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This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
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PTO 20/20 Portable Trades
and Occupations –

10th Edition –Revised, Updated &

Expanded for 2010 to2020

By Grandpa & Others

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in
any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying
and recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system without the
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Although reliable sources of information have been used in gathering

material for this book, neither the author, publisher nor distributor can
accept any liability for the accuracy of its contents nor for the consequences
of any reliance placed upon it. PTO has been published as an information
service only. While every effort is made to report only the most reliable
information, the publisher assumes no responsibility or liability for any
contacts provided nor the implementation of any ideas herein. This report is
sold with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering
legal, accounting, or other professional services. If legal advice or other
expert assistance is required, the services of a competent licensed
professional person should be sought. The authors may be wrong about
everything! So don’t sue us if you think we have given you a bum steer. This
exculpatory clause is required by our cautious lawyer and should be used by
you if publish anything.

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
More Than 101 Ways You Can Make Serious Money
Anywhere In The World Without Special
Education, Visas, Permits Or Licenses


To All Those Who Want To Be Their Own Boss.


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are bound to be minor mistakes. Why? One reason is because our
automatic spell checker mechanically puts in corrected words that were not
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passages. Insert with color, what you think is the proper correction. Return
a lot of corrections that we can use and we will send you a brand new, copy
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Also, any suggestions, new stories or ideas will be gratefully received.

Rewards such as free books or other goodies will be sent to all who submit
useable material. Remember! Our readers are not just customers but
automatic members of our exclusive “PT” club. We help and support each
other. Welcome aboard!

Grandpa, Monaco 2010

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or



This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or


Some day you will look back on the day you lost your job. You will say “That
was my lucky day!”

Why? Because deciding not to work for a “boss” was your first step towards
acquiring happiness and financial independence. It doesn’t matter that it
was an involuntary decision. You are still lucky. I, Grandpa, estimate that
financial independence can be yours in two years—or possibly much less.
Two years from when? Two years from the date that you make it your goal.
Two years from the time you decide that you will devote your time and
energy to “filling a need” by providing the world with a product or service –
preferably doing something that you love. Make that decision as soon as you
come to a suitable option in the following chapters.

There is no magic formula. You can have a very happy lifestyle that suits you
and a reduced need for cash. This will come to you with a plan and many
small steps. The cumulative effect will be a dramatic change. Your new life
may then seem extraordinary, romantic and enviable to the wage slave
friends you leave behind. They may say they don’t want a 40 hour week, a
boss, and all those automatic salary deductions. But they can’t cut loose
from their regular paycheck-nor those promised retirement benefits.

Here you will learn the techniques to live without a salary, without working
for a company and without being a “consumer.”

To become successfully self employed, you need to break free of a very

bad habit that most of us have. What’s that? Being a consumer! You
can never be successful if you are focused on ways to spend money or
accumulate things. Some would equate financial independence with
servants, a second home, a status symbol car. But to me that is show, not
freedom. Financial independence and your own business buys you freedom
from a boring job – and from “a boss.” It gives you time to pursue your own
interests: freedom to travel, to read, write, create—make love. Possessions,
poodles, servants and a Rolls Royce only tie you down. Impressing your
neighbors or your mom isn’t where happiness is at. [Grandpa says: I know,

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
I’ve tried the flash lifestyle. Bad move. Impressing others costs money and
only generates negative feelings towards you.] In this book we show you how
to channel your energy effectively. With a lot of effort you can start
generating income within ten days. In many cases, you will be able to make
deals or do things to generate more income with one free Skype call than you
could save in ten years on your old job.

But the first step will be for you to get rid of what I call “The consumer

If you dream of all the wonderful things you are going to buy, your time,
thoughts and energy is going in the wrong direction. Eventually you will be
able to afford-and buy for cash-incidental luxuries. But that will never be
your main objective. You must continue to focus, not on spending money –
but on building your business with the ultimate goal being financially free to
enjoy life in your own way.

