Month
Celebration with theme ……
Prayer & Flag Ceremony

To start this short program let us all ask the guidance of our almighty father through a
prayer to be given to us by Mrs. Rosanna B. Ruiz, to be followed by the singing of the
Philippine National Anthem to be conducted by Ms. Mitzi I. Delgado.
Welcome Message

November indeed is a much awaited month for our English Language enthusiast. The
language department has prepared lot of fun-filled activities and competitions for our dear
students and teachers. And of course there are corresponding prizes for each competitions.
But before I will present the activities for this month-long celebration, let us welcome first our
senior high school coordinator Mrs. April Joy B. Taneo for her opening remarks. A warm
round of applause please.
Thank you ma’am for that meaningful and welcoming message.
Intermission Number

The day is still fresh. And I guess we need something to stir up the mood of the event…
something that will activate the electrons and protons of our batteries. Let’s give it up for
the selected grade 8 students for their intermission number.

Wow! That’s totally entertaining! And totally activating. But I think I want more,
wouldn’t you agree with me? Okay so lets’ all our hands together for the selected grade 9
students in their intermission number.
That was again a fantastic performance.
Statement of the Purpose
Intermission Number
Presentation of Activities

Now that we are all geared up. Allow me to present to you the series of events and
competitions for the upcoming English Month Culmination Program this November 29, 2019.