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Christmas Recital


Philipppine National Anthem- SES Ukulele Ensemble And SES singers

Lapu-Lapu March-

Doxology- How Lovely Is your dwelling Place

Opening Salvo- SES performing Arts

Welcome remarks- Cyril


 SES UKULELE Ensemble ( Grade 6)- wipeout Bogie

Jingle bells

 SES Ukulele ( Grade 4) Jolly old Nicholas

You are my sunshine

 Garde 5- I’m Yours

- Hark the herald
 SES Singers- Carol of the bells

- Ding dong merilly on high

 Guest Performers- Sudtunggan ES

Gon-ob ES
Bagong Silang

SES Ukulele Group Grade 6- Deck the hall

Five feet Two

 Violin Goup
 Solo violin
 Alumni Group
 Inspirational Message ( Clive Cane)
 SES Performing Arts
 Kinder Teachers of SES
 SES UKULELE Ensemble ( ALL)- Can-Can
I’D Like to teach the world to sing
One Day
 Closing Remarks – Leonardo
 Finale- Kasadya (All Performers)

Part II Lunch

You Are my Sunshine

Jolly Old Nicholas 9 (tab)

Silent Night (Tab)



Id Like To Teach

One Day

National Anthem

LApu-Lapu March