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How the New York Times covers up a


by reversing accusations, facts, and reality

By Rick Heizman, October 19, 2019

On October 15, 2019, the New York Times - a once great newspaper with serious journalistic
standards, but now without integrity, truth, nor any semblance of journalistic standards -
dumped out an article of extraordinarily asinine manipulative fake news, about the Bengali
Muslims (‘Rohingya’ to the ignorant) of Rakhine State, Myanmar.

Writer / Propagandist Hannah Beech achieved infamy several

years ago when she wrote the screed article ‘The Face of
Buddhist Terror’ for Time Magazine. The front cover was the
serene face of U Wirathu, as she said, “the Buddhist monk who
has taken the title: the Burmese bin Laden.” Nearly every
sentence of her article was erroneous, opposite to reality, rude,
inflammatory, and downright stupid. I quickly wrote a couple of
scathing rebuttals at that time. And, by the way, it seems like every writer of an article that
mentioned Wirathu referred to the ‘monk who calls himself the Burmese bin Laden’ - even
though, no one had ever heard him say that, there is no video or audio clip of that, and he,
himself, says he never said that! So much for journalist integrity……

Hannah Beech has continued to be a jihad enabler and appeaser, clunking out masterpieces
of idiocy, like this vile nonsense.

This article is not just the opinion of Hannah Beech. It is very deliberate and manipulative.
It is propaganda indoctrination to attempt to sway public opinion and foment hatred of
Buddhists, so that, in the future, people will not care about massive slaughters and
eradication of Buddhists worldwide. Notice how the leftists have abandoned Buddhists, in
favor of Islam. [Note: I am an original San Francisco leftist who has witnessed the complete
collapse and reversal of leftist values, ie: religion in school, the burqa/hijab issues, freedom of
speech, thought, and opinions, etc.]

My response to the article is necessarily long - but if you have limited time, skip to
pages 10 - 12, for the bombshell that I shatter her with.

Rohingya Muslims executed? Where? When? Any photos? Any piles of bodies?
In the 2017 conflict the word ‘executed’ is used when describing the 100 Hindus that WERE
actually EXECUTED, in Kha Maung Seik - and there ARE bodies, mass graves, photos,
verified witnesses, etc. In fact, this is the ONLY massacre that actually HAS bodies, mass
graves, verified witnesses, etc. [If you think, “what about Inn Din?” just wait…]

WHY no mention of the huge attacks by the Bengali Muslims on August 25, 2017? - the
largest Islamic terrorist attacks in history, with 30 military targets, and about 60 villages
attacked simultaneously by 7000-10,000 assailants in a coordinated massive surprise attack.
No mention of the plans and goals of the Bengali Muslim, which was to wipe out the Police
and Border Guard outposts, take all the weaponry, and then set out on a wanton genocidal
ethnic cleansing against ALL Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, and tribal minorities, to make the
land pure Muslim only, and to declare the land to be an autonomous Islamic State.

Really? The sites of unproven ‘massacres’ are: Gu Dar Pyin, Chut Pyin, Maung Nu, Tula Toli.
I have been to those places, in 2017 and 2018. I was given permission 3 times to travel in the
restricted zones of Maungdaw, Buthidaung, and Rathedaung Townships, without restrictions,
and spent nearly 3 weeks going to virtually every corner of each township, interviewing
victims, researching, and gathering evidence.

I can assure you that there are no security bases, nor nothing like that, built on the sites of so-
called massacres. But Hannah Beech can very easily make accusations that are believed by
people, when packaged in a large collection of reinforcing fake media.

Hannah, why do you insist that an ethnic cleansing DID happen?

Why do you consistently ignore, or purposefully ignore the massive jihad attacks that the
OF ALL NON-MUSLIMS? As they did in 1942, 1948, the Mujahid actions in the 1950s and
1960s, the Libyan backed plot of 1977, 1988, 1994, 2012, 2016, and 2017.

Hannah, perhaps you believe YOUR own propaganda! And it is abundantly clear that you
believe the Bengali Muslim ‘Rohingya’ propaganda and the indoctrination and brainwashing of
a people with Islamic supremacism, false history, and fake self-identity.

As well, you clearly believe the greater Islamic ideology of destroying all other religions and
faiths - especially those of ‘idol-worshippers’ and those who are not monotheistic - namely
Buddhists and Hindus, for the ‘intolerable’ mortal sins of making and worshipping statues, and
for not believing in only one ‘God’.

Hannah - Please tell all of us why there are camps for Bengali Muslims / ‘Rohingya’ in and
around Sittwe.

