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English Where are you from?

Pedagogical Module 1
Curricular threads: Communication and Cultural Awareness.
Language Through the Arts. Reading. Writing. Oral Communication.

Second Course BGU

Write an informal email 5 6

DNA and heritage


Read a story and an email
7 Family history


Identify diphthongs

History of piñatas




Family vocabulary 2


Latin American
photo 9 traditions


Simple past,

present perfect,

and time


12 Socioemotional
11 Handling
Emotions 10 Social Relations

Genealogy is family history

A family tree is an illustration that shows is the closest relative of someone who died and
how a person is linked by blood or marriage left behind some property. Sometimes people
to his or her relatives, whether living or dead. try to falsify their family connections in order
Genealogy is the science of determining to inherit property they are not entitled to,
who belongs to a particular family tree. or because they want the status of being part
Genealogy is interesting in its own right: all of a distinguished family. It is the duty of the
of us want to know who our relatives are. It genealogist to make sure that the family tree
is also important for certain legal matters. is drawn accurately: false or artificial branches
For example, genealogy plays an important are unacceptable. In other countries, genealogy
role in the laws concerning inheritance. In is also important because it allows families to
cases where the line of descent is not clear, a understand themselves better. To climb your
genealogist may be called in to determine who family tree, you must start with yourself.

• What do you know about your family? Have you gotten any information about
your ancestors? Have you met your grandparents or great-grandparents?

• Is genealogy important to your family?

• What about your country? Is genealogy important in your community?

Lesson A

Communication and Cultural Awareness

Where I´m From

“Where I’m From” written by Melanie Poonai

Read the poem “Where I’m From” written by Melanie Poonai.
This writer was a winner of Foyle Young Poets of the Year 2007.

I am a life filled with colour,

From the chocolate brown that is my skin.
I am from the sunshine yellow of my mother´s laugh,
From the red and white of my brother´s
favourite football shirt. I am from the crisp
new white pages of a book, From the miserable
grey of the street I live on. I am from green,
pink and yellow; My garden in summer
filled with flowers, From the terrifying black Aum symbol

of the nightmares that haunt me.

I am from the ginger orange of my buried cat, • Do you know where you are
From the blue and gold of my ever-shot school tie. from?
I am from the dark oak of my grandmother´s coffin, • Do you know your family
From the golden “Aum” pendant around my neck. members?
I am from every pink scar etched into my body, • Where is your family from?
From the red, orange and brown of the hot curry.
I am from every identical colour of the twins I love,
From the blue and green of a hospital ward.
I am from all that has happened,
And all that will be.

Check for difficult words in the glossary and if necessary look in the
dictionary for more words you don´t understand. Answer the following
questions from the poem considering that Melanie Poonai is the main
character. Then compare your answers with a partner and share them
with your class.

a. Where does she live? ______________________________________

b. What does she look like? ___________________________________

c. Is her cat alive? ___________________________________________

d. What is her brother´s favorite sport? _________________________

e. Is her mother alive? _______________________________________

f. Can your deduce where she is from? _________________________

Freepik / vectorpouch

g. Write down all family members she mentions in this poem.



Oral Communication
Meeting an old friend

Before you listen

• Have you recently met

someone you hadn’t seen
for a long time?

• Why hadn’t you seen this



Past simple vs. Present

The present perfect is used
to talk about a past action
or experience within a time
frame that includes the
I have watched six different
movies this year.
Have you ever been to
The simple past is used
when there is a definitive

Freepik / senivpetro
beginning and end to an
action in the past.
I visited Riobamba for the
first time in 2005.
Two friends saying hi in the street
On Saturday, Jane went
to the movies with her
friends. Listen to the conversation between two old friends and answer the
questions that follow.

a. For how long has Steven not seen Selina? ____________________

b. For how long has Selina been back in her hometown? _________

c. Mention two reasons Selina returned to her hometown.



d. Has Steven gotten married? ________________________________


e. How many kids does Steven have? __________________________


f. How do they plan to keep in contact? ________________________




DNA: Fact or science fiction?

Before reading There are many common misconceptions

about DNA testing. Let’s address them
• What is DNA?
one by one so you can learn the truth

Freepik / kjpargeter
• What does your DNA about your genetic genealogy testing
determine? options.
Myth #1: DNA structure
Geneticists use hair and blood samples to trace a person’s ancestry.
You are going to read a
magazine article about Although scientists do utilize hair and blood samples for paternity
DNA and genealogy. Read tests and forensic analysis, there’s no need to draw blood or collect
it carefully as many times hairs for a genetic genealogy test. You can order a DNA test for
as you need. Remember yourself or someone else.
you have a glossary that Myth #2:
can help you to get a
better understanding of A DNA test can pinpoint precisely where your ancestors lived or
the article. which tribe they belonged to.
If your ancestors stayed in one geographic region and never allowed
After reading outsiders to enter, it would be relatively easy to distinguish their
DNA (and yours) from the DNA of people living in other regions.
Discuss these questions with
But most of our ancestors didn’t stay in one place.
a partner.

