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967 Norman Lane

Lancaster, SC 29720

Education- Coastal Carolina University

Early Childhood Education / Expected graduation - May 2021

I am a member of the Coastal Carolina Teaching Fellows Program and the Student-
South Carolina Education Association. Currently my GPA is a 3.96

Experience- Occupational

Lancaster County School District

Substitute Teacher- August 2018 to Present
Summer Education Camp Teacher- June 2019 to August 2019
As a substitute teacher, I have taught in all grade levels at the elementary level
including Pre-Kindergarten, Special Education, and PE. The summer camp position
allowed me to work closely with teachers in the school and one-on-one with students
as well. I was given opportunities to present curriculum to students and expand my
abilities in both jobs.

Lancaster County Parks and Recr eation

Summer Camp Staffer- June 2018 to August 2018
Summer Camp Staffer- June 2019 to August 2019
As a summer camp staffer, I watched over children from four years old to middle
school students. I attended filed trip with the students and taught clubs the children
participated in throughout the day.

August 2017 to Present
Throughout college I have nannied for a single mom with two children. I help with
homework, cook dinner, and help with extracurricular activities.
Second Baptist Church- Lancaster
Nursery Staff- August 2016-Present
As a nursery staff, I have kept children from birth up to five years old. I would watch
children on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesdays. These have been
small numbers of children or large groups with other workers.

Classroom Experience

North Element ary / First Grade - Spring 2017

This was my first placement into any school on a professional level. Within my Teacher
Cadet course, I observed and taught alongside Mrs. Dabney Brice. This experience
really allowed me to see what all the teaching profession has to offer.

Homewood Elementar y / First Grade - Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

As a member of the Teaching Fellows Program at CCU, I was placed into Mrs. Brandi
Housand’s classroom for my freshman field placement. I was able to experience full
days in the classroom, field trips, and teach my own lessons for the first time. I
obtained over 60 hours during this experience.

Johnsonville Element ary / Child Development - Fall 2017

CCU offers freshman education majors the opportunity to experience Title 1
education in surrounding schools. I was places in Mrs. Robin Busbee’s classroom and
experienced a government funded child development class for the first time. This was
a once a week visit for a month long.

Homewood Elementar y / Child Development -Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

As a sophomore Teaching Fellow, I returned to Homewood where I gained another
60+ hours within Mrs. Jessica Hucks’ classroom. This experience completely changed
my outlook on child development classrooms and how important they can be for a
child’s beginning education. I was able to solely lead full days of class activities all
while only being in my second year of school.

Chopee Head Start / 3- and 4- year old’s-Fall 2019

For my Junior 1 experience, I attended Chopee Head Start in Georgetown, South
Carolina where I spent my time observing the classroom, teaching lessons, and
working one on one with the students. This was a first in the Head Start classroom and
it was a great way to get hands on experience with low-income students who really
need the extra support.

Activities and Community Service

Coastal Carolina Teaching Fellows - 2017-Pr esent

As a senior, I was 1 of the 250 students in South Carolina to be awarded the Fellowship
Program. This fellowship offers me experience above and beyond that of a traditional
student. I get to attend monthly professional development sessions and partake in over 20
community service hours each year.

Student-South Carolina Education Association

Member- Fall 2018 to Spring 2019
President- Current
The S-SCEA is in its second year at Coastal Carolina University. When I became President,
there were 15 members and we have now grown to over 70. The organization host
community outreach events, such as a Trunk-O-Treat, Autism Walk, and donates a classroom
library to a first-year teacher.

South Car olina Teacher Cadet Conference

All Teacher Cadet teachers travel to Myrtle Beach for a Renewal Conference each year. I
have had the privilege of going to work the event as well as listen to the speakers there. This
conference has given me the opportunity to network with educators and leaders from across
the state.

Dicken’s Christmas: Festival of Tree’s

The Coastal Carolina University LIFE Program host Festival of Trees as a fundraiser for their
students. I have been a part of decorating trees to be auctioned off during the event for two
years. All proceeds go directly to the LIFE Program.