Why do wealthy, successful people never win the lottery? The answer is
simple. They never enter. From now on, every time you spend a dollar, you
should expect to get a good return. What’s that? Maybe $2 for every $1 you
spend. You won’t get that regularly by consuming or gambling on a lottery
ticket. Wealthy people consider money a tool. You don’t throw away,
break or bet your tools. You use it constructively. When properly used, you’ll
acquire more and better tools. Maybe you can expand your new enterprise
by taking on employees or better yet, “associates” who get paid only a
percentage of what they bring in to you. But that gets us ahead of the story.
The first step, the first small step you take today, is to figure out how to cut
down on your costs and overhead. Reducing costs and keeping them low is
more important than increasing earnings. Those who always increase
spending to meet or exceed earnings are heading for trouble. Those who live
below their means will have the ability –the freedom-- to take a few years off
to travel, to move to other countries, and to start international new
enterprises when they want adventure and change.

The first step to wealth and financial independence is simply the resolve on
your part to never again spend money you don’t have on things you don’t
need. Specifically, pledge:

“I will never again will use a credit card to take a vacation on buy now
& pay later, nor buy status symbols (like brand name sunglasses), nor
any consumer goods on credit.”

“I will seek out opportunities to cut expenses, or trade my skills/stuff I

already have for stuff/services I need”

If you don’t do the above at the start, you can’t get ahead financially. Having
expensive habits, an exalted sense of entitlement and incurring high
overhead costs guarantees failure. It is important to make money, but if you
want to be successful as your own boss, you need to accumulate a cash or

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
asset cushion that will allow you to ride out mistakes and rough times.
Because many of my readers may be newly unemployed, low on cash and
currently living on unemployment insurance. Here are a few specific

1. Consider every possible way you can cut out non-necessities and
cut down on your expenses. If you have car payments, get rid of the
car. Arrange for cheap, dependable transportation that you really
need. Consider a used bike.

2. You may be able to cut your rent to zero by becoming the manager
and general repair and maintenance person at an apartment
building or hotel. House & pet sitting is another option.

3. No harm in going to job interviews and possibly finding another job

like the one you lost – but simultaneously, whether you get hired or
not, take the first steps to start your own home business. Do it on a
shoestring. Plenty of start-up hints and specifics are to be found in
this book.

4. Your first steps in a new business should NEVER involve spending

money on such things as renting a store/office, or printing up
stationery and calling cards. The first thing in a new business is to
have a product or service to sell. Then, figure out the best ways to
get customers who will buy. These things should not require any
serious expenditure of your limited assets.

5. Only when your new business or portable trade has overcome the
start-up mistakes (i.e., when you know what you are doing and
your business plan is working) then, that is the time to plough back
some of your savings and reserves in order to generate a bigger

In the meantime, be like “Grandpa” and most of the rich people we know.
Never go out shopping nor impulse buy things like $200 blue jeans. Instead,
go to flea markets and yard sales, and get things like formerly priced at $200
jeans for $1-. My much younger 3rd World wife goes to these sales as they
are coming to an end. She picks up unsold remainders (that are always
discarded at the tail end of every flea market). She takes what we can use –
for free. Our entire house was furnished with cast off stuff other people left
behind –usually at flea markets or yard sales.

My entire wardrobe cost under $50. Yet if you came up to my apartment or

saw me (Grandpa) on the street you would probably say “There’s an average
looking guy with average looking furniture.” That’s exactly what I want
people to think. The head that pops up is the target. You should blend in like
a chameleon. My income is completely invisible. When I was a kid, I went to
a ritzy and expensive prep school that today costs twice my visible annual
cash income. If I still had kids in school, in most of Europe they would

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
receive a better education that I did –all for free. And with plenty of perks
like field trips to Vienna, sailing, horseback riding, etc. Free! All the way from
kindergarten to Graduate School! Where I live now and several other places
in the world offer absolutely free education. And even in the USA there are
plenty of scholarships.

In our current town it’s courtesy of a Gambling Casino that pays all taxes
and subsidizes education, entertainment and free 1st class medical care for
all residents—legal or otherwise. Many places offer the same health care,
education and other freebees --courtesy of natural resources or as in France
and Germany -- a rich and generous government.