• Which of these myths did Myth #3:

you believe?
To find out if you and another person descend from the same great-
• After reading this text, do great-grandfather, you need to dig up his body for a DNA sample to test.
you think DNA testing is
valuable? Why or why not? No. There are easier ways to prove a genetic link that don’t involve
literally turning relatives over in their graves. To find out if you and
Vocabulary someone else descend from the same male ancestor, you should turn
to Y-DNA testing, using the Y-chromosome passed down by males.
dna. Abbreviation for
Deoxyribonucleic Acid. The Myth #4:
chemical at the center of
the cells of living things that The results of ancestral DNA tests are 99.9% accurate, just like the DNA
controls the structure and tests on CSI.
purpose of each cell and
carries genetic information Genetic genealogy isn’t an exact science—it involves interpretation.
during reproduction.
Remember that a genetic mutation can occur at any time, so even a
y-dna. The Y chromosome, father’s and son’s results might not match exactly.
also called Y-DNA, is passed
virtually unchanged from Myth #5
father to son.
If you take a DNA test, you can find out who your great-grandmother’s
parents were.
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Your DNA test results won’t reveal your ancestors’ names, but you
can use them to do a little detective work online. Enter your Y-DNA
marker values—or your relative’s—into a public DNA database.

My poem
After having enjoyed the poem “Where I´m From” Final Version - My Poem
by Melanie Poonai, it’s your turn to create a piece
Title: ________________________________________
of writing that represents specific moments and
memories in your life that contribute to who you are ___________________________________________
now. Writing a poem encourages awareness of our
own personal experiences. This poem is about you.

Brainstorm some ideas of people, places, and ___________________________________________

moments that are very special to you. You can use
their real names or imaginary names. Write some
ideas on the lines below. ___________________________________________
People ____________________________________ ___________________________________________
___________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Places _____________________________________ ___________________________________________
___________________________________________ ___________________________________________
Memories __________________________________ ___________________________________________
___________________________________________ ___________________________________________
___________________________________________ ___________________________________________
___________________________________________ ___________________________________________


Write a draft in your notebook.
Begin with: I am from _______________ (Here fill
in the blank with one of the items you listed while

Continue on the next line with: From

_______________ and _______________ (Fill in
each blank with items from your list.)

Continue this format until you have completed at

least 8 lines of your poem.

End the poem with an explanation of memories,

symbols, items, pictures, or souvenirs that
represent some of the topics you wrote about in
your poem.

Reread your poem and edit it as necessary. This

poem can be rewritten over and over, adding or
Freepik / vectorpouch

deleting ideas to make it perfect!

In the space below, write the final version of your


Social Studies

Language Through the Arts

Family history


Before you start building your family tree, it

is essential to interview your grandparents or
older relatives and ask them about your family
ancestors. Here are some topics you can ask them

1. Places where your family has lived and your

family’s religious history

2. Schools they went to

3. Their father, mother, brothers, and sisters

4. Your paternal grandfather and grandmother

5. Your maternal grandfather and grandmother

6. Great-grandparents and extended family

7. Any immigration in the family

Step2 Step3

After gathering information about your family, Try to find some family photos you can use to
review the following abbreviations and forms to help illustrate your tree. If you don’t have access
explain connections on a family tree: to photos, clip pictures from a newspaper or
magazine that resemble your family members.
b. = Born bap. = Baptized m. = Married
c. = Circa d. = Died ad. = Adopted Illustrate your tree on poster board or any other
bd. = Buried dv. = Divorce material you like. Be sure to decorate it like a tree.

The short horizontal line between a man and a woman

indicates a marriage. The vertical lines indicate
Step 4
Mother Father Stepmother Her husband
Share your family tree with
Freepik / macrovector

the class.
Brother Me Half sister Stepsister

First Great- Great- Great-great- Great- Great-

Generation grandmother grandfather uncle grandmother grandfather

Grandmother Grandfather Grandmother Grandfahter Great-aunt

Third Uncle Auntie Mother Father Aunt Uncle Aunt

Freepik / macrovector

Fourth Cousin’s First Brother Me Sister Brother in First

Generation spouse cousin law cousin

Fifth First cousin Nephew Niece

Generation once removed

Oral Communication
A family tree
Speaking and Vocabulary

In pairs, observe the picture and tell your partner what you see.

Work with your partner and answer the questions Have a conversation with your partner about his/ Mineduc

her family tree.

1. Who are John and Mary? John and Mary are
Mike´s _____________ • Does it look like this one or do you have other
2. Who is Ana? Ana is Mary’s ____________
• Do you think that all families are the same?
3. Who are Tim, Mike, and Ana? They are Mark´s
____________ • What is a traditional family vs. a modern family?
4. Who are Jane and Mark? They are Mike´s

5. Who is Mike? Mike is John´s ____________

6. Who are Time, Mike, Ana, Kate and Steve?

They are Mary´s
Freepik / vectorpouch


7. Who is Steve? Steve is Jack´s


Lesson B

Communication and Cultural Awareness

Five factors to keep in mind when living with an indigenous family

Living with an indigenous family


Jayson McNamara is an Australian journalist, the harvests. Throughout the year in Ecuador,
writer, and a TV production editor who lives in spiritual practices in indigenous communities see
Buenos Aires. He is passionate about travel and the Pachamama help with good harvests.
history. In his blog he shares his experience living
with an indigenous family in Ecuador. He says that 3. Gender
South American indigenous communities are very Gender roles are different in indigenous families,
distinct and provides some tips to keep in mind especially when it comes to the role of women.
when you live with an indigenous host family in Native women have important leadership roles
Ecuador. within indigenous families and communities,
taking charge of household economics,
1. Faith participating actively in agriculture, and taking
In Ecuador, many types of mixed religious on the role of curanderos, or spiritual healers.
expressions are possible. They have their roots
in both history and nature, with the Spanish 4. Medicine
having implanted their European religion and In indigenous Ecuador, traditional and natural
the indigenous population having maintained a medicine dominates. They rely on a variety of
strong spiritual connection to the land. plants to cure common illnesses. In the culture of
Otavalo, for example, people believe that illness
2. Pachamama is caused by four things: fright, evil wind, evil
The Pachamama, otherwise known as Mother spirits, or foreign objects.
Earth and also referred to as Mama Pacha, is
an Andean spiritual figure that emerged from Adapted from
ancient Incan society where she was considered mind-when-living-with-an-indigenous-family-in-ecuador/

