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Satyajit Das



To be associated with a progressive organization that gives scope to apply my knowledge and to be a part
of a team that dynamically works towards the growth of the organization.


• Over 5.6+ yrs of experience in all facets of software development with various technologies
that includes python,Flask,MongoDb etc.

• Hands on experience Python,Rest Api,MongoDb,postgresql,Angularjs,MSSQl,Java Script,HTML and

good knowledge in Data Structure,Cron Jobs,celery,Rabitmq,Mysql.Oracle

• Experience working with Git and JIRA.

• Experience in development of multi-tier applications using MVC.

• Flourish in both independent and collaborative work environments with quick learning abilities
and good communication skills.


• Working on Zeomega Infotech Pvt ltd as a Senior Software Developer from Oct 2015 to till

• Worked on Edge network Pvt ltd as a Software Engineer from Feb 2015 to Oct 2015

• Worked as a Associate Software Engineer at Logfire technology, from july 2013 to Dec 2014.


• BE-CSE(2007-11) from University Institute of Technology,Burdwan university , with 65%


Languages : Python

Database : MSSQL, MongoDb

Web Technologies : Flask,AngularJS(1.3)

Operating Systems : Ubuntu, Centos

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Project #1 : JIVA- Population Health Management Software

Client : ZeOmega

Environment : Python,AngularJS,Mssql,Oracle,SqlAlchemy,REST

Role : Developer

Team Size : 10.

Project Overview:

Truly effective population health management (PHM) solutions must enable organizations to affordably and efficiently
meet Triple Aim goals of lowering the per-capita cost of care, increasing care quality, and improving the care experience.

The Jiva Technology Platform is a tightly integrated, end-to-end, scalable solution set that is innovatively architected –
and proven – to support any PHM initiative. With its modular and extensible design, Jiva provides all of the tools and
resources you need to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities

o Develop new methods and design the new screen.

o Bug fixing and communication with third party vendor.

o Implementing the new features developed by third party product to our application.

o Customization as per client requirement.

o Validating upgraded version of third party with our interface and get certification.

Project #2 : Recruitment Management and Analytics:

Client : EdgeNetwork

Environment : Python,MongoDB,Falsk.REST

Role : Developer

Team Size : 5.

Project Overview:

Analyze JDs according to relevant skills and create an intelligent query to search the connected databases. The top
candidates are scored and stack-ranked against the job and specific business rules can be applied to filter candidates.
o Developed Auto sourcing module and download the resume form jobs sites.

o Wrote various method for Extract the Skills, Name, Phone Number etc from resume and Store into
Mongo DB.

o Played the role of developer in improving functionalities and making enhancements.

o Developed Gmail Synchronization.

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o wrote Shell Script and set into Cron jobs

Project #3 : LogFire WMS Development

Client : Logfire technology

Environment : Python, Flask, Apache and Postgresql,REST

Application Server : Apache HTTP Server2.0

Role : Developer

Team Size : 8.

Project Overview:

Logfire WMS is warehouse management solutions for retailers, ecommerce companies, consumer goods
manufacturers and wholesale distributors, and logistics service providers (3PL) of all sizes. LogFire
combines strong supply chain domain expertise with flexible cloud-based solutions and Software-as-a-
Service (SaaS) pricing. It is developed using Adobe Flex in front end and Python, Flask and Postgres in

o Worked as a Technical/Functional Consultant. Provide support on all functionalities of Logfire WMS like

Inbound, Outbound, Put-away, Replenishment, Wave& Cycle Count. Also supported the technical

aspects like interfaces, label printers and code bugs

o Played the role of developer in improving functionalities and making enhancements.

o Work as a team member to debug the issues and functional clarifications arriving in the product.

o Finding the root cause of the issues arising.

o Involved in writing Python scripts to make updates in database.

o Involved in interacting with consultants onsite to understand the issues and provide fix.

o Played a key role of providing support from UAT till implementation, Go Live, and post Go Live support

Personal Profile

Name : Satyajit Das

Father’s Name : Parimal Das

Date of Birth : 23rd may 1989

Gender : Male

Marital Statu : Single

Languages Known : English, Hindi and Bengali

Nationality : Indian


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Place: Bangalore

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