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Simple Past or Present Perfect

A - Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps.

1) We __________________ in a restaurant in May 2001. (to work) 7) I ____________________ to Siberia yet. (not/to be)
2) Jack __________________ the window this morning. (to break) 8) Yesterday we ____________________ volleyball. (to play)
3) I'm sorry. I ____________________ my diary. (to forget) 9) _____________ you ever ______________ magic tricks? (to do)
4) Last Monday she __________________ her computer. (to check) 10) The children ____________________ their room. It's still dirty.
5) They ________________ the bike. It looks new again. (to clean) (not/to clean)
6) Two years ago Mary ____________________ Bath. (to visit)

B - Signal words in sentences – Which sentence/question is correct?

1) a) Alexander Fleming discovered the penicillin in 1928. 6) a) Have you ever seen a rattlesnake?
b) Alexander Fleming just discovered the penicillin. b) Have you seen a rattlesnake yesterday?
2) a) Did he ride his bike two hours ago? 7) a) They have never written a text message.
b) Did he ride his bike yet? b) They have not written a text message in the last lesson.
3) a) We have cleaned the car last Thursday. 8) a) They just went to town.
b) We have just cleaned the car. b) They went to town yesterday.
4) a) My grandmother has already got up. 9) a) We already bought this car.
b) My grandmother has got up an hour ago. b) We bought this car in 2003.
5) a) I have not visited my uncle two weeks ago. 10)a) Anke ever moved to England.
b) I have not visited my uncle yet. b) Anke moved to England in August 2006.

C - Put in the correct verb forms.

1) My father _____ his camera yesterday. b) have already see 8) Last week my uncle _____ a new car.
a) forgets c) have already seen a) driven
b) forgot 5) She _____ the contest three years ago. b) drives
c) forgotten a) didn't win c) drove
2) Steven _____ across the Atlantic. b) didn't won 9) I _____ the blue pen.
a) has never flew 6) They _____ their books out yet. a) have just choose
b) has never flown a) haven't take b) have just chose
c) has never fly b) haven't taken c) have just chosen
3) _____ a snake? c) haven't took 10) When _____ this morning?
a) Have you ever touch 7) The thieves _____ the painting in 1999. a) did you wake up
b) Have you ever touched a) steal b) did you woke up
4) We _____ the film at home. b) stole c) did you woken up
a) have already saw c) stolen

D - Which answers are correct?

1) Which words are used with the Present Perfect? f) two days ago
a) already g) yesterday
b) ever 3) Which sentences/questions are in the Present Perfect?
c) just a) Did you finish your letter this morning?
d) last week b) Have you finished your letter?
e) tomorrow c) She is reading the book.
f) yesterday d) She's read the book.
g) yet 4) Which sentences/questions are in the Simple Past?
2) Which words are used with the Simple Past? a) He has read a book.
a) ever b) He read a book.
b) in 2004 c) He reads a book.
c) just d) I listened to music.
d) last week e) I'm listening to music.
e) now