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Name of Drug: Classification Mechanism of Indication Contraindication Side Effects Nursing

(Generic & Brand Action Responsibilities

THYROGLOBULIN Also known as Tg – Thyroglobulin (also For the treatment of  Hypersensitivity Less common:  Caution should
(thye roe glob' an enzyme thyroid known as Tg) is an hypothyroidism Headache (severe) be exercised in
yoo lin) hormone enzyme thyroid (deficiency in the in children, skin patients with
hormone used by production of rash or hives, chest history of trouble
the thyroid gland to thyroid hormone). pain, confusion, fast in swallowing,
Trade Name : produce the thyroid or irregular heart problems,
Proloid hormones thyroxine heartbeat, mood high blood
(T4) and swings, muscle pressure,
triiodothyronine weakness, bleeding
(T3). The active psychosis. disorder,
Dosage: form of thyroxine, Restlessness, yellow anemia, sugar,
PO- Adults, triiodothyronine, is eyes or skin, jaundice, under
teenagers, and produced both shortness of breath. active adrenal or
children—At first, 32 within the thyroid pituitary gland,
milligrams (mg) a gland and periphery Miscellaneous: osteoporosis,
day. It may be by 5'-deiodinase. Clumsiness, infertility,
increased if needed. Patients with coldness, adrenal gland
Hashimoto's constipation, dry problems,
Note: It comes as a thyroiditis or and puffy skin, thyroid
tablet to take by Graves' disease, listlessness, muscle problems, any
mouth, on an empty frequently develop aches, sleepiness, allergy, who are
stomach. antibodies against tiredness, weakness taking other
thyroglobulin. and weight gain. medications,
Thyroglobulin is elderly, children,
used to treat during
hypothyroidism. pregnancy and

• Monitor blood
sugar level
regularly while
taking this

• Dietary fiber
may decrease
the absorption of
this medication;
consult with your
doctor for proper
diet and avoid
excess dosage.