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let Albayalde is not yet off Atbavalde. who took over the PNP in
ADril 2b18. was sel. to retire by Nov. 8 Qr)
the hook, Senate Minority hrit announced his immediate resigna-
him off the hook; Leader Franklin Drilon said' tion Mondav at the flag ceremonY in
Monday. Camp Crame, his last daYs in office
. Gambon is OtC taint€d bY conffoversy.
"His continued stay as PNP chiefhas In an exclusive interview with ABS-
become untenable. His resignation ahead CBN News, AlbaYalde said'stepPing
By Macon Ramos-Araneta, of his mandatory retiremen! however, down was the "best decision"'to protect
Orlan L. Mauriciq Francisco will not in any way clear him fiom his Next Page
Tuyay and MaricelV. Cruz liabiliry, both administratively or crimi-
nally', in conaection with the Pampanga
N€lr )oAA€ pa .. -+
ESPITE his ninja cops issue," Drilon iaid, referring to
allegations that Albayalde intervened io
resignation, stop the dismissal of 13 ofhis policemen
Philippine l
accused of keeping 160 kilos of shabu
National Police chief Oscar from a drug raid for resale.
the adminisration had a habit ofrecycling of- 'After careful thought and deiiberation, I
PNP... hcials who had disgraced themselves, instead ha\€ come to the decision to reli4quish my
Frcn A7 of goiog after them for corruption or negli- post as cbief. P\lP effecrive today and go on a
gence. non-dur] status,' Albayalde said i0 hjs resig-
the He said Albayalde and the rest should be
the momie of the police force, giveo nation statement. "I have submitted my letter
circumstances." chargdd for the very least enriching them- of itrtetrt to Secretary [Eduardo] Aflo I 'hich
Senator Christoph€r Go, a close aide to selves using their govemment office he accepted and favorably endorsed to the
President Rodrigo Duterte, saidthe ChiefEx- Instead of combatting illegal dmgs, this President."
ecutive had wanted Albayalde to go oDt€rmi adminisfation has acted in the opposite di- In a brief speech, Albayalde denied the al-
nal leave afterhe was linked to the nilja cops. rection and coddled the co$upt and those legaLronc made against bLot.
It coutrtered a stalemeDt made by Presider- linked to the drug fiade. he said' Affo said Albayalde suffered "emotional
tial Spokesman Salvador Panelo, who told the SeDator Richard Gordon, who led Senate distress" followiBg the series ofSenate hear-
ABS-CBN News Channel the Palace did not hearings into police co..uption, said the find-ings into the coBtroversies, making it diificult
presswe the police chiefto step dowD. ings and recommendations of his committee for him to cotrcentrate on the job.
"l do lot think so. I have not heard ofany- would be released Wednesday. "What is good for the organizatio! and
thing leadirg or l€aning to drat," Panelo if
Asked the committee would recom- he wanted to spare th€ President and the or-
:.ANC on Monday. mend criminal charges against Albayalde,. ganization ftom all these controversies, so he
"Perhaps he has had enough of the aacu- Baloyo and his !]eo, Gordon said: "We will opted and as a getrtleman to vacat€ the post,"
satiotrs, itrIluendos, about his involvement probe fu her on the whereabouts of the Aflo said.
the drug case, given that his family is suffer- missing shabu because it is a se.ious threat Lt. Gen. Archie Francisco Gamboa, the
ing ftorn according to him, ufair and false to our peace and order; atrd we will definite No. 2 man in the PNP hierarchy took over as
,allegations agaiNt him," headded. make a recommendation to the ODbuds- acting PNP chiefuntil the Presidetrt appoints
Drilon was among the first to call for Al- man on the criminal liabilities who ever a rellacement for Albayalde.
bayalde's resignation 'ito save the PNP ftom they are." Go said the President aad Affo talked Sat-
embarrassment." In his testimotry before the SeDate, former urday about Albayalde's fate.