We don’t have any of the stuff that poor people seem to need: Brand name
clothing and accessories purchased at retail stores, Cigarettes, Cable, Flat
screen TV, instant frozen food meals, computer-game machines, Harley-
Davidson motor-cycles, several cellfones per person, assorted junk and
Knick-knacks, etc.

We do however travel -- following the sunshine from Europe to Asia or South

America every winter –going on “repositioning cruises.” These deals offer us
intercontinental transport, gourmet meals, entertainment, and for three
weeks-a cabin with a sea view – all for the price of a local two star hotel. At
home we eat exotic foods (prepared by a master chef –me) that cost 10% of
the price of a lesser meal at the local eateries. And good wine? We
participate in the enjoyable work of grape harvesting for a few days each fall.
We get paid in half a dozen cases of fine wines that get us though till the
following year. We certainly don’t feel poor. In short, we have made it a fun
game- to figure out how to live well on a tiny fraction of our income.

The easy part of generating income outside of a regular job is to realize that
there is a market for just about anything you feel like doing. If your needs
are simple, you will find things to earn more than enough money to survive
comfortably. Then you can do what you enjoy—working only on a very
casual, part time basis.

Can you make a romantic dream come true in real life? Yes! But you need
to be realistic. You may say “I would like to be an artist like Picasso- just
paint pictures and make love to my beautiful nude models.” It’s possible. In
real life you would need to study successful artists, and spend a good part of
your time marketing your work. Plus you’d need talent and training too.
Same if you wanted to grow flowers or vegetables. You must know what you
are doing, be able to market your product. You would have to do planting,
weeding and harvesting on schedule. It’s work.

How real is your new freedom going to be? Instead of one boss to please, you
will have many. They are called customers. If you can service them with a
pleasant attitude and a satisfying product, they become “regulars.” Your
customers help make your dreams become reality.

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
In my own case, I really enjoy writing “How to” books. These act as my
calling card getting me more one-to-one consulting work than I can handle.
Thus I cherry pick my clients. My How To books are priced at over $500.
They are targeted at wealthy people who are vaguely unhappy with their
lives. Some readers get inspired by my stories. They want to learn how to
emulate my “PT” lifestyle. That’s when my expensive $20,000 (€15,000) per
year consulting comes in.

From my point of view, I have the ideal lifestyle. I meet stimulating new
people with interesting “problems.” Sometimes their problem is love or the
lack of it (as in Divorce). Litigation & government problems loom large. Many
of my readers wish to immigrate start businesses in other countries and
thereby Find Freedom In An Unfree World.

I help them with common sense that involve thinking outside the box.–also
implementations (like 2nd Passports) It keeps me sharp and busy at a time
when many of my contemporaries are either dead or completely retired.

This book is different from my usual output. It is aimed at the recently

unemployed who won’t (& probably can’t) afford to hire me. I consider it a
“giving back” my years of experience to a Universe that has treated me pretty
well. It is not a long list of things you should do, but more a menu of
options. You pick out what looks do-able. Then you add your own
inclinations & special expertise. You make some choices and you give them a
try. It’s called testing.

Unlike so much of what is on the “How to” market, what you are about to
read is based on real experiences. There are stories about how my (now) rich
(formerly struggling) clients made their money. Plus contributions from
readers and successful people I know. All of these should give you a lot of
good ideas.

Most importantly I hope PTO will change your thinking from typical
“employee/consumer” to that of an “Entrepreneur/P.T.”

Later right here in this book, at the end, I will include as a free bonus, some
of my best PT (Perpetual Traveler-Prior Taxpayer) material excerpted from
the $500 book, Bye Bye Big Brother. Another gift from “Grandpa”

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or

Would you like to be able to move anywhere in the world and within a short
time be able to establish yourself in a comfortable upper-middle class style?
If this is your long term goal or an immediate need, by the time you finish
this book you'll know exactly how to do it. For those who have no time to
read the entire book and want it in just a few words, here they are:


Speed readers and dilettantes may now replace this book on the
shelf and move on to other things. For those who are serious, we
will now go on with the details:

