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BUDGET OF School Sto.

Nino Integrated School Grade Level 11

Teacher Carlito J. Sagocsoc, Jr. Learning Area General Mathematics
Teaching Dates and Time Quarter 1st Quarter

Content Content Standards Performance Standards Learning Competencies Code Materials/Activities No. of
Functions and The learner demonstrates The learner is able to … 1. represents real-life situations using functions, M11GM-Ia-1 1
Their Graphs understanding of … including piece-wise functions
2. evaluates a function. M11GM-Ia-2 1
key concepts of accurately construct 3. performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, M11GM-Ia-3 1
functions. mathematical models to division, and composition of functions
represent real-life 4. solves problems involving functions. M11GM-Ia-4 1
situations using
key concepts of rational accurately formulate and 5. represents real-life situations using rational M11GM-Ib-1 1
functions. solve real-life problems functions.
involving rational functions. 6. distinguishes rational function, rational equation, M11GM-Ib-2 1
and rational inequality.
7. solves rational equations and inequalities. M11GM-Ib-3 1
8. represents a rational function through its: (a) table M11GM-Ib-4 1
of values, (b) graph, and (c) equation.  Books
9. finds the domain and range of a rational function. M11GM-Ib-5  Video 1
10. determines the: (a) intercepts(b) zeroes; and(c) M11GM-Ic-1 Presentation 1
asymptotes of rational functions  Handouts
11. graphs rational functions. M11GM-Ic-2  PowerPoint 1
12. solves problems involving rational functions, M11GM-Ic-3.  Evaluation 1
equations, and inequalities.  Assessment
key concepts of inverse 1. represents real-life situations using M11GM-Id-1 1
functions, exponential one-to one functions.
functions, and logarithmic 2. determines the inverse of a one-to-one function. M11GM-Id-2 1
functions. 3. represents an inverse function through its: (a) M11GM-Id-3 1
table of values, and (b) graph.
4. finds the domain and range of an inverse function. M11GM-Id-4 1
5. graphs inverse functions. M11GM-Ie-1 1
6. solves problems involving inverse functions. M11GM-Ie-2 1
7. represents real-life situations using exponential M11GM-Ie-3 1
8. distinguishes between exponential function, . M11GM-Ie-4 1
exponential quation, and exponential inequality
9. solves exponential equations and inequalities. M11GM-Ie-f-1 1
10. represents an exponential function through its: M11GM-If-2 1
(a) tableof values, (b) graph, and (c) equation.
11. finds the domain and range of an exponential M11GM-If-3 1
12. determines the intercepts, zeroes, and M11GM-If-4 1
asymptotes of an exponential function.
13. graphs exponential functions. M11GM-Ig-1 4
14. solves problems involving exponential functions, M8AL-Ij-2 1
equations, and inequalities.
15. represents real-life situations using logarithmic M11GM-Ih-1 1
16. distinguishes logarithmic function, logarithmic M11GM-Ih-2 1
equation, and logarithmic inequality.
17. illustrates the laws of logarithms. M11GM-Ih-3 1
18. solves logarithmic equations and inequalities. M11GM-Ih-i-1 1
19. represents a logarithmic function through its: (a) M11GM-Ii-2 1
table of values, (b) graph, and (c) equation.
20. finds the domain and range of a logarithmic M11GM-Ii-3 1
21. determines the intercepts, zeroes, and M11GM-Ii-4 1
asymptotes of logarithmic functions.
22. graphs logarithmic functions. M11GM-Ij-1 1
23. solves problems involving logarithmic functions, M11GM-Ij-2 1
equations, and inequalities.