the bearer of fertility, as seen in her influence over

Discuss the following

questions with a partner. Decide if the following
statements are TRUE or FALSE
• Why do you think foreigners according to the reading.
like to learn about True False
Ecuadorian family culture? 1. Indigenous families are
only one religion.
• What do you know about
indigenous families in 2. The Pachamama is a god.
3. The Pachamama influences
• Would you like a foreigner the harvest.
to share time with your
Freepik / macrovector

family for a couple of 4. Women have an important

months? role in families.

• How do you think foreign 5. In Otavalo, people believe

families are different from illness is caused by bacteria.
families in Ecuador?

Oral Communication
Important people in our lives

Before you listen

Do you have important

people in your life? Why are
they important?

Freepik / nestea06

We use the present

Happy girl with her grandmother and her baby sister
perfect to talk about
things that are unfinished
– unfinished states and
Listen to teens talk about important people in their lives and answer unfinished time periods.
the questions below. The present perfect acts as
• Who do you think Girl (A) refers to?
a bridge between the past
and the present.

• Who do you think Boy (B) refers to? Grammar

_____________________________________________________________ Past simple vs. Present
• Who do you think Girl (C) refers to? perfect
_____________________________________________________________ I’ve known my boyfriend
• Who do you think Boy (D) refers to?
since I was 15 years old.
(unfinished state)
My family and I have lived
in Guaranda since I was a
little boy.
Listen again and write down some traits about each of the people
they describe. She has been to the cinema
____________________________________________________________ two times this month.
(unfinished time period)
We have already had three
holidays this year.
I have eaten too much
____________________________________________________________ bread today.

Social Studies
Language Through the Arts
Piñatas are a symbol of family traditions in Latin America.

The history of piñatas

Here a short history of piñatas, an emblematic symbol of
family traditions in Latin America.

A piñata is a container that is decorated and filled with sweets, toys,

or fruit. It is often in the shape of a star, animal, or popular character.
The piñata has become a symbol of Mexico and many countries
in Latin America. However, it actually has Chinese origins: the
explorer Marco Polo brought the Chinese tradition to Europe and it
was evangelization that brought the tradition to America. Towards
the end of the 1500s, Diego Soria gave Christian masses during
the eight days before Christmas, with the intention of spreading
the religion to the natives of Mexico. The piñata was a part of this
religious mass, often filled with fruits. People would try to break it
with a wooden stick, because they were considered free of sin if they
we able to break it open. The piñatas were in the shape of a star back Fix these incorrect sentences
then. Piñatas became very popular shortly after that. In the UK, to make them correct
piñatas often take the form of a donkey that is filled with sweets. according to the reading.
Some believe this represents a cruel image and that piñatas should • Piñatas first appeared in
take other forms such as different shapes, not animals. In modern Latin America.
times, piñatas are an important part of many children’s parties in
Latin America.
Source: British Council (2017). The history of piñatas. Retrieved from https://learnenglishteens. • The Jewish faith was the
first to use piñatas.

• Have you ever hit a piñata? Where? When?

• Piñatas are often filled with

• Imagine you could make your own piñata. What shape and colors
would you choose?

• In the US, piñatas often are

shaped like donkeys.

• Now piñatas are an

important part of parties in

Oral Communication
Watch your pronunciation! Diphthong sounds
English is not always pronounced exactly how it is written.
The phonetic alphabet helps us to understand sounds.

Freepik / vectorpouch
Do you know what diphthongs are?
Diphthongs are the combination of two vowel sounds.

Here is a list of diphthong sounds in English,

written using the phonetic alphabet.

Pronounce these words slowly and pay attention

to the sounds they have.

Freepik / djvstock

[e ] as in: day [a ] as in: eye [ I] as in: boy
Freepik / studiogstock
Freepik / grmarc

[a ] as in: mouth [o ] as in: boat

Can you think of more words that have each of Write the words down in this box. The group that has
these sounds in them? Work in groups of two and the most amount of correct words at the end of 5
work for 5 minutes. Your teacher will time you. minutes wins!

[e ] [a ] [ I] [a ] [o ]

Value: Socioemotional skills
Are you a good friend?

• What is friendship?
• Are you a good friend? Do
You might think you are the perfect friend, but are you really? you have a lot of friends or
Take this short test to find out. Read the questions and select one do you have a small group
of close friends?

Question 1

You are at home a Saturday afternoon when your friend calls you and Analyze the answers
says he/she is downtown and has spent all his/her money and feels
really ill. His/her family is away for the day. You……… Mostly As- You are a great
friend, but don´t let your
a. go as quickly as you can to help your friend, even though it will friends take advantage of you.
take a long time on the bus to get into town.
Mostly Bs- You are a pretty
b. tell your friend to get a taxi and come to your house. You think good friend, but not reliable
your parents will probably pay, but it might be very hard to find a taxi. in a real emergency.

c. recommend that your friend walk home. The fresh air will make Mostly Cs- With friends like
your friend feel better. you, who needs enemies? You
need to treat your friends the
way you would like them to
Question 2 treat you.

