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May 2017


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Read the general instructions carefully:

1. You will hear 3 different recordings.

2. You will hear each audio twice.
3. There are ten questions for each piece.
4. For questions 1 – 30, write the answer or select the correct option (a, b,
5. Wrong answers are not punished with negative scores. Thus, answer all
the questions. Do not only answer yes or no in yes/no questions. Be brief
but answer the question fully to prove comprehension.
6. To pass the test you must answer at least 15 questions correctly in total.

These procedures will be followed for each listening:

1. You have 5 minutes to read the questions.

2. Then the extract will be played. You may write answers during this time
3. You have 3 minutes to attempt to answer the questions.
4. The extract will be played again.
5. You have 3 more minutes to answer the questions you did not answer the
first time.
6. At the end of the three parts you have 5 additional minutes to reflect on
your answers or complete and correct the exam.

You will hear three different clips from a TED Talk by Shauna Shapiro. Answer the
questions briefly, accurately and to the point in the space provided. If the question requires
selecting the correct option, mark only one.

Audio 1

1. What does Shauna Shapiro think you are if you can remain perfectly calm in rush hour
traffic (among other trying situations)?

2. What do we hold ourselves up to and what do we do afterwards?

May 2017

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3. Is perfection possible according to Shauna?

a) Yes, of course, it is.

b) No, it isn’t, but transformation is.

c) No, it isn’t and neither is transformation.

4. What capacity do we all have?

5. How did her journey towards Mindfulness begin?

6. What happened when she was seventeen?

7. How long did she remain in rehabilitation?

a) Several months.

b) Many years.

c) She did not require rehabilitation.

8. Where did her search for tools to cope lead her?

9. Did she speak Thai when she arrived at the monastery?

a) Yes, she was bilingual.

b) No, not at all.

c) The monks were all fluent in English.

10. Why was it not easy at first to practice breathing?

May 2017

Full Name ________________________________________________________

Audio 2

11. How much does the average mind wander according to a Harvard study?

12. What does Shauna say part of Mindfulness is?

13. What did she start doing that was negative?

14. What changed her negativity?

15. What 5 words did the monk from London tell her?

16. What has the famous study of London Taxi drivers shown?

17. What is cortical thickening?

a) The study of London Taxi drivers.

b) What mediators do.

c) The growth of new neurons in response to repeated practice.

18. According to the monk, what happens if we meditate with frustration?

19. What did she want when she left Thailand?

20. How long has she spent investigating the effects of Mindfulness across a wide range
of populations?
May 2017

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Audio 3

21. When did her team first publish their research about Mindfulness?

a) In 1908.

b) In 1998.

c) In 1980.

22. What does Shauna Shapiro state about shame?

23. What does shame do to the energy of the brain?

24. What does true and lasting transformation require?

25. What did Shauna Shapiro and her colleagues develop?

26. What did Shauna learn about veterans that shocked her?

27. What did one of the veterans in the group say and/or do during the first two months?

28. What did her meditation teacher recommend her to do every day?

29. What did she suddenly feel one morning when she took a deep breath, put her hand to
her heart and said to herself, “Good morning. I love you, Shauna”

30. What does Shauna invite us to do tomorrow if we are really brave?