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Set Induction 1. Teacher shows Prior knowledge: Teaching Aids:

(5 mins) the video of 1. Have you seen a 1. Video of Dato’
Dato’ Dr Sheikh rocket before? Dr Sheikh
Muzaffar Shukor 2. Is an aeroplane Muzaffar
arriving at ISS is similar to rocket? Shukor arriving
using at ISS using
rocket.(refer to Instructional rocket.
appendix 1) Language
1. Do you Moral value:
know the I. Respect
name of this
transportatio Integrated Skills:
n? i. Listening
2. What ii. Speaking
does the Multiple Intelligence:
rocket i. Verbal
make? Linguistics


Presentation 1. Teacher shows Teaching Aids

(20 mins) the ‘Exploring i. Textbook

Space; text
using power Moral Values:
point. i. Confidence
2. Teacher reads
the text first Integrated Skills:
and students i. Reading
will follow. ii. Listening
(refer to iii. Speaking
appendix 2)
3. Teacher picks
random Multiple Intelligence:
students to i. Linguistic
read the text
loudly and
corrects their
4. Teacher asks
the students to
come underline
the words they
do not know
and tell the

Practice (20 1. Teacher shows PAK 21 ACTIVITY Teaching Aids:

mins) the pupils some i. Powerpoint

true or false CARDS ii. Presentation aid
questions on iii. Traffic light cards
2. Teacher asks Moral Value:
random students i Confident
to read the
questions. Integrated Skill:
3. Students will i Listening
need to answer
the questions by Multiple Intelligences:
showing their i. intrapersonal
traffic light card.
 green for
 red for

4. Teacher
discuss the
answers with the
Production 1. Teacher groups PAK 21 ACTIVITY Teaching Aids:
the pupils into 6 GALLERY WALK i. Mahjong papers
(15 mins)
groups. ii. Markers
2. Each group will
be given a Multiple Intelligence:
mahjong paper i. Interpersonal
and a marker. ii. Visual
3. Students need iii. Linguistic
to design a
rocket and state Moral Values:
the rocket’s i. Teamwork
usage. ii. Creativity
4. Each group will Integrated Skills:
come paste their Writing
creation at the Speaking
back of the class

Closure (5 1. Teacher shows Multiple Intelligence:

mins) the video of i. Interpersonal

Dato’ Dr Sheikh
Muzaffar Shukor Moral Values:
arriving at ISS i. Respect
using rocket to
the students.
2. Teacher
highlights the
importance of
technology in
every day’s life.