Your friend has been having lots of problems with math, but you find
it easy. In a couple of weeks you have some important math tests and
your friend has asked you for some help. You…….. Reading comprehension
a. sit down with your friend and organize some times for extra math • Do you think these
classes together, even though this means you have less time to quiz results really show
study. something about you? Why?
b. show your friend some online video that explains the important
points and some questions with answers.

c. tell your friend that he/she can copy from you on the math test;
you will make sure he/she can see your paper.

Question 3
• What do you think about
Your friend has just completely changed his/her image: a new red and the statement, “If a
blue hairstyle and new clothes in terrible colors. Now he/she wants friendship lasts longer than
you to go with him/her to get some tattoos and piercings done. 7 years, you are no longer
You….. just friends. You are family”.
a. suggest that he/she think carefully before having tattoos or
piercings done- tattoos are very hard to remove if you change your

b. say that you will go along with him/her for a laugh, but you don’t
want anything done yourself.

c. tell him/her what you think of his/her new look (that it’s awful),
and that he/she should get professional advice before doing
anything else.

Informal language and abbreviations Grammar

Preparing to write Important tips for writing

IM and SMS:
Nowadays young people communicate with their family and friends
through IM (Instant Messages) or SMS (Short Message Service). 1. You don’t need to write
Instant messages and short messages are written using another full sentences or questions.
type of language. This text message language varies from Spanish to
U home? (Are you home?)
English. Let’s explore your knowledge about it.
2. Add extra punctuation
Match the phrases with the common abbreviations. marks or vowels to add
Phrases Abbreviations

a. Lisa´s house <3<3<3

3. Use abbreviations.
lol = laughing out loud
b. you xxx thx = thanks
4. Use letters or numbers
c. laughing out loud @
instead of words.
d. at lol u = you r = are 2 = to
c= see b=be
e. kisses u
5. Use symbols.

f. (hearts) =love Lisa´s @ = at <3= heart x = a

kiss XO = hug and kiss
6. You should only write
in this way to family and
Freepik / vectorpouch

Now get in groups of two

and write a text message
exchange. Use some of the
symbols you have seen here
and also any others you know.

Your text message should

have 10 lines per person.
Texting a message

Assessment evaluativas

Achievement level - Reading

Individual activity

1 Read the text and choose the correct word to get married until a week ago. Anna
for each space. For each question, underline was on the phone with her aunt Antonia
the letter next to the correct word - A, B, C from Guadalupe. Antonia told her that
or D. the restaurant (7) ………… hosts weddings
every weekend but that next weekend the
We are getting married in the Caribbean celebration had been canceled so as a joke
Anna and Jay decided to get married. They she (8) ………… Anna if they would like to
decided they were going to have a romantic finally get married because the restaurant
wedding (0) ……A……. at sunset. She was available. So Jay (9) ………… it was a
bought a new bikini and some sunblock. great and magical place for their wedding
Jay (1) …………. to the travel agent to book and they (10) ………… aunt Antonia´s offer.
their plane tickets and a hotel room. They
(2) …………. their family and friends and
they are organizing a barbecue to celebrate
with them when they come back. They
(3) …………. to get married on the beach
because Anna grew up on Guadalupe, a
French Caribbean island. She has some
relatives and childhood friends there. So
when they (4) …………. to celebrate their

Freepik /
wedding, all of them offered their help.
Anna and Jay (5) …………. for more than
10 years now. They got engaged three
years ago but they (6) …………. yet when

0 (example). A on the beach B on a mountain C on a river D on a bus

1. A have just been B has just been C had just been D were

2. A has told B had told C have told D told

3. A have decided B has decided C had decided D decided

4. A had decided B have been deciding C has decided D decided

5. A had met B have met C met D meet

6. A has decided B had not decided C has not decided D have not decided

7. A she manages B she will manage C she had managed D she is going to manage

8. A has asked B were asked C asked D had asked

9. A think B thought C had thought D will think

10. A is accepted B was accepted C had accepted D accepted

Módulo pedagógico
Assessment Where¿Xxxxxxx?
are you from?

Achievement - Writing
Individual activity

2 Write a short paragraph of 50-70 words describing your definition of the word
“family”. Pay close attention to your tenses.


Achievement - Grammar
Grupal activity

3 In pairs observe these pictures and answer the following questions using the present
perfect and simple past.
Flickr/Ministerio de Turismo Ecuador

Wikimedia Commons/Aaronmormot
Wikimedia Commons/Gerard Prins

• a. Have you ever been to a • a. Have you ever been to a • a. Have you ever been to the
volcano? lagoon? beach?

• b. Have you ever climbed a • b. Have you ever swum or • b. Have you ever swum in
very high mountain? rowed in a lagoon? the Pacific Ocean?

• c. Have you been there with • c. Have you been there with • c. Have you been there with
your family? your friends? your classmates?

I’m completing this self-evaluation based on what I learned in the module.

Self-evaluation I check the box that most applies to me

I do it very well I do it I can improve I can’t do it
somewhat well without help
Discuss Latin American traditions.

Write a poem.

Understand and use the simple past and present perfect.


