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This research uses a quantitative research strategy because this study aims to

show a systematic investigation and numerical data presentation of data that will be

accumulated. A quantitative research type is a perfect fit for this study simply because

the main objectives of the study involves measuring variables, finding frequency or

correlation, and testing hypotheses. This research used two types of method’s surveys

and interviews. Also in this research you will see tables and graphic organizers for

further understanding and application of quantitative data analysis to analyze numerical


The researcher came up with an idea to use 2 kinds of methods in collecting data

for specific and more accurate data, survey and interview. The survey questionnaire will

be distributed among selected Senior High School student of Bicol Merchant Marine

College Inc. simply because the study focuses on their state and aim to serve as their

aid. On the other hand, researcher will conduct an interview on every teacher who has

an advisory class on senior high school for more accurate data. Not only that, the

interview will also supplement the garnered data.

Survey method is selected for this research since it allows researchers to collect

a large amount of data in a relatively short period. ... Surveys can be created quickly

and administered easily. Surveys can be used to collect information on a broad range of

things, including personal facts, attitudes, past behaviors, and opinions. However, the

disadvantages of survey method is it fix question format where in ideas from the

respondent is simply held by the given question resulting to gathering only limited


Researcher decides to conduct an interview, since the researcher was not able

to give all senior high school students a questionnaire and some respondent randomly

answered the questionnaire. These interviews were conducted from senior high school
adviser wherein they answered questions about their student. The advantage of this

interview is that you can collect sufficient information to support the data garnered.

This research will use non probability sampling methods. The survey

questionnaire will be given randomly to the senior high school student of Bicol Merchant

Marine College Inc. for theme to answer the given questionnaire. After all the given

survey questionnaire are answered, the researcher will conduct an interview to all

senior high school adviser for more information and accurate/reliable data.

The researcher targeted to survey 60 respondents, 15 respondents each section. The

data collection data process will last within 3-4 days. The full transcripts of the interview

as well as the questionnaire as are attached in the appendices.

In this research will use survey and interview as an instrument to collect data.

The survey questionnaires are composed of 8 questions. 7 of those questions are more

on their bio- data and the remaining is personal question. The question contains

personal data which will be taken in full private usage only. While interview is in

unstructured style. The interview is composed of 3 questions about their advisory class

that will be ask from the interviewee. This research will collect data in a free flowing

manner for time management and availability.

The researcher should have assured that all of the Respondents are aware of the

purpose of the project, and in the evaluation to make sure they are fully informed about

the evaluation being conducted. The Researcher highly considered how reports are

worded to ensure that there is no opportunity for people to be identified. The

Respondents answers to the questions are remain confidential as well as their names

and what organization they belonged. All Respondents are not forced to answer while

the researcher consider their decision to be not involved in the issue. Researchers keep

evaluations as simple as possible and to remain focused on the intention of the

evaluation and what the data gathered will be used for.