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Is it your first time playing Attorney Online?  
Been away for a while and want a refresher?  
Or is it just AO2 that’s confusing you?  
You’ve come to just the place!   


So the first thing you’re going to want to do is download the ​Main Download​ on the​ AOV 
Main Document​. If there are any specific updates that are highlighted in purple then make 
sure to download them also, as they are updates we have not yet compiled into the Main 
Download. Once done, open Attorney Online.exe. 

Now you’re in the lobby. You can see all the 
available servers, each with their own unique 
content and set of players. Naturally, each 
server will have their own rules. If one takes 
your liking, you can add it to your list of 
favourites, which can be viewed by simply 
toggling to ‘Favorites’. You can see our 
server is the second one down (​ Attorney 
Online Vidya​). Let’s take a look, shall we? 


And boom, here we are! You’ve made it onto AOV. From 
here, you may choose any character from the selection to 
play as. You may notice that the duo of Iris and Holmes is 
currently darkened, compared to the rest of the 
characters. This means that someone else is currently 
using them, making them inaccessible until that player 
chooses a different character. We can’t have two 
Phoenix’s in court now, can we? 
Currently, we also are sporting characters from several 
third-party series, such as Professor Layton, Ghost Trick, 
Danganronpa, 999, and even Persona! 



Woah, look at this HUD! Pretty overwhelming, huh? Not to worry, we’ll go through this 
step-by-step and familiarize ourselves with this layout. 

Name  Picture  Description 

GAME SCREEN  This is the screen in which the gameplay itself takes place 
in. The small grey rectangle beneath it is where you type 
your text in, to see it appear up above in the game. This 
zone is often referred to as ‘IC’, which stands for In 

CHARACTER  These are the various emotions your character can display. 
EMOTES  Simply press one, then speak on the Game Screen. The 
default amount is set to 10 per page, however this can be 
changed to your liking, or use the ​Theme Library​. The three 
buttons beneath are the three interjections characters 
have in the series. Press one of the three before speaking 
  for it to appear. The dropdown box beneath the “Take 
That!” will list the name of the emotion you are planning to 


IC CHAT LOG  This will be the entire log of all the things said in IC. New 
messages appear at the ​TOP​, not the bottom. You may 
scroll through it to search the history of what’s been said, 
and even highlight the log to copy and paste from it; a new 
feature recently added! 

OOC CHAT LOG  This area is the Out of Character, or OOC chatbox. Here, 
you can assign yourself a username, then speak with 
people during a case. It’s also used to input server 
commands.A list of server commands can be found ​here​. 

AREA STATUS  This is also included in the OOC, but works slightly 
differently. The status of all the areas is always displayed 
at the top of the OOC when you join the server, or 
alternatively, you can type ‘/area’ into OOC to get this list 
up. Each status has a different meaning; 
IDLE​: This area is not being used. This is due to it being 
empty, or people just not planning to start a case. 
BUILDING-OPEN:​ This area is building a case, but they 
could use some more people to join in. Feel free to sign up 
on the document! 
BUILDING-FULL:​ This area is building a case, but don’t 
need more people. You can still talk IC there and help 
CASING-OPEN:​ This area is currently casing, but there are 
still vacant spots. You may choose to spectate or, 
provided you sign up on the document, you can fill a space 
and join in! 
CASING-FULL:​ This area is casing and needs no more 
people. You are welcome to spectate, but will not be able 

to join in. 

JUKEBOX  The jukebox lists all the songs available on the server. 
Double-click on a song to get it to play. Each of the songs 
fall into their own category, and you may use the music 
search bar above the jukebox to locate a certain song. To 
stop the song, double tap on a category title. E.g. 

CUSTOM BUTTON  This button is also a relatively new feature. It stands as a 

  unique fourth interjection some characters may have, such 
as Miles’ “Eureka!” and Apollo’s “Gotcha!”. 

The two bars showing the penalties of the defence and 
prosecution. Their mechanics remain the same as they are 
  in the Ace Attorney games, and only someone in the Judge 
position will be able to change them. 

! BUTTON  Pressing this button before speaking will creating a 

‘dinging’ noise and make the screen flash. Usually used in 
  moments of sudden realisation. 

MUTE BUTTON  This button allows you to mute characters who are being 
disruptive or spamming. Hopefully a moderator shall deal 
  with them shortly, but this acts as an instant solution. 

