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BUMK758K & BUSM710: “Advanced Marketing Analytics”

Fall Semester, 2019

Installing Glimmix
We will use SAS and Glimmix as the main statistical software for data analyses and
model estimations in this course. You are expected to have SAS and Glimmix installed on a
laptop computer before the first class. This document describes how to install Glimmix. Please
refer to the document “InstallingtheSASUniversityEdition2019.pdf”, prepared by Vinesh Gupta
of Smith IT, for information on how to install and use the free SAS University Edition.

I. Installing Glimmix on Your PC

Glimmix, developed by Professor Michel Wedel at the Smith School of Business, is a piece of
specialized software for estimating mixture models. Students of BUSM710 and BUMK706 have
been granted free access. The software can be downloaded from the Google Drive:

Click on the link above, and then the blue “Download” button. Follow the on-screen installation
steps, and you should be all set within a couple of minutes.

A note for Mac users:

Like SAS, Glimmix is a Windows-based software and is not compatible with Mac’s. You could
team up with somebody with a PC in your group. If you wish to run Glimmix on your own Mac,
you will need to install VMWare Fusion first (which is also a necessary step for install the SAS
University Edition by Mac users), and then download Windows. If you need help with
downloading Windows via VMWare Fusion, the McKeldin Library helpdesk can do it for you,
or you could seek help at Smith IT on a walk-in basis. Once you have downloaded Windows,
you can download and run Glimmix within Windows.

II. Accessing Glimmix via vSmith

vSmith is a virtual computer lab that provides essential software for the Smith School
community, and can be accessed from any computer, at any time, anywhere in the world. Please
check out the details at:

To access and run Glimmix via vSmith:

1. Go to and sign in with your University Directory ID and password.

2. If using vSmith for the first time, click on the Catalog tab and then click on Clients and Help
on the left side of the screen. Click on Download vSmith Client and install the client with all
the default options. Go back to the Catalog tab and click All at the top of the page. You will then
see the Apps and Desktops you are entitled to use, including Glimmix.

3. Double click on Glimmix to launch the software.