2. Make sure the need you are going to fill requires no special
license, permits, or educational background. If the government of
the place you are at takes any major interest in what you are
doing and imposes regulatory requirements, sell out or abandon
the operation and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.
[Note: This book adheres to the PT Philosophy as set forth by
other fine books on the subject. We do in fact recommend that
after you finish PTO, you read the earlier “PT” books in this series
to cover the gaps]

3. Try to find a field of endeavour that does not require you to

acquire any fixed or expensive assets. We are talking about
avoiding (at first) things like real estate, production facilities,
machinery, transport equipment (trucks, planes, boats, etc.), or
even an expensive offices or stores. And by acquire, we mean
ownership or leasing. It should be possible for you to support
yourself and your family in grand style without the responsibility
of owning or managing any property or employees.

4. Stick to a business that has no upper limit on earnings. If you

own a restaurant, there is a physical limit to how many times you
can serve lunch or dinner to a given number of tables. If you are

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
selling restaurant franchises or any other tangible or intangible
replicated product there is no limit to how much you can make.

5. Whatever you do should be do-able in many places

internationally. There should be both a need and a demand for
the product or service that is not purely local.

6. Go into something that doesn't require too much expertise- unless

you happen to be an expert in something already.

7. Try to do something that is so “out of the ordinary” that there is

little or no effective competition in the field. On other hand, in
some fields the demand is so strong that you can keep busy, even
though others perform the same services. For instance:
Handymen who do home repairs, painting, and especially
plumbing repairs. Another category: Computer nerds who can set
up and maintain websites, assist with blogs, and deal effectively
with software problems.

8. What you do should have a relatively low profile to discourage

jealousy, regulation, imitation, and interference in your operation
by thieves, thugs (who may insist you buy “protection”),
bureaucrats or others who, like the thugs, might wish to horn in
on your thing.

9. Make it something you enjoy doing, something creative,

interesting, and, last but not least, lucrative.

10. Whatever you do, don't be so committed that you can't abandon
the whole thing and move on without emotional scars or financial
losses you can't afford.

11. It should be a legally permitted activity or, if illegal, it should be

tolerated where you do it. Nothing is worth going to jail for.

The above rules tell you what to stay out of, and the uninitiated
might say, “It appears, all that's left is to get a job...”

The last rule is:

12. Don't get a job.

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or

From a reader:

I'm very surprised at the success we've had at getting house sitting
accommodation, worldwide. We look after a couple of cats (dogs,
geese and rabbits, and the occasional horse and cow!) for up to 6 months
per time, in return for free accommodation, and most expenses, including
broadband internet. We even get vehicles etc. There are periods between
sits that have to be spent in motels or back with family, but that is now at a
minimum. As we accumulate good references, our reputation becomes
known & we are in demand,.

Definitely something worth considering.

How do we get the house sitting jobs?

There are many online world wide house sitter sites. People register, either
as a house owner wanting a sitter, or like us, as an available house sitter.
We go through their database of available sits. Think of it as
an online dating service. So the websites are basically a introduction service;
matching service. It works for our PT lifestyle by keeping our overhead at a
minimum. Plus we get to see new places and meet new people.
It works so well, in fact, that we are starting to go to countries where
the job fits in our available time. In other words, we go where the
accommodation is. When we arrive internet is immediately available and it's
free. Our minimal cost is just “getting there.”

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or


By P.T.O'Domnic

Dear PTO Reader,

Eleven years ago I had only three things

1. I had a beat up, chewed on Bic ball point pen.

2. I had a piece of brown wrapping paper.

3. And I had an idea.

3 months later – I had enough money to buy a pretty good house. I was able
to quit working for anyone else for the rest of my life.

Let me tell you the whole story of what I did, and how you can do the same

In August 2009. I got an idea. It wasn't even my original idea. I got it from a
book about marketing. The idea was incredibly simple. Go to someone with
a product and a customer list – a list of people who have at some time in
the past, bought something – anything.

Then think of a follow up product or service that you can offer to everyone on
that list of previous buyers. See the last page of this chapter for a specific
example. Make an offer on the web-in very enticing language.