Well, since you don’t want anyone to know, then I will inform them, and you. Firstly, the
Bengali speaking Hindu minority - who are the same ethnicity, speaking the same language -
have no such restrictions upon them. Why is that? The Hindus are liked and respected, they
are respectful of others, and they NEVER destroy the temples or shrines of other faiths, and
NEVER burn villages, rape girls, and kill farmers. The Bengali Muslims are, and have a
history of intolerance, bigotry, supremacism, fanaticism, violence, and burning villages. That
is precisely why all other non-Muslim peoples dislike them and are fearful of them.

After the 2012 violence, in which the Muslims burned large sections of Sittwe (and other
towns and villages) the Buddhists had had enough, and wanted and deserved to live without
the constant fear of violence and arson. Note: they did NOT slaughter the Bengali Muslims or
force them to the border into Bangladesh.

THAT is why the Muslims are in camps. Perhaps the Muslims need to learn basic concepts of
cause and effect / Karma, consequences and responsibility, and loving-kindness / Metta.

Hannah! Are you educated? Did you go to school? Did you learn anything about world history,
and religion history? The Bengali Muslims / ‘Rohingya’ started pouring into Arakan as the
British needed workers - hence they have been called, and call themselves ‘Bengalis’
or‘Chittagonian Bengalis’.
All Bengali speaking peoples (Bengali Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists) have a CULTURAL

Hannah! Your accusations are baseless! You are casting ALL Burmese and Rakhine
Buddhists as being complicit in a huge web of conspiracy. Yet, clearly, YOU are pushing
YOUR insane hatred of Buddhists (and other non-Muslims) in a giant propaganda effort
together with TIME magazine, The New York Times, and other media to FOMENT HATRED
OF BUDDHISTS! It is abundantly clear that you would not shed a tear if the Bengali Muslims
had achieved their goal of exterminating every single non-Muslim from the land!

Now Hannah Beech is grotesque in her portrayal of

Buddhists = Nazis.
Muslims around the world admire Hitler,
and Hitler admired Islam.
“The peoples of Islam will always be closer to us than,
for example, France.”
Adolph Hitler, April 2, 1945

She states, as a false ‘fact’ that present ‘Rohingya’ are ‘evidence’ of a long Muslim heritage.
Many centuries before the first Muslim of the area, ARAKAN was HINDU and then
BUDDHIST KINGDOMS. These peoples (and the tribal ethnicities) are the indigenous
peoples of the land, whose homeland it truly is, who have no other homeland, and whose
languages are indigenous to the land.

There was a minority of KAMAN MUSLIMS in the land starting in the 1500s, along with a
large minority of Portuguese, and minorities of Hindus, Chinese, Dutch, British, etc., as any
sea trading kingdom would have. The Kaman Muslims are no problem in Burma / Myanmar.
There are no restrictions upon them, they are citizens, they have never rebelled or tried to
break away from the nation, they are not violent, supremacist, intolerant, nor are they
infamous for burning villages and towns.

The comparison of Bengali Muslims to doctors, lawyers, and politicians is incredulous. Of
course, they may be some doctors and lawyers among the Muslim population but largely the
Bengali Muslims have the lowest education level in the entire country. Reality is that among
the Rakhine Buddhists there is a proportionately large number of doctors, lawyers, and other
professional people based in Yangon and other international cities.
Again, the Bengali Muslims need to learn that their predicament is caused by their own actions.

Hannah - is it a crime to point out piles of garbage?

Hannah - are you trying to further your attempt to foment hatred of buddhists with this quote
from a Buddhist? “So dirty, they are like that.” Well, since you brought it up unnecessarily,
I will comment that the statement is true. I have observed that the many Bengali Muslims
villages that I have been in are among the most filthy, garbage-strewn, unsanitary villages I
have seen in the world - and I have in been many many poor countries.

Bizarrely, Hannah inserts this photo next, as if to ‘prove’ that the Muslim villages are not ‘dirty’.

Hannah! Why do you see a land with Buddhist, Hindu, Mro, Thet, Diagnet, and Khami
peoples as ‘empty’? Are these non-Muslim indigenous people humans in your eyes?
Did you even consider talking to non-Muslims? Perhaps the government people you were
with were trying to get you to speak with the indigenous victims, who also bleed blood, suffer
and cry, and are humans just like your preferred Muslims.