Freepik /
Project 1

Someone very special

Choose a member of your family who has lived a memorable life and
write about his/her life story.
Step 1

Write down 10 questions to gather his/her life story and then

interview this person. It could be your grandmother, your uncle,
your father…
Step 2

Record the interview or take notes and collect pictures and memories
from this person´s interesting life.
Step 3

Create a brochure where you have: a front page with this person´s
photo and name and five pages with this person’s life story (in
chronological order) including pictures. It should be 100-110 words.
Pay attention to your tenses. You should use present, simple past,
and present perfect accordingly.
Freepik / vectorpouch



Review Present Perfect Review the use of just and yet

Complete the sentences. Complete the sentences by writing in the

blank the appropriate word
1. How many emails ______________ today?
a. yet b. just c. already d. still
a. have you lived b. have you sent
1. I haven’t found a house ________.
2. ______________ a whale in real life? Everything around Machala´s downtown is
a. Have you ever seen b. Has stolen very expensive.

3. Someone …………… cell phone! Oh no! 2. Mario has ________ bought a new car. I am
All my contacts are there going to see it.

a. have eaten b. has stolen 3. Have the house painters finished painting
your house _________?
4. How long ……… Cuenca?
4. Mom! Have you finished cooking dinner
a. have you lived b. have played ______________?
5. This is the first time I ………….a ceviche 5. He has ___________ arrived, so you can start
from Manabí. preparing lunch.
a. have eaten b. have read

Review vocabulary about family members.

Family tree vocabulary

1 2

Freepik / vectorpouch


1. Your mother’s or father’s child.

3. Your grandparents´ parents.
4. You mother’s or father’s brother.
6. Your mother’s or father’s sister.
Freepik / vectorpouch

2. My sister’s husband.
5. Your mother’s new husband.

Lesson C

Social Studies
Communication and Cultural Awareness
Latin American family traditions

The quinceañera
Fifteen-year-old birthday girl! Questions to reflect upon

Read this text written by a young British woman about a typical • Have you ever been to a
fifteen year old party?
Latin American celebration and answer the questions.
• Have you already turned
One of Latin America’s traditions is called the quinceañera, which 15? If you are a girl, did
means ‘fifteen-year-old birthday girl’. It is when a young girl you have a fifteen years old
party? If you are a boy have
turns 15 and she has a big party to celebrate. It is a fusion of local you participated in a fifteen
ancient culture and Spanish Catholicism. In 16th-century Spain, a years old party? How was
girl turning 15 had to decide between dedicating her life to God or it?
getting married. Back then, in line with the Catholic tradition, the
• Do you think the best gift
girl would wear a white dress; however, girls now wear dresses of any for a quinceañera is a party?
color, pink being the most traditional one. Finding the right dress
for your quinceañera is a big deal and a lot of time is put into. The • Why is this celebration so
important for some families
dresses have lots of fabric. The party costs a lot of money.
in Ecuador?

The first part of the celebration is the religious ceremony at the Grammar
church. Then at the birthday party, there’s music, dancing and lots
of food. Family and friends are invited to enjoy the special day. The Past simple vs. Present
father dances with his daughter and there is a modern dance by the perfect
birthday girl.
While the Present perfect
has three functions, the
The quinceañera looks like great fun. It’s done very different from
simple past has a single
how I celebrated my 15th birthday. Being 15 has so much more
function. Use the simple
significance in Mexico than in England. I remember my 18th birthday
past when you want to
being a big deal because that was when I could call myself an adult.
talk about an action that
happened in past, finished
Latin American culture is very interesting. There is so much more
in the past and you know
to learn about, and I would like to visit someday to experience it in
when it happened. Just,
person and practice my Spanish on the locals!
yet, still and already; these
words are often used with
Source: British Council (n.d). LearnEnglish Teens. The quinceañera – fifteen-year-old birthday girl!.
Retrieved from the present perfect tense,
fifteen-year-old-birthday-girl although yet, still and
already can also be used
with other tenses.
‘Still’ is used to talk about
something that hasn’t
finished – especially when
we expected it to finish
earlier. “Still” usually comes
between the subject and

auxiliary verb have.

Oral Communication
Spending time with friends
Present Perfect

Fill in the blanks with already or yet. Already

Frank: Have you planned your weekend (a) ______________? “Already’”is used to say that
Simon: Oh, yes. I’m taking Paula to see the Avengers. something has happened
early – or earlier than it
Frank: I have (b) ___________________ bought the tickets.
might have happened.
Simon: Oh, right, the new film. Have you invited her (c)
___________________? a. I’ve already used all my
cell phone minutes and
Frank: Well, I haven´t phone her (d) ___________________ But she said it’s two weeks before the
last week she wants to see it.
month ends.
Simon: It´s very good.
b. The bus has already left!
Frank: Have you seen it (e) ___________________? That’s quick! What are you going to do?
Simon: Yes, I have. And Paula has (f) ___________________seen it, too.
“Already” usually comes
Frank: How do you know? between the subject and
auxiliary verb have.
Simon: We went together last night.


Your teacher is going to read the following words out loud and you Role Play. Get in pairs: one
have to place them in the correct space: person is student A and one
is student B.
baby - private - bacon - library - paper - final - April - minus - danger
crisis - angel - stranger - basis - lazy - crazy - climate - bicycle - horizon Pretend you want to invite
item - idea - identity - biology your best friend to watch a
movie or to have ice cream
[e ] [a ] in the park. Student A invites
student B. But there is a
problem: student´s A parents
do not allow him/her to go
because he/she got bad
grades last month. But he/she
overcomes the problem and
they go.

Watch your pronunciation! Diphthong sounds.

Diphthongs sounds are the combination of two vowel sounds. Remember

the diphthongs in English are: [ei], [ai], [au], [oi], [ou]
Freepik /freepic.diller
Freepik / djvstock

[ei] as in: day [ai] as in: eye Friends watching a movie


Are you a good friend?

