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Unit 1

Unit 1 Revision
1 Complete the sentences with the present simple and present continuous form of the verbs.
1 I always wear (always / wear) neutral colours to work.
2 I heard that John (stay) with his brother until his new flat is ready.
3 (you / know) anything about the symbolism of colours?
4 Fashion trends (change) all the time.
5 Why (you / still / watch) TV? It’s way past midnight!
6 I (usually / choose) shades of pink for my make-up.

2 Complete the sentences with the present simple and present continuous form of these verbs.
belong look not have smell think think

1 This paint smells terrible! What’s in it?

2 that bright red car to you, sir?
3 I really you should take part in that photography competition. You’re so talented!
4 you still of studying fashion design?
5 You absolutely stunning in that wedding dress!
6 What a pity Mary’s sick and a good time on holiday.

3 Complete the sentences with these time expressions.

every day never often this summer right now this week

1 I stop at the bakery every day on my way home from work.

2 How do you go to art class?
3 Mary wears any make-up. She likes a very natural look.
4 Sorry, I can’t speak to you – I’m painting the kitchen.
5 Pastel shades and white are the ‘in’ colours .
6 Are you working late every day ?

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Unit 1
Unit 1 Revision
4 Circle the correct option.
1 Are you always using / Do you always use so many colours in your website designs?
2 What do you talk / are you talking about exactly? Please explain yourself.
3 The sun always rises / is rising in the east.
4 I begin / I’m beginning to like this course. It’s actually fun!
5 Red seems / is seeming to be the colour of success.
6 I look / I’m looking for my hat – have you seen it?

5 Complete the questions. Use question words where necessary.

1 How many black bags have you got?
I’ve got six black bags, perhaps even more!
2 working on these days?
I’m working on a website profile for Colour it!
3 the art gallery in the city centre?
Jill runs it. She’s had it for two years now.
4 you also portraits?
No, I only do still life paintings.
5 help me decorate my room?
Of course I can.
6 Di usually work?
She usually finishes work at 5, and gets home at 6.

6 Choose the correct option (a, b or c) to complete the sentences.

1 People blue at funerals in Mexico.
a do usually wear b usually wear c are usually wearing
2 Don’t buy that colour lipstick for Daniela. She pink.
a is hating b hate c hates
3 the news, or can I turn off the TV?
a Do you watch b Are you watching c You watch
4 coffee in the morning?
a Do you usually have b You usually have c Are you usually having
5 Who home with you every day?
a does walk b is walking c walks
6 get in touch with this consultant?
a How I can b How can I c I can how

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