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aftsor ler atte fen ven Srna me oul seperti NUCLEAR POWER praia) aunt ‘CORPORATION ‘eon Fax enaapra8 ene OF INDIA LIMITED fmena! —tomadioctnn ak tar ae Frere es ay & ater satay AK Nema ‘ADICPACC) & ‘Appelt Autocty October 30, 2019. Pross Release Identification of malware in NPCIL system is correct The matter was ‘conveyed by CERT-In when it was noticed by them on September 4, 2019. ‘The matter was immediately investigated by DAE specialists. The investigation revealed that the infected PC belonged to a user who was ‘connected in the inteet connected network used for administrative purposes. This is isolated from the critical intemal network. The networks are being continuously monitored, Investigation also confirms that the plant systems are not affected Mido - (AK. Nema) ag.

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