Contacting Friends Before the reading

An email for a special friend • Do you write letters or

Read the following messages. • Do you write letters or

emails often? Who do you
write them to?
From: Simon Garcia to Frank Romero • When was the last time you
sent a letter or an email?
Subject: How’s it going?

June 2, 2019 13h20

Reading comprehension task
Hey Frank,
• Why is Simon writing an
I haven’t heard from you since you arrived in Guayaquil.
email to his friend Frank?
How are you doing? Is the family you´re staying with Ok? Who
is taking Taekwondo with you?

Write soon!
Freepik / macartur

• Why has Frank not been

able to write Simon earlier?

• What is Frank doing in

From: Frank Romero to Simon Garcia

Subject: How’s it going?

• Who is he living with?
June 3, 2019 20h00

Hi Simon,
• Mention the places he has
Sorry I haven’t written until now. Since I got here I’ve been visited in Guayaquil.
really busy with the training and making new friends. I’m
training Taekwondo 8 hours a day and going out at night
with my Taekwondo friends. We have visited Malecón 2000
• Have you ever been to
and Parque de las Iguanas. We´re a real mix of Ecuadorians
another city to train for a
from all over the country: ambateños, quiteños, cuencanos,
sport tournament?
otavaleños, there are also participants from Machala and Loja.
Besides training for the tournament, I am learning about other
cultures from my country.

My host family is really nice. The parents, Susan and Paul, are
very friendly and kind. The children are Lewis and Amy. They’re
both in high school and are very sweet; only Amy takes
Taekwondo, Lewis practices soccer.

Take care,
Freepik / macartur

Freepik / vectorpouch

An email to my friend Tip
Informal greetings Informal closings
Tips to write an email
Hi Simon, Take care,
There are two types of
letters or emails: formal
Hi Simon! Talk later,
and informal. Here we will
focus on the informal one.
Hi Simon- See you!
The basic structure of an
Hi Simon. Love, informal letter or email is:
Informal Greeting
Hey Simon, Hugs and kisses,
Main body (1 or 2
Now you are going to read an email your friend Pablo sent you Informal closing
from Cuenca and you are going to write the response. You response
should be between 50 to 75 words. When writing an informal
letter or email to a friend
you can:
From: Pablo to (your name)
Sound “chatty” like when
Subject: How’s it going? you are talking to a friend.
September 3, 2019 20h00 Use an informal beginning
Hi (your name) and an informal end.

I’m really happy that we’ll see each other next weekend in Use contractions.
Tena! A friend of mine plays in a band and they’re going to
play a small concert on Friday evening. Would you like to go Use informal words and
and see my friend playing with her group? expressions
We need to decide what to do on Saturday. We could either Don’t forget to respond
go rafting in the Tena river ( I´m sure you’d love to see the to all the points in your
beauty of the river and experience the rafts) or we could go to
Puyo and visit the zoo there. friend’s email.

One more thing. What time does your bus arrive at the Tena
Bus Station?

See you soon!

Freepik / macartur

Freepik / vectorpouch

Now in your notebook write a response email to Pablo.

From ………………..(your name) to Pablo

Freepik / macartur

Subject: How’s it going? For further information you

can click on:
September 7, 2019 15h30

Language Through the Arts

Family traditions.

Making a Classic Birthday Cake Recipe

A recipe to prepare an awesome cake! Makes1 (2-layer) 9-inch cake, 8 to 12

A birthday cake is the only thing you need to make Ingredients
a birthday special. Whether you’re celebrating
kids or yourself, everyone should have a cake on 1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
their birthday. Homemade birthday cake is one
1-1/2 cups granulated sugar
of the best gifts to give. The secret to making a
homemade birthday cake at any time is a one-bowl 3 large eggs
cake. Making and decorating a homemade cake
is easy and impressive once you’ve done it a few 2-1/4 cups all-purpose flour
times. Here’s how to make a classic, kid-friendly 1 teaspoon fine salt
birthday cake for any birthday celebration.
3-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1. Make sure to use room-temperature butter:
Proper creaming, that is beating together the 1-1/4 cups whole milk
butter and sugar until light and fluffy, gives the 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
cake its tender texture. Using softened butter
makes creaming easier, but also makes the batter
ready for the addition of eggs, flour, and milk.
Now in the space provided write a recipe of a
2. Mix well: Once the eggs, flour mixture, and milk cake, cookies, or any special birthday dish you
have been added, beat the batter for 3 minutes. like! Include a drawing or an image of this dish.

My Recipe
3. Grease the pans well: To prevent sticking, use
nonstick spray or extra butter and flour to coat
the pans. For extra insurance, you can line the
bottom of the pans with parchment paper. Let the
cakes cool in the pans for about 10 minutes before
flipping them out.
4. Cool completely before frosting: While you can
mix the frosting while the cake bakes, you’ll have
to wait until the cake is completely cool to frost it.

Birthday cake

Oral Communication
Present Perfect and Simple Past
Party time!

Freepik / vectorpouch
Girl blowing a candle


Paula is preparing for her fifteen-year-old birthday party. Look at her Simple past and time
list and write sentences about what she has already done and what
she hasn’t done yet.
The simple past is used to
talk about a past action
that started in the past
1. make a list of all her family and finished in the past
and friends and the time of the action
2. decide where to have the is known. Time markers
party help to differentiate when
3. send invitations to family an action happened in the
and friends past or when an action is
4. reserve a restaurant
Here are some useful time
5. plan the food
markers used for actions in
6. order the drinks the simple past: yesterday,
the other day, last week, last
Freepik / microone

7. buy the dress

month, last year, just now,
ago and when.
More common simple past
time markers are: in 2000,
1. Paula has already made a list of all her family and friends. (Example)
in October, on Tuesday June
2. _________________________________________________________ 11, on New Year’s Eve, on my
3. _________________________________________________________
birthday, etc.

