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Republika ng Pipnas Kegawaran ng Pansnala Kawaninan ng Rentss Intemas Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld At Source IR Form No, 2307 ‘Septomber 2005 (ENCS) oo From 2182018 _| cuwooww 0 oons018 | wor Teower ‘sertfeston Number Dor sieae-e08 Peyees Name GEOSOLID AGGREGATES INC [Tat ae, Fs Name, Wiss Name for nhidual) (Registsred Name or Nom pavaual) Registered Aderess__[STALUCIA ANGAT BULAGAN 3012 lea zip code Js Fersign Across ss zp cove Je Taxpayer leerfesten tuber Dees. Ir Payers Name ‘CAVDEAL - CAVITE IDEAL INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (LastName, Fret lame, Wil Nama or evs) (Regitared Nama Tor Narneivavaey = Rociteros Adcrese ‘GOVERNORS DRIVE, BRGY. GREGORIO, TRECE MARTIREZ CITY, CAVITE lea ze coae [4109 [FART Details of Wont come Payments and Tax Witibed forthe Guarler "AMOUNT OF INCOME PAYHENTS: Income Payments Subject to Expanded Ta Manisa "ad Moho Seaton Tax vntneld For the Quarter "isang a trecuwtr_|_feciare | _teaurtr ramen ae aS TOR RIE] ae : Tae |corporations to their localfresident ae —— Sanaa ” separ or cose a Teron ‘eran | Toney Payments Subject to Witolding ‘of Business Tax (Goverment & ria) frott Ve dec, under Top. al Ws carteate Pas Hoon made W gooe o, ye, andto Be best olny awa andbolel tus ra caTece pursuant wo me provi ne Noten sayal Revenue Cade, as emendod, and he regaton issued under autrty terest, jaws 222.901.906-000, ACCOUNTING STAFF PaarPanre aia Tax haart oy Tar oaion oF Sano *) ‘Tagen Rozeiaon Ne Rata appicaey Date of sane Dae TER Jcontorme: 7 ‘FajeniPayen's Auhoraod Reproveriavelsceeated Yar Agent Ta Spay TRF SET SAAT Dae SE "Snatre Over Preted Name) ‘Tax gant ASSoTiaon No TAarbo7s Ral No, (apes) Dana ase Dae rE [SE RFPROSSST (PRESTO)

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