For the real truth of what happened at Inn Din Village read my thorough report, and you will
learn it was under ‘THE DURESS OF WAR’:

There is plenty of evidence of the Muslim existence there! Graveyards of Buddhists, Hindus,
and tribal minorities killed in Aug 2017, Oct 2016, June 2010, etc, going all the way back to
1942, when the largest massacre in Burmese history happened when Bengali Muslims killed
about 30,000 Buddhists in Maungdaw town alone, burned 400+ Buddhist villages, and sent
an estimated 100,000 Buddhists fleeing for their lives.

Presently there may be no Muslims in Inn Din because after their attacks failed, the
Mawlawis (Imams) and ARSA militant leaders told them to burn their own villages and homes
and flee to Bangladesh. There is plenty of solid evidence to prove that.

I have plenty of translated statements from captured ARSA militants where the prisoners
describe, in detail, about how they were threatened by the Mawlawis (Imams) and the ARSA
leaders with having their heads cut off, to burn their villages and homes, and flee to
Bangladesh.This went on for several months.

Hannah - the maps, diagrams, and slideshows that you mention are NOT all made up! I have
seen some of it with my own eyes. What IS made up is YOUR assertions that it is all made
up! Nearly all Bengalis are choosing NOT to come back to Rakhine State because they and
or family members were some of the attackers who killed or attempted to kill as many non-
Muslims as possible. Myanmar has the same rights as other countries to vet any refugees for
connections or participation with the ARSA Islamic terrorist group, and prevent any of those
people from re-entering (and that may apply to most of the Bengali Muslims, because ARSA
had tremendous support for its violent agenda).

Hannah! What is wrong with you? Is neatly combed hair a crime for Buddhists? Are YOU
guilty of ever neatly combing YOUR hair? Is it a charade because YOU say it’s a charade? Is
it a crime to turn off lights? Did you really watch men slip out of uniforms? Would Burmese
Buddhist men actually take off their cloths if they saw that you were watching them?

You say the computers were never even turned on. First, how do you know? And, based on
your miserable record so far, why would anyone trust you? Secondly, you imply that there
were no refugees to process there, at the same time you were there. So, why would the
computers be on? The computers are running on a generator, and anyone with even half a
brain knows to turn computers off before the generator is turned off.
Once again, do you have proof that the village was destroyed by Buddhists? Well, we have a
lot of evidence that the Muslims burned their own villages and homes.

At any point on your tour you could have stopped to talk to Buddhist, Hindu, or tribal Mro,
Diagnet, or Thet villages, some of them completely destroyed by Muslims, that have many
many victims of Muslim violence.

Did you go to Kha Maung Seik where the 100 Hindus were executed? I don’t think so. You
would not be interested to go there because the victims were Hindu, and you certainly don’t
care about them at all.


Hannah! Did you and your colleagues ever ‘run towards’ any Buddhists or Hindus with such
enthusiasm to see and talk with?

I’m so glad you mentioned the name of the village - Ngan Chaung. I interviewed 3 groups of
Muslims - IN NGAN CHAUNG VILLAGE, in January 2018.

Hannah - you are deliberately concealing information and facts from people.
There is a reason why Ngan Chaung villagers did not flee to Bangladesh!
You do not want people to know the truth!
Here are the translations of my interviews with Muslims of Ngan Chaung Village.

3 Interviews with Bengali Muslims

from Ngan Chaung Village, Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Interviewed in Ngan Chaung, January 2018

We interviewed several Bengali Muslims, around 2-3 hours north of Maungdaw town.

We had heard that this village had not fled to Bangladesh, and that the village had a different
and much more positive attitude than most of the Bengali villages.

So, we stopped there to talk - in Ngan Chaung Village.

Our guide told the Bengalis, “You can say anything to us, you don't have to fear anything
from us, we are not reporting to any authority, and we will accept whatever you say. We are
just looking for truth, whatever it may be.”

To start, I told the interpreter (off-camera) to tell them that they can talk freely - about the
situation of the village, the Burmese Army, ARSA, their safety, or anything.

Interviewee 1: There are no Muslims from the surrounding

Bengali villages here anymore, they left to go to Bangladesh -
but we are still here. The Burmese Army has been
protecting us, [from ARSA retaliations] and gave us food
supplies, [because bridges had been bombed by ARSA].
There are no teacher here now [since August, 2017] so the
children cannot go to school.

[Questions are from Rick Heizman]

Q - What happened here on August 25, 2017, when attacks were launched all over?

A - The night of the attacks there was a lot of shooting going back and forth, all around
us - militants shooting at Security Forces - and they were shooting back. Some of
our villagers started to flee, but a Military officer said, "Don't flee! It's too
dangerous! Stay here, we will protect you, stay here!”

