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Vitor, Anna Katrine September 17, 2018

COMM 11 F1

Artist’s Statement

Art is everywhere and everywhere is art.  Brandon Boyd

Art is not only present in the films we watch, the music we listen to, the literature we read,

the visual outputs we stare at in awe. It is manifested where our sight can reach, where our

fingers touch, and where our ears can hear. It is evident in even the strangest and the

rearmost thing we can consider to be of aesthetic value. There is always a group of illustrators,

musicians, writers, and such in the products we utilize. There is always a creative team behind

every masterpiece, every innovation that we consider beneficial. Art has always been a medium of

expression. It has been used by artists for them to be understood, and for countless times, has been

an avenue to raise awareness in society and to spark nationalism in the community.

Having been born in Angono, Rizal, also known as the Arts Capital of the Philippines, one

can only imagine the artistic influences an individual develops at an early age. However, it was

only in high school when I have discovered my love for performing and the arts. For six years, I

was enrolled in an art school which offers an extensive training in nine different art disciplines for

high school students. I majored in vocal performance and have been mentored by local musicians,

and also by a member of one of the country’s most respected choral ensembles. Despite the art-

related values and lessons that the institution instills on the young artists, and the opportunities,

seminars, and workshops the school extends to its students, only an estimated 15-20% of the

graduates actually pursue a degree in the arts. It has concerned me for the longest time; why bother
study something that requires passion and commitment when you have no plans of pursuing it for

a higher education anyway?

"Mabubuhay ka ba ng sining?" "Anong magiging trabaho mo? Magtuturo ka na lang?"

"Paano kung wala namang tumangkilik sa mga gawa mo?" are only some the questions distressed

parents raise when the possibility of a degree in the arts comes into view. In a sense, I understand

that the parents are only wary of the opportunities and the financial conditions their children might

face as professionals in their field. Parents find assurance if their children pursue a degree they

deem would be easier to succeed in, or to get into a job that pays well. Monetary issues set aside,

I do not see any more reason why an individual should not pursue a professional career in the arts

when he/she has the talent, passion, and determination for his/her craft.

There has been a belief that ties artists to a specific area or line of work: dancers are

expected to be just choreographers, theatre artists only as actors, musicians simply as music

teachers. While these jobs are entry-level, these stereotypes should not confine artists, and should

not be the reason why students who pursue a degree in the arts are discouraged. People tend to

forget that these people are artists. Creativity, grit, and resiliency run in their blood. One way or

another, they will find an occupation that will match their abilities. One's success in the arts does

not lie solely on the artist's talent and skill nor on the monetary value of one's masterpiece. An

artist is already considered successful when his/her work has reached its targeted audience and has

generated the desired impact and feedback.

In conclusion, I cannot stress enough how passion is a driving force for artists to do what

they love. When an individual is ardent in his/her craft, success is sure to follow. When we enthuse

and find joy in what we do, it will never be all about the financial stability nor fame that each

masterpiece brings to its creator.

We need more artists today, to open the eyes of those who seem to close theirs, to

break the norms of this society, to ignite and instill patriotism in our countrymen, and as an

old quote by Cesar Cruz goes, 'Art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the

disturbed'. To all the visual artists, writers, theatre actors, dancers, musicians, directors, and such,

to all the 'artista ng bayan' and 'alagad ng sining' who have been discouraged, discriminated, and

devalued, 'Padayon lang'. For the passion that drives us to create, to inspire, and to influence will

surely bring us to genuine 'success'.