TESTIMONY  These too will only be available to someone in the Judge 

position. Pressing them causes them to cut-in, like in the 
Ace Attorney games. 

TEXT COLOURING  This dropdown will change the colour of your text. 
  ● Black/white​ for regular talking. 
● Green f​ or Testimonies. 
● Red​ is limited to moderators only. If you see 
someone speaking (and not putting one letter) in 
red, then pay attention! 
● Orange​ for actions, such as walking into a 
courtroom, or presenting evidence. 
● Blue​ for thoughts. Only you can hear this. 
● Yellow​ for robots, such as Clonco or Widget. 
There is also a seventh, secret ​co​ ​lo​ ​ur​ ​ ​within the game. See 
if you can find it... 

PRE AND FLIP  The ​Pre checkbox​ determines whether your character 
CHECKBOXES  plays it’s “pre-animation” or not. For example. 

The ​Flip checkbox​ simply flips your character and views 
them through a mirror. 

MISCELLANEOUS  The ​Change Character​ button simply takes you back to the 
BUTTONS  CSS, where you can change your character. 
The ​Reload Theme​ button reloads your AO theme. For 
more information, check the AO2 guide on the Main 
The ​Call Mod​ button makes a loud noise in the ear of the 
moderators, and will summon them to the area you are in. 
Please only use this in emergencies, as needlessly calling 
a moderator can result in disciplinary actions. 

VOLUME SLIDERS  The ​Volume Sliders​ simply control the music, sfx and blips 
(the speech of a character). Feel free to adjust them until 
  you have a set-up you’re comfortable with. 

There are six positions in the courtroom. Type the correct position command into the OOC 
to be able to move the position you require. 


/pos def  /pos jud  /pos pro 


/pos hld  /pos wit  /pos hlp 

AOV has 7 different areas, each one serving their own purpose. 
Firstly, you​’re going to want to familiarize yourself with getting about. 
There are two ways of travelling between areas. 
The first is to type in ‘/area X’ in OOC. (There are 7 areas, replace X with the number.) 
The second, and more common way, is to use the menu above the jukebox. 

Below is a guide to how each area works. 
BASEMENT  The Basement is the base area where you 
(Area 0)  start the game each time. This area serves as 
a testing grounds for making sprites or fixing 
things of the sort. This area is also void of 
almost​ every rule, such as spamming of text 
and music. 

AREAS 1-4  These four areas are the areas where the 
many various types of cases take place. 
These will be the ones you will most likely 
want to use. 

MULTI  The Multi-Purpose Courtroom is different to 

PURPOSE  the other areas, since, well, it has many 
COURTROOM  purposes. Cases don’t usually take place here, 
(Area 5)  but instead people can play games such as 
Mafia; this area is also used to host public 
qnas with the server’s staff, which are 
announced previously. 

CROSSOVER  The Crossover Court is similar to Areas 1-4, 

COURT  except it allows more 3rd party characters, 
(Area 6)  which are listed on the Crossover Court 
section on the Main Document. 


Hopefully by now, you’re familiar with the layout and basics of AO. 
Now for the part you came here for; the casing. Take a look at the Area List. 
As you can see, Area 4 is casing, but they still have a 
few spots open. Head on over there, and take a look 
at the case that’s currently running. 
It seems Mia is struggling with this case. 
Let’s go help her out. Type ‘/doc’ in the OOC 
to get the Case Document this case is using. 


Looks like we’re in luck! The Co-defense role is open. Sign your ​CHARACTER’S​ name on the 
document, along with any witty nickname you may have. 
If a name is in a position you want to have, please NEVER 
delete it from the document, as roles are distributed on a 
first-come, first-serve basis. Deleting names from a doc is 
against the rules, and can result in disciplinary actions.

Now you are ready for action! It’s time for justice; the floor is yours! 
And that’s about it for the basics. But it doesn’t stop there; there’s still ​ini​-editing​, theme 
designing, and ​all the various types of cases we hold here​. 
Want to know more? The Main Document holds guides on each and every one of these. 
Or check out our​ Mod Discord​, if something needs clarifying for you. 
Otherwise, you are now ready to begin! Download the material, and get to it! 

Good luck, and above all, have fun out there!