With a simple marketing letter sent to a responsive list, your investment in

time and money will be small.Your returns on one or two ads should make
you more than you'd save from your job in the next twenty years.
This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
My real name is Dominic Wright. My website is
Grandpa knows I am an effective marketer with a high personal net worth.
He asked me to share with you in this new PTO book exactly how I did it and
how you can (legally!) use my secrets to start your own own portable

I write for a living. But, I am not an novelist , poet or playwright. [Most of

them don't make as much money as I do. ] What is it I do to make money?
– I write advertising copy.

Originally on a contingent fee basis, but now I often get paid in advance! You
can make it big too- if you apply yourself to learning how to market things.

I earn serious money because my sales letters SELL. If you can teach
yourself (or learn from me, right here, right now) a few simple advertising
principles, then you will have the ability to write your way to success.

I started with zero bucks. No money. Nada.

I didn't even have a credit card to order anything online. Here's how I made
my first $400 online as a complete stranger (or newbee) in the industry.

I surfed around for a total of one day. It wasn't a problem to identify at least
ten sites directly selling something. I sent an email or called website
owners. How to get contact telephone numbers? You can see who is the
registered website owner if you go to You enter the
website address... you just click for owner details.

I introduced myself, and made them a proposal something like this: “If I
could make your website 10% more effective by converting 10% more visitors
into paying customers, how much would it be worth to you?.”

They were relatively small businessmen or women- all extremely easy to

approach! I gave them a no risk offer , and they all were interested. One said
I'd gladly pay you $500 per month and one guy said “up to $20,000” per

I said “great. What do you think of an informal contract where I get 50% of
additional profits that your site generates as result of my help? If I don't
make you any significant profit, you don't owe me a dime”. 2 of my first ten
prospects agreed, and we exchanged an informal memo by e-mail to cover a
3 month trial: They would use my copy and a few promotional techniques I
had learned from a mail order marketing book, and if they worked, I would
get a juicy commission.

I kept my fingers crossed, wrote a dynamite letter to my new client's old

customer mailing list and then, “Bingo!” He made a quick $18,000 profit
soley due to my efforts.

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
But then I learned not everyone is honest. My first client instead of paying
the $9,000 due me says: “I could have done that myself.” He then said
“Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” The bottom line was that I didn’t get paid. I
didn't have any mon ey for lawyers, and I didn’t want to start my new career
chasing a deadbeat client so I decided to learn from my bad experience.

The next guy... I did pretty much everything the same, just I told him:
“Sometimes my concepts are very easy and obvious. You aren't using them
now. If I apply them for you, will you pay me my share, no matter how
obvious and simple the change I've done is?” He said yes. This time I put the
agreement on paper, and we both signed it.

Doing a binding legal contract does not require a lawyer. Read the Chapter
elsewhere in this book called “Bye Bye My Lawyer.”

I added some important copy to his sales pitch (don't worry I will tell all!)
and I also placed 3 links “click here to order now” asking for an order. The
second guy’s sales jumped 19%.

This time I got my first check for $500. “Wow,” I figured “not so bad for 1
hour of work?” My confidence and self esteem were greatly enhanced and I
knew I was onto something--



What's that? MARKETING!

If you are able to help people sell more of their existing products or services,
successful entrepreneurs will hire you.


Because you are making them money without any risk or downside to them.
Every business needs one thing more than any other – sales.

If they sell, they make money. If they don't, they are either a charity
organization or they are on a sort path to insolvency.

What would you say if I would offer you this power... here and now... to be
able to write amazingly effective sales letters, advertisements that are proven
to work and bring in hordes of customers?

Wanna learn it? Quickly? For Free?

Okay, Here we go:.

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
I’ll show you some tricks from my multi-million bag of successful

You'll get right here, right now an advantage over those institutional
advertising agencies that are still counting on “creativity” or “originality” to
create winning advertisements. Funny thing, those ads may win prizes and
grab attention, but all too often, they don't bring in much new business.

My ads aren't creative. They are scientific.

Lesson One:

Have a reason for every word you put in. No guessing, no luck elements. Use
word-themes-elements that worked in previous promotions. In the beginning
you will need to read and study what kind of approach really worked.

