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Author : Ariel S. Tabag ( August 16,1978 Sta. Teresita Cagayan )

Characters : Dante- Nanang’s son and Renato’s nephew

Uncle Renato- Dante’s uncle who commits suicide

Magdalena- Wife of uncle ato

Nanang- Dante’s Mother

Boying- Dante’s friend who always late like him

Uncle Mulong- No read No write

Uncle Ceferino- Abducted by the NPA

Lilong Martin- Man who does circumcision

CAFGU- The bald man

Summary : This story starts when Dante and his mother Nanang go back to their old house to find his
certificates for being best in math in elementary and high school but instead of certificate, they saw a
voice tape owned by his uncle Ato. He still remember the things happened to his uncle. By the time,
his uncle decided to get married until they build a small house for his family. They live with a simple
life until his wife decided to go to Abu Dhabi to work.

Settings : At the place of the author in Sta. Teresita Cagayan

Plot : Introduction : Dante and his mother Nanang has gone back to their old house to get his
certificates for being best at Mathematics.

Rising Action : They saw a voice tape owned by his Uncle Ato and he remembered everything about
his uncle.

Climax: Uncle Ato died after being hit by a bus near Dante''s school.

Falling Action :Dante's friend told him that his uncle intentionally jump within the running bus. He
thought about the reason why would his uncle do that.

Resolution: Since Dante reach his right age, his mother let him hear what's in the voice tape. He had
knew that his uncle did suicide because his wife was maltreated abroad and he didn't have anything
to do about the situation.

Symbolism : Voice Tape is used to be the main instrument to delivered well the story and to know
what is the real reason why uncle ato commit suicide.

Plot Type : Flashback Technique

POV : First person