He also Eaid Albayalde might have had a Central Luzon police director Rudy Lacadin Go declined to say if Albayalde's alleged
band in tbe dnja cops coler-up. said Albayalde bad cdled him to inquire on involvement in the recycling ofillegal drugs
'Albayalde's cotrtitrued defensg aad his 'the status ofthe ninja cops case and report- and switchilg of .arrested drug suspects
failure to condemn the agts, of Major Rild- edly told him he only got a small cut from l
caused damage to the PNP. "If say yes, 'it
ney Baloyo, and his men, ir the face bf the tleir oFeration. would meaq that I am saying he is guiltyi' he
evideoce indicated conpliciry in,the cddinal .Earlier, Philippine- Drug ,.naforcement said.
cooduct ofhis men," Drilon said. Agercy bhief Aaron Aquino also testified Aio, who also serves as chief of the Na-
The SeDate Blue Ribboo and justice com- I that whsD he was still regional chief for Cen- tional Police Commission, ,said the develop-
miftees leamed of the:so-called ninja cops - tral Luzon, Albayalde called;him up and ments in the Senate invesdgation on the niBja
from restimony by former police ofhcials askedhim n9t to carD/ ourtbe dismissal order cops has "somehow affected' molale in the
who said Baloyo and his men conducted aagaiost the 13 ninja cops. saying they were 190,000-strong poiice force.
drug mid itr Mgxico;?ampaoga, in 2013, but his meo. Meanwhile, Dasmariias City Rep. Elpidio
tumed over only 38 kilds ofthe 200 Albayalde's resignation comes days afler F. Bazaga Jr. said Albayalde is still consid-
shabu that was cotrfisca6d. two former pollce officials implicated him ered iDnocent despite the statemetrts of his
In light of these controver'sies,Ddlon in a 2013 raid in which officers in a province detractors who have practicaUy convicted
urged a stricter vetting procedue for PNP near Manila allegedly seized and then sold him in the court ofpublic opinion.
officers. parts ofa laxge methamphetamine haul. "lt is easyto cast aspe$ioDs on people, es-
Senator Parlilo Lacson, a former police One former official alleged Albayalde pro: pecialiy those ia public seNice and the higher
chiet said he has mixed feeiings about the tected the officers ftom discipline, while the their posilionc are lbe more sarisfying it is
wayAlbayalde 1,4 other claimed he received money from the to destroy them. "But is this falr?" Barzaga
abruptly eDded his service less tha -r four drug sale. said, saying there should be a constitutional
weeks before his compulsory retiremetrt. AlbaFlde, then the province commander, presumption of imocense.
Being a graduate ofthe Philippire Military has vehernently denied aay wrongdoing. Muntinlupa Rep. Rozzano Rufino Biazon
Academy like Albayalde, Lacson said he felt "I thank President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for said he believes Albayalde did the right thing
sad whenever a fellow giaduates slug it oqt his tmst and confidence," Albayalde said in a for the PNP by resigning to insulate the or-
publicly over issue thathitthe very core ofthe message a::nouncing his departure, which is gadzation from the controve$y
cadet honor system. effective immediately. But party-list Rep. France Castro ofthe left
On{he other hand, Lacson praised Baguio Though the issue has been bubbling for leaning ACT Teachers said the simple resig-
Cify Mayor Benjamin Magalong and rctired weeks in Senate hearings, Duterte has re- nation ofAlbayalde is not enough and that he
getreml Manuel Gaerlan and other who testi- mained large$ silent otr the matt€r. should still be held liable for his actions and
hed in the committeehearings for spillingthe He had pledged to root out deep-seated involvement in the ninja cops case.
beans on Baloyo and his men-and Albaty- comrption in the Philippines' police but has Castro added tbat Albayaldes resigrration
alde's involvement. repeatedly expressed frustration and anger will trot absolve him fiom the possible account-
Senator Francis Pangilinan, however, said with the extent of the problem. abiiity in the jight ofthe ninja cops case.

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