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HRM Practices of


Human Resources Process
Recruitment and selection of employees
Recruitment methods
Selection Process
Coca Cola is a leading beverage brand known for excellent human resource
Apart from good salaries and recognition, it is essential to motivate them using
other means too.
The first thing is to create an environment of trust and respect. Coca Cola has
made it a priority that its employees are treated with respect. The organization
provides them with a rewarding work life and helps them develop.
The focus is on performance improvement to help employees move continuously
towards their career goals.
Coca Cola is a great place to work where people can achieve their dreams and full
HR Process:

The process is composed by internal and external recruitments in which, the

Coca-Cola Company established a common procedure and framework to maintain
quality standards to a certain level.
In the external search, Coca-Cola is always on the lookout for new talent, be it in
experienced hires, the Coca-Cola graduate programme, or the University Talent
Coca Cola Company’s recruitment process of external applicants also follows a
specific multi steps practice as seen below, where they want to find the ideal
candidate, who combines the attributes of ‘Creative and fresh thinking’- spirit of
collaboration-pragmatic and commercial mind set.
Recruitment and selection of employees:

The use of new methods of recruitment and selection has helped in managing
quality of new hires in all HR perspectives and therefore it has received an
increased attention of the employers who have become more cautious of the rise
in their recruitment budgets.
The hiring costs can be controlled by adopting a qualitative approach to hiring
process and also having a special focus on competitiveness and performance of
the employees in a given industry-specific environments. The current recruitment
process of TCCC combines all the features of a global player assuring to find the
right person for the position and can be seen as highly effective.
Platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are gaining even higher importance in the
next years and are central for the search to employees.
Recruitment Methods:
Internal Recruitment:
Job Posting and Job Bidding
Employee Referrals
Recruitment Websites
External Recruitment:
Employment Agencies
Job Fairs
Internship Programmers
Contingency Firms
Professional Associates
Recruitment process:
Screening and Selection
Effectiveness of Hiring Process Saves Recruitment Costs
1. Poor Hiring has Adverse Financial Impact
2. Feed Back Improves Hiring Standards
3. Employee Retention Contribute to Customer Satisfaction
4. Organizational Development is Key to Operational Success
5. Diversity Strengthens Organizational Culture
Selection Process:
The selection process will vary depending on the position employeeapplying for, as
one process can’t fit all the different roles as Coca ColaCompany have.
1. Interviews
2. Group exercise
3. Presentations
4. Psychometric test
5. Roles plays/situational test
Training and development:
Performance Appraisal
Objective and Compensation
Employee Relationship
Career Development
Succession Planning
The design of new or revised human resource systems is nearly complete and a
baseline has been established against which progress can be measured. Coca-Cola’s
success in achieving this vision remains to be seen. Continued review and monitoring
by the Task Force and the Company should help ensure progress is made.