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English 3

Activity 2 - Unit 1 and 2: Writing Assignment

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Barranquilla – Atlántico
Octubre de 2019
Part 1: After checking the Unit 1 Topic 2: Modal Verbs, write 1 sentence
using each one of the modal verbs regarding your duties and rights as
UNAD student: can – could – may - must - should - ought to – have to –
need to- had better - would.

1. I can enroll up to one academic credit above or below the number of credits
established per period.
2. I could request a program exchange offered by the same institution.
3. May I graduate if I do not make some of the degree options established in
the institutional regulations?
4. I must get at least 3.0 on average to pass a course.
5. I should choose at least one grade option and pass it to graduate.
6. I ought to attend all the laboratories offered to meet the objectives of the
7. I have to the right to receive an educational service of academic quality.
8. I need to pay the tuition fees to access the academic courses.
9. you had better you do not make a foul against the academic order as it is a
disciplinary offense.
10. I would use the principle of favorability to make the new curricular changes
of my program to be updated.

Part 2: According to the topic Past Progressive (Unit 1: Topic 3), each
student must write 5 things you were doing recently and 5 things you
were not:
I was on vacation during the student break week
I was resting a lot in my house
I was taking care of my mom because she had surgery
I was organizing the topics that I will give to my students
I was going to the gym every day to lose weight
I was not teaching school classes.
I was not reading a book although I would like to read one.
I was not attending group classes because they are changing the floor of the
I was not cooking so we ordered food delivery.
I was not drinking tea as recommended by my nutritionist.

Part 3: Write a text about how you imagine yourself in ten years. Use at
least two pictures related to your text. You should write four

Hello friends,
My name is Katherin Valega, I'm 28 years old and I'm about to finish the
Telecommunications Engineering program.
I was born in the municipality of Soledad - Atlantico and all my life I have lived
I live with my parents but I am in the process of moving to my apartment and I
am very excited about it.
I am somewhat introverted, I like dancing, designing and making clothes for
myself, I really like programming devices and ¡sleeping a lot!

I am a preschool teacher in a public institution so I teach classes to children

between 5 and 6 years old. And I like it very much because the children are very
affectionate and so sincere. Every year I change the group of children but I
always look for them to be very cheerful and expressive without being unapplied.
I must always have a lot of patience and constant dedication.
Despite working with young children, this is only one step towards what I want
in my future. I would like to be a Computer teacher of high school students
(young people 11 to 18 years old) but first I must finish my professional career.

In 10 years I will be a Magister in love with informatics, home automation, new

technologies, because I should transmit that to my future students. For this, I
should specialize or do a postgraduate degree in education with emphasis on
TICs to be aware of new ways of teaching and educating about technology.
At the moment I do not want to have children so I do not see myself as a mother
but if I would like to form a family of 2 with my partner in our own home, I would
have a stable job and so I could be traveling the world and meet other cultures.