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Do we want to spend our next 50 years in the same way as we have spent our last 50

years? Are we catapulting to provide better future to our children a future where we
breathe in hunger less country. Can we expect the rise of our nation without the rise of
the children of our country……?

If answers of all the above questions are NO then I want to present some of
my views to my friends which could be an eye opener for us about the dead lock situation
of programs for the welfare of the poor children run by the government of India. We are
the nation with population exceeding almost 10 billion however this huge population is
the victim of such a crematorium where everyone is the viewer of burning bodies and
waiting for their turn to burn into the fire of hunger and suffering.

On one hand we celebrate women’s day spent millions of rupees on wishing

cards greetings, in promotions of seminars, advertisings and many other things and on the
other hand how shameful is the figure that 30% of babies in India are born underweight
which is the result of under nutrition of women……..from this disease not only the
mothers of our country have to suffer but it has gripped the population of all over the
world. 27% of population is strongly affected from all over the world.

On one hand we have a huge community of such people who are overweight
and are suffering through obesity and on the other hand we have 43% of our child
population underweight this figure means that every second child in the country is
suffering from this problem. I was stunned to hear the fact that approx 50% of children
died before reaching to even their teenage due to malnutrition, 50% of worlds hungry
people are in India…….I questioned to God for having blood in my veins the moment I
got to know that 70% of the children of my country are suffering from anemia which is
such a disease caused due to insufficiency of blood perhaps these rising global food
prices are also the matter concern as increasing global food prices whamming to the risk
of becoming 1.5 million children malnourished.

Currently the situation is that food grain harvest during 2008-09 estimated to
be 228 million metric tonnes and the required estimate for the national population would
be exceeding up to 250 million metric tonne by 2015 the question is from where we
would be compensating this amount with decreasing agriculture growth staggering
between 3 to 4% and seems to be at dead end moreover situation getting worse with the
reduction in food subsidies also.

Why don’t we understand that yes children do not account for 100%
population of our country but they definitely account for 100% future of our country. We
need to think and act severely on such parameters and if we are still eating our food
peacefully leaving children and mothers of our country shouting and crying with
sufferings of pain and hunger then I want to conclude my topic with only a single
question that than ARE WE STILL HUMAN?