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What did you observe from your patients or clients when they have a severe/serious illness
and who is the first person they would approach to look after them?

Q2. What do you think are the advantage/s or benefit/s if the healthcare provider which is a
nurse would be the significant others to the patient by care?

Q3. In what way do you think that the health care provider have a big role of influence by
helping the patient?

Q4. Who do you think that can help or giving the right care for the patient better, if the nurse or
the caregiver. what are the possible effect to the patient when he/she taking care properly?

Q5. How will you deal with your significant other having a close relationship in terms of providing
a nursing care? Can you give an example based from your experience.

1. Clarity: How clear is this theory? Is it easily understood?

The Nurse as a Significant Other clearly emphasizes the close relationship between the
healthcare provider which is a nurse and the patient. The person clearly defined here in this
theory as human beings that include individuals, families or communities who needs a
healthcare provider as a significant others. While the environment viewed as the enhancement
by psychological, physiological and the optimum health outcome of the patient that will lead
them to develop the strong connection in the community.

2. Simplicity: How simple is this theory?

The Nurse as a Significant Other simply emphasizes the close relationship of being
used by nurses to help build a rapport to his/her client or patients.

3. Generality: How general and broad is this theory?

This theory focuses on the broader perspective on how the nurses role has a big
impact to the patients. This a grand theory because it is less specific compared to the middle
range theory that is much more detailed and has less specific concepts.

4. Empirical precision: How accessible or observable is this theory?

This theory is applicable and observable prominently since some of the conformed
activities in health institution setting. The nurse as a significant others of patients by caring is
strongly effective to facilitate the healing process of the patient. Nurses are competent in the
use of participatory approach to engage clients/ community partners to look, think and act in
order to address illness realities and barriers to quality healthcare services.
5. Derivable consequences: How important is this theory? Does the theory have a significant
contribution to nursing knowledge?

The theory is important because it identifies the close relationship between the
nurse and the patient to improved mere provision of health services. Nurses and clients should
be partners in working for the achievement of the latter’s health goals. The nursing intervention
focuses on expanding the roles of the nurse as a change agent, advocate, teacher, care
provider and communicator or helper as well as having to achieve the goals of nursing which is
to produce comfort to the client , provide a positive environment, help the clients in coping with
stress and enhancing the health of the client.

6. Limitations: What is the limitation of the theory?

The limitation of this theory depends on the situation of the nurse, patient and the
relatives of the patients.