There are only a few proven response-getting customer-bringing-in tricks

that will almost always work.

Here’s the formula for effective sales letters that can make you rich.

You don’t have to be a writer to do it. In fact, if you are a professional writer
you are handicapped because you’ll have to first unlearn what you learned
about proper English. All you need to learn is how to SELL.

If you can explain your sales-pitching ideas in person, then you are over
80% done. Record your conversation where you are persuading someone to
buy your service, product... or whatever you are selling... Make a transcript
of it. Now, clean that transcript from “umm”... “hmm”... “aaa”s and you are
ready to follow this formula.
A Formula for Ads That Work

First you need a headline.

Headline is 85% of the ad. It is like an ad for an ad. If people don’t find it
interesting to them, they won’t read the rest of your advertisement.

So, create that all important headline with following in mind:

1. Focus on identifying your targeted customer

2. Raise his curiosity and intensify his desire

3. Get him to read the whole ad, or at least up to the point where he
clicks on your “free offer.”

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or
You see, my advertisements aren’t one or two lines. My ads are long. Very
long. My longest was 34 pages.

Many clients ask me how long advertisement should be. How long? My
answer is... they will read as much or as little of it as appeals to their self

If you are selling female cosmetics to a list of male construction workers,

they won't read past your first paragraph.

On the other hand... if you are solving some urgent, red-hot problem in your
prospect's mind... like sex, money or whatever he/she is really keen on, he
will happily read four... eight... twelve pages of your text – as long as it about
something he cares about--something that will improve his life.

So your advertising copy should be as long as it takes you to sell the

product. Cut out the fluff or puff.

With that said, here's one formula you can use to create a good headline:

“HOW TO...”

How to headlines have sold millions of products over the years. They still
work like a charm.

“How to” headline is considered as one of the safest and most effective.


“If you can ____, then you have almost everything you need to _____”

For example “If you can smile, then you have almost everything you need to
get that job you want as a hotel receptionist...” Then you go on to offer a
course or some appropriate product to help get that job.

“If you can write headlines some will” work well by implying that your
potential client needs something that he already has in order to benefit from
your product. The Prospect gets a feeling--as if he has passed some test--
after reading the headline.The prospect is hooked and will value more and
appreciate more what you have to say next.

This is a sneak-peak into new PTO 20-20 : Portable Trades And Occupations written by
Grandpa and others. To claim your copy, go to or

I use this one myself to get business!

“Announcing a direct-response copywriter who will GUARANTEE to outpull

your BEST ad by at least 10%”


“Amazing speed-seduction secrets revealed by a California former Nerd.

Got it?

Great... now let's go to the second most important part. The end of your


P.S. part is your last chance to sell a potential customer into

a. reading of the entire ad if he hasn't already or

b. to convince him to make an urgent, instant action.

P.S. is second most important part after the headline. It is like a second
headline. And, although that important, many marketing agencies leave it
out for no other reason than pure stupidity and ignorance. This is where you
have an advantage over them. And we have just started.


When writing, focus on your customer's egoistic self-benefit. It is not about

you... it is about your customer... use more “you” sentences than “I”
sentences. When it comes to selling, no one cares about you. They are
looking what's in it for them. Use “YOU” wisely.
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I cannot think of simpler... easier... more fun way to quickly add more profits
and increase the effectiveness of your advertisement than by simply asking
for an order.

I have a website where all I did was to add few “click here to order now” links
and my conversion rate (rate of visitors that become paying customers)
jumped by 22%. Now, if that isn't amazing, I don't know what is. Adding
three exactly the same sentences (actually, copy-pasting them), generated
22% more sales... and even more profit because

Advertisement space costs the same whether it pulls zero

orders... ten orders... or 55 or more orders!
That's why our little persuasion tricks are so crucially important – they add
on like a brick on a brick, building you a pile of cash.

All you have to do is create an effective advertisement that generates more

profit than it costs to deliver the sales pitch and the product. If it is an
information product, then your only goal is to earn more than what you are
paying for advertisement, because info products like internet downloads cost
you very little to send to customer.

