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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pure and clean water is one of the basic necessities for an individual to lead a healthy life. While most of us are quite aware of the importance of clean water and RO water purifier, what we don’t realize is for every one liter of clean water that the RO is producing, it is also rejecting a substantial amount of unclean water. This RO waste water is high in TDS (totally dissolved solids) and inorganic salts, making it unsuitable for us to drink. But that doesn’t mean that this RO waste water can’t be pu t to other uses. After all, eve ry drop counts! Esp ecially in our country, given the water conditions we are living in. Read on to find out a few uses for your RO’s waste water.

1. Can we use RO waste water for bathing? Due to high level of dissolved solids and salts, this reject water is not fit for either drinking or bathing.

2. Is RO waste water good for plants? Yes, it is safe to use RO waste water (upto 1000 TDS level) fo r domestic planting, however if you have still concerns of the damage it may cause to your plants, you may want to dilute it with tap water before using. There are few people in our society who are using it for many years and can guide better based on their experience.

3. Can RO waste water be used for cooking? No, using RO waste water for cooking will create health related problems due to high levels of TDS. Not recommended for cooking.

4. Is it safe to clean fruits and vegetables with RO waste water? Upto 1000 TDS levels, the water is safe to use for was hing fruits and vegetables however we recommend that final rinse shou ld be given with tap water or RO clean water. DO NOT soak fruits or vegetables in RO waste water.

5. Can RO waste water be used for washing utensils? Easily, the left over food stains can be washed away with this waste water without much effort due high levels of salts. Af ter washing with soap also, you can use RO waste water to wash you r utensils . If you are concerned with salt deposits, you can either give the final rinse with tap water or diluted waste water. Amrapali Green has safe levels of TDS in waste water as well.

6. What are the other ways in which RO waste water can be used? This water can be used to wash your car, mopping your floors is the best reuse of this water, washing balconies and most of all those who cook frequently need to wash hands and this water comes handy for those quick rinses.

7. Are there still other innovative ways to use this water?

Y es, even kitchen towels can be easily soaked and washed in the waste water, it helps remove all the grease and stains easily. Outside kitchen, the waste water can be stored in buckets and can be used for flushing the toilets or washing bathrooms.