When the soldiers were near our village in the darkness, they shot up in the air, to flush

out the militants - that’s when some of our villagers thought they should run, but the

officer shouted, "don't run, we will not harm you."

Q - Has the Burmese Army committed atrocities here? Or has the Burmese Army been
bad to them or fair to them?

A - The military did not burn our village, so we could stay here. The military protected

us [From ARSA, for being a peace-seeking village].

Q - Do you know of any women in your village, or any Bengali village, who has been raped?
A - Nothing happened in my village, and for other places I don't know.

[a 2nd man there was asked the same question and responded, "I don't know of any.”]

Q - Did ARSA come to this village to recruit men like you?

A - We didn't have ARSA militants in our village. I don't know any ARSA members or militants.

[The next Bengali Muslim man did not want his face on camera, my sense was that he was
more fearful of ARSA retaliation, which has happened quite a lot in villages which did not
follow ARSA.]

Interviewee 2:
Q - Do you fear The Burmese Military, or do you fear ARSA


A - (in English) Our villagers do not fear the military.

[Notice - he did not say that about ARSA.]
Q - Why does your village not go to Bangladesh?

A - Other villages around here were shooting [attacking

Security Forces], so they had to flee [after the attacks failed] but our village was peaceful

so that's why we didn't have to flee.

Q - Has the Army been abusive to you, or is the Army okay? Do you trust the Army, or
not trust the Army?

A - The Army protected our village that night from the militants.

[There have been many cases where the Islamic militants have savagely cut the throats

of fellow Muslims who don't agree with them. In fact, the very next evening, in

Buthidaung, a Muslim leader was brutally executed for these reasons.]

Q - Do you know of any women in this village, or any Bengali village, that has been raped?
A - (in English) No.

The 3rd interview was with a group of 5 men, the tallest one in the photo was the primary
speaker. [The man in the middle is also in Hannahs photo]

Interviewees 3:
Q - Why did you not go to Bangladesh?

A - There were about 5000 Bengali villagers around this

cluster of villages, our village is about 500 people. Our

village people stayed here, but from the surrounding

villages most of them fled.

Q - Do you feel basically safe right now, being here?

A - Yes, we feel safe.

Q - Do you know of any women in your village, or other Bengali villages, that have been raped?
A - No women or girls were raped in our village, and for other places I don't know because I

was not there at other places, but I did not hear about any such problems.

[Our translator told them to say what they know, and that we are not reporting to any
authorities, we just want to know.]

Q - The night of August 25, you heard a lot of gunfire around when other villages were

attacking [the police posts] - what happened that night here, right here?

A - There was a lot of shooting around us, but not from our village. There was a lot of

confusion, and it was dark. Nobody knew what was happening. The Army protected
us, we were not with the militants.
Q - Do you feel that you can live here in peace?
A - Yes. end of interviews….
Hannah Beech exposed - continued….

Of course Security forces stood guard!

Bengali Muslim militants / terrorists are constantly sneaking across the border with Bangladesh,
laying landmines in roads, ambushing Security forces, killing villagers in distant hills, etc.

Now Hannah Beech reveals that she is more ignorant and stupid than a sponge!
This land, and nearly ALL of Asia was dominated by Buddhism, which is 1200 years older
than Islam. Buddhist monasteries, shrines, pagodas, stupas, chortens, and chedis were built
all over Asia in lands now called India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, parts of Persia, Central Asia,
Tibet, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma. The zenith of historic
Bengal was during the Pala Buddhist Empire, from the 8th - 12th Century AD.

In the 6th century Islam was ‘founded’ and began its relentless and never-ending conquest
and destruction of every Buddhist land it encountered. During the 14th to 16th centuries many
Bengali speaking Hindus and Buddhists were converted to Islam, and their shrines and
temples were obliterated.

Hannah Beech would NOT have a problem with builders of mosques obliterating Buddhist
shrines, but she DOES have a problem with golden Buddhist pagodas, and Buddhist people
following their deeply-rooted pre-Islamic faith.


You say, “We looked out again on empty land.”

That sentence is the epitome of your inhumanity.
Land in which a very great Buddhist kingdom existed -
and its legacy of proud and devout Buddhists live -
in harmony with Bengali speaking Hindus, and ancient tribal ethnic minorities -
surrounded by ruins and treasures of their unique cultures.
According to you, Hannah Beech, that land is empty land.
Those people and cultures are empty - to you.
If every single non-Muslim in that ‘empty land’ of yours were to disappear you clearly would
not even have a single tear.

Hannah Beech - it is you, who is so empty, devoid, vacuous……..

by Rick Heizman, October 19, 2019



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