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No Cellophane Policy

1. Avoid using cellophane as food wrapper/ container for

Guidelines on Segregation and Collection selling foods in the canteen/ consignment.

1. Each of the classrooms, offices and other 2. Food and drink containers are a must when
ancillary rooms should have (4) four purchasing foods inside and outside the campus.
receptacles and tagged as compostable,
3. Food wrapped in cellophane is not allowed in the
recyclable, residual and special waste.
school campus.
2. Proper waste segregation must be strictly
3. There should be authorized person assigned
Generated waste or garbage should not be
to check the observance of proper waste
thrown anywhere.
segregation and disposal.
4. Collection system of solid waste shall be Penalty: Why inflecting penalty?
done accordingly, avoiding damage of
containers, spillage, scattering of solid waste a. Habit formation
within the collection vicinity.
b. Proceeds will be used for the
5. Waste disposal Guidelines
rehabilitation of SWM Facilities
a) Compostable: Waste shall be deposited in
the assigned composting area of every grade A. IMPROPER WASTE SORTING
1st Offense-Verbal warning/Reprimand
2nd Offense-Written Warming
b) Recyclable waste should be deposited in the 3rd Offense- 50.00 Penalty
Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
c) Residual waste will be placed in a sack and B. IMPROPER WASTE DISPOSAL
deposited in the Residual Containment Area 1st Offense-Verbal warning/Reprimand
(RCA) 2nd Offense-Written Warming
6. Receptacles shall be emptied and cleaned 3rd Offense- 50.00 Penalty
every day between 4:15-4:30 in the afternoon.
7. Each Grade level should have securely
install fence around composting area.
8. Only compostable materials shall be placed
in the composting area.