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Federal Telecmmmication Laboratories,
Nutley, B. J.

Distant radio cornmication at high frequencies is d i f f i c u l t

because the transmission medim, the earth ionosphereduct, i s
t3me variable, noisy, a d dispersive o r multipath transmis-
sion with consequent fading of thereceived signal. Because most
of these factors are random and not under sign control, one can
treat the ionospheric conmudcation problem on statistical
basis in terns, for example, of such things as the p r o b a b i l i t y
that a t r a n m i t t e d pulse o r b i t of information w i l l be received
correctly. On this basis it is shorn that, by a purely numerical
experbent wherein random nmber tables used - t o s b u l a t e fad-
and noise, it i s possible t o appraise various telegraph trans-
mission systems without the costly process of building them and
then testing their performance.
approxbate, but simple, analysis i s given of receiver sig-
nal detection, by vihich is meant generation of dc f o r operation of
an output printing device. It is shorn that the important para-
meter here i s the average o r emectation of the difference in dc
between a received space and mark signal, divided by square
root of the variance of this difference.Incoherent square law
detection is compared w i t h coherent detection the matched
f i l t e r or?, what is the thhg, correlation.
The of diversity transmission t o overcame signal l a d m
a t thereceiver is considered. The important s t a t i s t i c a l d a t a
regarding time-varyingionospheric transmission obtained from
the auto- and cross-correlationfunctions of the received signal
envelopes for the various diversities. For the correlated fading
of signals in two transmission channel s, a simple de sign formula
i s shown which predicts the Improvement in the of diversity.
A brief description is also given of a sinrple acoustfc iono-
sphere analog simulating time-varying multipath transmission.


%mispaper gives some of the theoretical results'obtained i n a

project for the Wright A i r Development Center, Dayton, ahio.

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