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Abstract :

Hello My name is Mohammad Fakhry Manan, I graduated from SMAN 2 Bekasi in 2019. I
have a great interest in the department of general medicine, I want to develop my
knowledge of what medicine is. I have the nature to want to know something from
reading a book or searching for information on the internet, I think I am deft enough to
study science in the field of medicine.

I majored in medicine because:

1. Medicine is a scientific field that is developing rapidly, balanced with current

technological developments.
2. Even though there are very many doctor graduates each year, in reality Indonesia
still continues to lack doctors. The results of the study revealed that the
community's need for skilled people in the fields of health and pharmacy
increased by 9-22% going forward. Job opportunities are very wide and wide open
for anyone who wants to explore it.
3. Job prospects Medical education graduates have clear employment prospects.
Yes, what should I do, if you have been accepted into a medical education study
program, you will definitely graduate to become a doctor. The cool term, there is
linearity between school and career.

The knowledge that I got from this department, I will develop it accordingly. In my opinion
medicine is my passion so I am confident with this course I chose.

One day I will build a hospital or health center in a village where the village will lack health
facilities so that I can help the community in the rural area.

The Faculty of Medicine is one of the faculties that has a lot of interest because of the
quality of the educational material provided, even though the cost is quite expensive.

Seeing the facts that exist in the community, the treatment and services provided to the
lower middle class people are not as described for the upper classes, that is what makes
me the reason for their desire. Though not many of those who express it, stick with what
they say. I hope that those who are just starting out want to continue to fight for the rights
of the middle and lower class to get proper services.

In the world today, the profession of doctor is needed, even in Indonesia, even from
Sabang to Merauke in need of doctors. Especially in the world today is increasing mortality
caused by cancer. Based on GLOBOCAN data, the number of cancer patients throughout
the world continues to increase significantly. The latest report released by the
International Agency for Research on Cancer, the World Health Organization (WHO)
estimates that there are 18.1 million new cancer cases and 9.6 million deaths this year.

Cancer is one of the dangerous and deadly diseases. There are several types of cancer,
one of which is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer / cervical cancer is the most common
cancer experienced by women, especially for developing countries like Indonesia. Cervical
cancer is caused by the HPV virus and abnormal cells in the cervix that can grow due to
radiation exposure or chemical contamination that occurs in a long period of time. In
general, the patient's reaction when he finds out that he has cancer, then the patient will
feel anxiety, fear, and rejection.

Based on the background above, I want to take a cancer specialist for Indonesia to be
more advanced in the future and so there will be no shortage of cancer specialists. After
I graduate from here, I will continue my Masters in medical education so that I will further
explore knowledge about what is cancer.

I am ready to help all people in the world, especially in Indonesia who are affected by

Thank you.
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