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Nombre: Juan Carlos Ruíz molina

Evidencia 5: Supply Chain flowchart

Ficha de caracterización: 1852661

Servicio nacional de aprendizaje (SENA)

Programa de formación gestión logística

The purpose of this work is to know in depth each and every one of the processes, procedures, activities
and tasks that are carried out within the luker house company, finding a complete development of the
processes implemented
Flow storage gram

description of the responsable


compare production
remission versus
physical product the remission generated
from production is
compared with what is warehouse assistant
physically delivered to
there are return the warehouse

Do not
in case of
storage approval differences, it is warehouse assistant
returned to the

Product reading
auxiliar de
is performed for almacén
logical location y
via WMS system montacarguista
Gram picking flow

the commercial
team notifies the
Receiving orders auxiliary fingering
warehouse of the
generated orders

the fingering
assistant generates auxiliary fingering
work order opening work orders
generation for the warehouse

staff picks
enlistment requested
according to warehouse assistant
the tasks

there are differences Yes

if there is a difference in
enlistment, physical inventory
is performed to find the warehouse assistant
Do not mismatch

vehicles are loaded

the coordinator
checks the
vehicles with the
inspection form
office flow

Orders already
enlisted by the loading assistant
cargue de vehículos
transport team are

the platform
coordinator verifies
the loading of the
vehicle along with load coordinator
there are
the dispatch

the digitizer provides

document generation system movements
to deliver documents
to each carrier

Documents delivery the coordinator

delivers the
documents and
seals the vehicle

Do not

fingering assistant

platform coordinator