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In this project we have made an Arduino based digital temperature display the
current ambient temperature and temperature changes on a LCD unit in real time. It
can be deployed in houses, offices, industries etc. to measure the temperature.

This project is based on Arduino which communicates here with LM35

temperature sensor and a display unit. We can divide this Arduino based thermometer
into three sections .The first senses the temperature by using temperature sensor LM
35, second section converts the temperature value into a suitable numbers in Celsius
scale which is done by Arduino, and last part of system displays temperature on LCD.

In this Arduino LM35 temperature sensor interfacing, Arduino Uno is used to

control the whole process. An LM35 temperature sensor is used for sensing
environment temperature which gives 1 degree temperature on every 10mV change at
its output pin. You can easily check it with voltmeter by connecting Vcc at pin 1 and
Ground at pin 3 and output voltage at pin 2 of LM35 sensor. For an example if the
output voltage of LM35 sensor is 250m volt, that means the temperature is around 25
degree Celsius.

Arduino reads output voltage of temperature sensor by using Analog pin A0

and performs the calculation to convert this Analog value to a digital value of current
temperature. After calculations Arduino sends these calculations or temperature to
16x2 LCD unit by using appropriate commands of LCD.


PTAT Proportional to absolute temperature

ADC Analog to digital converter

LCD Liquid crystal display

EEPROM Electrically erasable programmable read only


SRAM Static random access memory

KB Kilo byte

TX Transmitter

RX Receiver

PWM Pulse width modulation

SPI Serial peripheral interface

LED Light emitting diode

USB Universal serial bus

TTL Transistor - transistor logic

UART Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter

TWI T wave inversion

DTR Data terminal ready computing

MSP Managed service provider

IDE Integrated drive electronics

CMOS Complimentary metal oxide semi conductor

PCB Printed circuit board


Table No. Title Page No.

2.1 Technical Specifications 5


Fig No. Title Page No.

1.1 LM35 connection to Arduino 1
2.1 Arduino nano board 4
2.2 Pin configaration of nano 6
2.3 Arduino programming 10
3.1 Lm35 circuit 12
3.2 LM35 connection to Arduino 14
3.3 Display connection to Arduino 15
3.4 Circuit diagram 16
3.5 LM35 sensor 18
3.6 Arduino board 20
3.7 Nokia 5110 dispay 24
3.8 Connecting wires 25
3.9 PCB board 27
3.10 Berg strips 29
4.1 Output 1 34
4.2 Output 2 34