Needless to say, your products should be good and always deliver more
value than they promise- because there is nothing more profitable than
repeat & referral business from satisfied customers.

Combining all the tricks of the trade I am outlining here will increase the
effectiveness of your sales letters and make you at least a nice second
income... or... if you keep at it, and keep testing and refinig your techniques
this PTO will make you RICH.

In the direct marketing business... it is actually harder to make $100, than

to make $10,000. Once you have an effective advertisement, you want to
publish it with variations, so that millions of people will see it and act on it.

Your first cusomers probably won't have a million names on their mailing
lists. If they do, they probably have a successful business model with guys
just as good (or better) than you are. But 99% of the smaller businesses
don't have very good copy-writers. Why? Mom & Pop run the show and they
believe that if you build a better mousetrap or bake a better cake, the world
will comea knockin' at your door.If you or I visit these people and offer to
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increase their sales for a % of the increase. Half the time they will hire you
on a trial basis. Once they hire you, you should start making some money,
and also, you will have start building an impressive acheivement album to
put on your website. You can show and tell new clients how effective you
are, and your career takes off.

That's why I consider this as one of the best businesses today.


The best product to sell online is information. It can be an ebook, audio

course, webminar,... or even DVDs, CDs,... seminars.

Here's why:
1. They are cheap to create taking mainly your time.

2. The reproduction or replication costs to deliver additional copies

to any number of new customers is nominal.

3. It is an easy to manage business and you don't need any inventory

or big investments to launch your product.

4. You can demand what the traffic will bear... because information
today has HUGE value.


Your goal here is to create

1. A product that will SELL,

2. A product that will be valuable to your prospects.

3. A product that has huge potential.

Easier said than done—or is it?

One of the ways you can go is to be bit creative... Think outside the box.

First idea that pops in my mind is, if you don't have a product- Find one that
already exists!

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Approach sellers who already have an info product that isn't selling as well
as it might... Or one that is selling offline? Then make a deal where you'll
split with them profits 50-50, after all expenses? They provide the product,
you provide the marketing.

Makes sense, doesn't it? You don't need any money to start. Just somebody
else's good idea.

That way you can get one high-quality, saleable product and quickly position
yourself as an expert in that niche and start making money.



I'll tell you how I am doing it now. Before, I used to do it all by myself, now I
outsource most of the work.

Here's how my product creation & product launch process looks now.

1. Find a niche – a little segment of market that you can position

yourself as an expert in and do a keyword research. I use free
google keyword tool to give me suggestions on the keywords I'll
need. For example, I am going to create a course called “training
your parrot to speak.” If I input in google “parrot training”, it will
suggest me related keywords... like african grey parrot training,
training birds, train parrot, parrot talk, parrot training cd... etc. It
will show me how popular each keyword is (how many monthly
searches it gets)... so I can accurately estimate on how much
traffic I can expect and how big my market is.... plus it shows me
other advertisers in competition.

2. I know from start how challenging it will be to enter the niche.

Pretty cool tool, huh? And it costsnothing to do this market

3. Once I know the general outline of my new product; these days I

hire a writer to create an ebook... a book... CD... special reports...
whatever I want. It may costs me about $1000. Of course, you can
do it yourself, for free.

4. Then, I write the sales letter. I don't want to outsource this, as

supreme egotist that I am, I know there is no one better than me
in writing web sales letters that sell.

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5. So I do it myself using the tricks I outlined you above. Once it is

6. I test it. I upload the blank version of the sales letter (no design or
anything), give the project a little budget in AdWords
(, and it places ads for me on Google. For
example, when someone enters keyword “parrot training”, my ad
will show up, and bring targeted traffic to my website. I will pay
about $350 for this test traffic. I want to see how many orders I'll

7. From those orders... I'll know whether my product is going to be

profitable... or if it isn't. In some of more competitive niches, I'll
get results that are nearly break even, or just a little above the
break even point. In that case I have to ...

8. TEST... the price... the offer... the bonuses... the length and
strength of my guarantee (I prefer 1 year money back offers), etc.

