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The importance of learning a language

Gaes N° 9

Lorena Sanchez Velasquez

Martha Lucía Parra Jimenez

Leonela Nuñez Mercado

Negociación Internacional



In this document we will answer some questions that arise from the video Les Luthiers - Radio

Tertulia - Part VI, making known the importance of mastering other languages, video in which

amid laughter makes you understand how much can affect you personally and professionally a

language as important as English.

What problem did you find between both sides?

The use of terms uncommon in the communication, furthermore the vocalization involved that

the other mate replaced words with similar syntactic and/or semantic characteristics. Whereby,

the speaker misread the ideas of their partner.

However, we can identify that both of them do not manage the english language. Because to the

moment that the trio , they did reference to the song as a song with primitive language sounds.

When in fact, the song made a word game with Wh-Questions.

Was the information given by the broadcasters correct? Justify your answer.

in general it is a program to amuse therefore the treated subjects only had the purpose to cause

grace, due to this the information is not correct and the translations from English to Spanish were

all wrong since the speakers do not dominate the language correctly but they emphasize how

important it is to have the knowledge of other languages different from our maternal language.

List other similar situation which you know about. Where it is exposed this problem.

- When it is not possible to speak another language, several situations arise. For example:

- When ordering a meal in a restaurant in other country

- When a unknown person from another country needs our help

- When we are watching videos or movies in another language.

What do you conclude from this situation?

the importance of mastering more than one language is becoming more and more notorious,

especially English or Mandarin as they are the languages of business worldwide, having problems

communicating with people from other countries can make us miss valuable opportunities either

in the professional or personal environment.