4. _________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________ To learn more about this topic

6. _________________________________________________________ you click on:
7. _________________________________________________________ english-grammar-past-simple-

Lesson D

Communication and Cultural Awareness

Friendship around the world.

International Day of Friendship Day of Friendship, it is based on the recognition

of the relevance and importance of friendship
Reading as a noble and valuable sentiment in the lives of
The International Day of Friendship is an human beings around the world. The resolution
initiative that follows on the proposal made by places particular emphasis on involving young
the UNESCO and taken up by the UN General people, as future leaders, in community activities
Assembly in 1997. In its resolution of 1998, the that include different cultures and promote
General Assembly recognized that enormous international understanding and respect for
harm and suffering are caused to children through diversity.
different forms of violence. It emphasized that the For the International Day of Friendship, the UN
promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence encourages governments, organizations, and
should be instilled in children through education. civil society groups to hold events, activities,
If children learn to live together in peace and and initiatives that contribute to the efforts of
harmony, that will contribute to the strengthening communities towards promoting dialogue among
of international peace and cooperation. civilizations, solidarity, mutual understanding,
The UN declared July 30 as the International and reconciliation.

Speaking Value: Social relations

Get in pairs and discuss these


• Did you know that the

UN declared July 30
the International Day of

• Do Ecuadorians celebrate
July 30 as the International
Day of Friendship?

• Do Ecuadorians celebrate

• What is friendship for you?

Freepik / vectorpouch

Freepik / branin

If you find just one TRUE FRIEND in your lifetime, you have been truly blessed.

Oral Communication
Present Perfect and Simple Past
Adventure Swimming Pool

Your teacher is going to read the following words a. You are going to listen to a conversation
out loud and you have to place them in the between Martin and a receptionist. While
correct space: listening imitate the sounds. Then, listen again
and complete the registration form with Martin’s
how - road - load - cow - now - allow - owl - information.
brown - boat - coat - oat - down - clown - drown
- oak - soak - goal - coal - crown - crowd - powder ADVENTURE SWIMMING POOL
coach - approach - roast - browse - toast - boast
- coast - browser - town - loud - proud - cloud - REGISTRATION FORM
out - shout - about - doubt - noun - house - soul Name: Martin
shoulder - though - although - dough - mouse
mouth - south - couch Last name:

[au] [ou]
Interested in (sport):

b. Are the sentences true or false? Circle the

correct answer.

• There are four different age groups that play

water polo.

Watch your pronunciation! Diphthong sounds True False

Diphthongs sounds are the combination of two vowel • Martin wants to join the under-14 club.
sounds. Remember the diphthongs in English are:
True False
[ei], [ai], [au], [oi], [ou]
• The under-18 water polo team trains three
times a week.

True False
epik / djvstock

• The under-18 team train on Monday and


Thursday evenings.

True False

• Water polo matches are played on Sundays.

[au] as in: mouse [ou] as in: boat True False

• You have to pay to join the water polo classes

for under-18.
Place the following list of sports in the correct True False
box: water polo - swimming - football -
basketball - tennis table - diving - sailing - golf • You need to bring a photo to register at the
swimming pool.
water sports indoor sports outdoor sports
True False

• Training for the water polo team starts this


True False


An important lesson.

True friend meaning…!

Read the following story and think about the type of • Do you have many friends?
friend you are. • Is there a special person
who you can call your best
Once there was a young girl named Jennifer who was very friendly friend?
and popular in her class. She was friends with everyone in her class. • What characteristics does a
She had so many friends at school and in her neighborhood. good friend have?

On Friendship Day, her class organized a party in which everybody • Do you celebrate friendship?
had to make presents and give them to their best friends. Jennifer
was expecting a lot of gifts from her friends on that day. However,
when the day arrived, all the presents were shared among her Read again the story and
classmates. She was the only one who didn’t receive a single present. answer the questions.
She felt terrible and cried a lot because no one thought of her as one
a. What is Friendship Day?
of their best friends.
On that day when she got home, Jennifer asked her mother: “Mom,
where can I find a true friend?” Her mother was surprised, so
Jennifer told her mom about her day at school. She cried and hugged b. According to Lily´s mother
her mom. Her mother said: what does it mean to be a
good friend?
“You cannot buy friends with a smile. If you really want true friends,
you will have to give them real time and affection. You’re a lovely girl,
but you can’t be close friends to everybody. There just isn’t enough
time for everyone, so it’s only possible to have a few true friends.
c. Why doesn’t Lily have
Most will be your classmates. Your close friends you can count on friends?
one hand”.

Value: Handling emotions d. What is the difference

between a classmate and a
true friend?

e. Who is Lily´s true friend?

f. In your personal opinion: is

it difficult to find true friends?

g. In your own words,

describe what true friendship
is for you.

Mom hugging her daughter

An email for Lily
It is essential to remember what you need to consider
when writing someone for the first time.
First, you need to greet the person you are writing to. Since Lily is a
young person like you, you can use an informal greeting.
Second, you need to know why you are writing this person an email.
Then, draft the questions you are going to ask.
Third, use an informal closing to say goodbye.

After reading Lily’s story, you decide to send her an email because
you want to share with her an experience you have had related to
friendship. In your email you must:

• Describe your experience. It can be a positive or a negative


• Say what you learned from this friendship.

