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Picture 1:

Last Sunday afternoon, Afiq and his two friends went to Meragang beach. They has a
boat. “Let’s go over there!” Afiq said.

When does it takes place? How is the weather like?

It was noon time where they went out to sea, the sky turns black. “ Hassan, look at the
cloud it seem it is going to rain”. “ Yes, let us row quickly to shore,” reply Hassan. They
rowed as fast as they could.

Picture 2:

What happen?

Suddenly there was a strong wind which cause the sea wave to become rough. They
boat move up and down as the strong wave pass by.

How did they felt at that moment??

Afiq and his two friends felt very scared and they screamed. They hug each other and
pray for safety.

Picture 3:

What happen in Picture 3?

Their boat turned over and all three felt into the water. They were really scared and

What happen to them?

Two boys held tide to the boat while Afiq climbed up the boat. They were in the water
for nearly half an hour. Afiq screamed for help. “ Help! Help! Save us!”
Picture 4:

How was it solve?

Not long after that a fishermen boat passed by and say the three boys. Quickly the
fisherman and his friend helped the three boys get up to their boat. They were glad that
someone came to the rescue

Picture 5:

Then what happen?

Afiq and his friends were quickly taken to the nearest clinic and were given treatment.
Luckily they are not hurt badly and survive from drowning. They felt happy and relieved
and thank the fisherman.

Picture 6:

And what have they learned from the disaster?

The boys promised themselves not to go out to see again without parents or adult
assistance. They felt very lucky they are still alive.