9. Once I have settled on the price that works best, I start tweaking
my letter, having my designer create a 3d image of your e-book--
or whatever your product is.

10. I Then I contact old customers to give me some testimonials. If I

don't get many, I'll either boost the quality of the product, or if I
didn't get many sales... I'll approach some guys who are willing to
review my product for free. That way I get real people to give me
their honest testimonials. This always boosts the image of my

11. Now... everything is designed... up and ready... I am launching an

official campaign where I am checking how many dollars I get for
each dollar invested. If I like what I see, I setup the daily and
monthly budget in my AdWords account, and create few
variations of the headlines, P.S. fields and offers and I put in free
tool that comes with AdWords called Website Optimizer... all these
variations will tests and track to see which advertisements brings
me most sales and which ones are the most profitable. You get
reports showing only that variation.

12. Then finally, I reduce the costs of AdWords by seeing which

keywords are profitable, which aren't bringing in cash customers.
After that... I look for and always find other sources of traffic to
test-- like banners, Bing network... etc.

That's my product creation and launch in 10 easy steps. Of course NOTHING

is ever so easy. You have to like what you are doing and get into it like a

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Obviously, there are manypossible variations on the above- but my goal here
is to get you started and to let yuou find out for yourself how easy it is to
make money as an internet marketer.

Following this process, IMO you or anyone can easily be making $2k to
$10k per month, doing nothing but selling a digital product. Easy money? It
beats digging ditches or cleaning toilets.
After you make your first $1,000, feel free to contact me for better, more
advanced, but also more profitable, ways of making HUGE money online.
You can reach me at or by visiting my
website at

Oh, by the way... on my website, I have outlined the entire process of how
big guys are making serious money today and the secret behind why so
many people fail, while some are making profits consistently. Go ahead and
read it for free at

For autopilot profits,

Dominic Wright
Visit me at

P.S. Remember the P.S. ? Great, you learned something that most guys
won't figure out even after spending thousands of dollars on advertisements
that don't work. You can do it all by yourself. Just follow my simple
formula. If you'd like me to show you in more detail where the profit is and
how to launch a successful online business, my rate is $2000 for two hours
of my time. Two hours is minimum booking. For that you will get useful tips
and concrete advice on what you can do immediately to make more money

I usually launch one entirely new product in a month. With my help, you can
do the same. But, you don't need me. Follow the easy steps as reported here
and odds are you'll do just fine. In fact, I prefer it if you try on this business
for size –on your own first-- before contacting me. My email address for
booking your time with me is Please put
“Dominic consultation” in subject to make sure I don't miss it. Thank you.

P.P.S. Keep on trying. It took me 9 years to make my first million. After

that... it took me only three months to make the second million. It may
sound impossible, but hundreds of people with less talent than you are
already doing it: Your biggest joy will be in launching a no-time-consuming
sites to make you about $30k per month from perhaps only one sales letter,
one ebook, 2 or 3 “free” bonuses and an AdWords campaign. That kind of
Web Business really gives you the freedom to enjoy life from wherever you
want. It's worth trying, No?

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PS I know a guy who is expert author in a niche market. I contacted him and
asked him... “If I write a sales letter, are you willing to create a product
based on it and promote it to your list of clients”. He knew who I was and
immediately said “YES!”. Why wouldn't he – after all, no risk! From my sales
of a new download product, it's all additional profit to him-- without any
cash investment whatsoever. Let me explain again how my pitch to someone
with an already good selling information product works:

The semi-famous author of printed “How to” books doesn't risk a dime.
Once I create a sales letter for him (and I've already taught you, exactly how
to do it), we can test it even BEFORE he has any product to sell.

So I did it. I created the letter that brought in $3.2 for each $1 we put in. He
created the product and mailed it to his 30k+ e-mailing former book-buyer
list. Before we spent a dime on paid advertising, the profit we generated from
his own list exceeded $32,000.
That was all done with 8 hours of my total work time – emailing,
communicating back and forth – everything calculated!

But, that's NOT how I started...

I started with zero as you remember.

And now it's your turn to get off your bottom & start your own new career

Let me know how you made out. I'll use it as a testimonial letter!

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