• Tell Lily what you think about her experience and ask her what she
plans to do next.

• Write 50 - 60 words.




Freepik / macartur

ik /

Language Through the Arts

Spanish architecture.

Gaudi: "God's Architect"

Barcelona hosts Gaudi's Art

Antoni Gaudí i Cornet was a Spanish architect. He was born in

In groups of 5 students,
Catalonia. He got ideas from neo-Gothic art, Art Deco and Oriental prepare a presentation about
techniques. Seven of his works were declared World Heritage Sites by Gaudí´s biography and work.
the UNESCO. Some of his most popular masterpieces are: Each group should research:

1. Gaudí´s biography

2. Gaudí´s most important

works including a short

Freepik / rus.kurbanov
Freepik / vichie81

3. Choose one of Gaudí´s

works you like the most and
draw it. Present your drawing
to the class.
Sagrada Familia Cathedral Park Güell

Interesting Facts

Antoni Gaudí´s nickname was

“God´s architect” because
he built and dedicated his
masterpieces to God.
Freepik / basiczto

Flickr / gin-star

Casa Milà Casa Vicens

Flickr / Peter Hourie

Antoni Gaudí

To learn more about Gaudí´s

Freepik / frimufilms

works you can watch this

interesting video. Click here:
Casa Batlló

Oral Communication
Present Perfect and Simple Past Watch your pronunciation!
Diphthong sounds
Let´s party!
Diphthongs sounds are the
combination of two vowel sounds.
Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect and simple past Remember the diphthongs in
once in each sentence. Example: English are: [ei], [ai], [au], [oi], [ou]

Guess what? I/meet/a wonderful man. We go/to the cinema together

last night.

Guess what? I have met a wonderful man. We went to the cinema

together last night.

a. Bad news! Fernanda/just/give up/her job. Apparently, she/not like/

her boss.

Bad news! ______________________________________her boss.

b. It´s okay. I / just/ find/ my wallet. It/ be/ in my old jacket.

It´s okay. __________________________________ my old jacket.

c. I just heard. Sam/have/an accident. His car/hit/a tree. [oi] as in: boy
I just heard ____________________________________ a tree.

d. Oh, no! We /miss/ the match. It /start/ at 5.00pm. Your teacher is going to read
the following words out loud.
Oh, no! __________________________________________ at 5.00pm.
Write only the words that
contain [oi] in the box.
noise - voice - toast - boast
avoid - poison - join - coin
Role Play.
point - boil - foil - oil - joy toy
In pairs: Student A and Student B. - boy - annoy - toast - boast
- coast - employ - destroy
Situation: Pretend you are preparing a birthday party. Prepare a role - toying - soul - shoulder
play where student A calls student B on the phone to invite him/her employing - destroying
to a birthday party. annoying - loyal - royal -
voyage - annoyance - though
oyster - destroyer - although
dough - employer.


Assessment evaluativas

Achievement level - Listening

Individual activity

1 Listen to seven short recordings. For each recording you

have to choose the best picture.
Please click here:
a. What will the weather be like on the weekend?



b. What did the woman do on holiday?




c. Where´s the man´s book?

Freepik / vectorpouch




Achievement - Reading
Individual activity

2 Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Mark the correct letter A, B or C.

After opening, keep in a The hotel dining room is Summer swimming timetable
refrigerator and use within available for private parties on has changed. Please ask at
two days. Sundays. reception for details.

a. This product doesn´t need a. You cannot eat here at a. Get information about new
to be kept cool. weekends. times from the receptionist.

b. This product can last for b. Hotel guests can have b. Tell the receptionist about
two days after you open it. parties in their rooms. any change in your details.

c. This product must be put in c. It is possible to hire the c. The swimming pool is open
a refrigerator immediately. dining room. at the usual times.

Módulo pedagógico
Assessment Where¿Xxxxxxx?
are you from?

Achievement - Speaking
Individual activity

3 You are choosing a present for your friend´s fifteen-year-old birthday party. Look at
the picture below. Talk about what presents you can buy and decide which one to get.

Freepik / aleksandrbs
Flickr / myfoodie
Freepik / Dragana_Gordic

Chocolates Flowers Teddy bear

Achievement - Writing
Individual activity

4 You stayed with your friend, Frank, last weekend. Write an email to Frank. In your
email, you should: thank him for the visit, say what you enjoyed most, invite him to
stay with you. Write 35-45 words in the space provided.

I’m completing this self-evaluation based on what I learned in the module.

Self-evaluation I check the box that most applies to me

I do it very well I do it I can improve I can’t do it
somewhat well without help
Discuss Latin American traditions, family and culture.

Invite a friend on a date and to a party.

Understand and use the simple past, present perfect,

and time sequencers.
Identify diphthongs. 31
Read an email.


Freepik /
Friendship Day at School done on International Friendship Day declared by
the UN.
You have learned that the UN declared July 30
as International Friendship Day. Your English Step 2
class is going to visit other classes around your Show your artistic side. Each member of the team
school, sharing with them posters, presentations, should prepare: a poem, a song, a dance, a story,
poems, songs, and roles plays in English about the a poster, or a role play about what friends mean
importance and value a friend has. Complete the to you.
following steps:
Step 3
Step 1
With the help of your teacher and school, organize
Get in groups of 5 students. Choose a team leader. a day where each team visits different classes
Prepare a Power Point presentation where you will around school and presents their expositions,
present the results of the research that you have poems, songs, dances, and art about friendship.
Freepik / vectorpouch