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Article XVIII Section 9 The SPG / SSG ,through the Treasurer and the Auditor, shall promulgate

financial guidelines for proper financial management.

Section 10 At the end of every activity, the SPG / SSG shall liquidate expenses before
Section 1 All receipts of moneys from all sources shall be evidenced by acknowledgement
another disbursement. Without this, succeeding bank withdrawals shall not be
authorized .Funds on the SPG / SSG shall be audited at the end of the term of
Section 2 A monthly report on the receipts and/ or collections made duly signed by the the SPG / SSG and at the end of every activity.
Treasurer and the President, and noted by the SPG / SSG Adviser shall be
Section 11 Financial statements shall be posted in the SPG / SSG Bulletin Board every
posted on the SPG / SSG bulletin board and be submitted to the school head.
month, printed in every issue of the School Paper and, the School Head must
Section 3 The SPG / SSG shall deposit all funds received collected and shall maintain be furnished with a copy.
banking connection for the regular deposit and savings account of the SPG /
Article XIX
Impeachment, Resignation and Vacancies
Section 4 The organization may accept cash donation from any member or any private or
public person institution, as long as it will not affect or compromise the integrity Section 1 The officers of the SPG / SSG may be impeach on the following grounds:
of the SPG / SSG.
1.1 Culpable violations of the Constitution and By-Laws;
Section 5 The SPG / SSG may undertake fund-raising activities to subsidize its projects 1.2 Gross misconduct, violation to person in authority, negligence, and
and activities as long as it will not affect or compromise the integrity of the SPG disloyalty to the cause of the SPG / SSG and the school;
/ SSG. 1.3 Non-attendance in both regular and special meetings for three (3) times
without valid cause; and,
Section 6 The SPG / SSG shall enjoy the freedom to determine its priories in the
1.4 Abuse or misuse of power and authority.
disbursement of its fund, provided that is shall be actually, directly, and
exclusively used to support and/ or finance SPG / SSG programs, projects and Section 2 Two-third (2/3) vote of the General Assembly shall be necessary to decide after
activities. hearing a case of impeachment
Section 7 All disbursement and bank withdrawals shall be made in accordance with the Section 3 The decision of the General Assembly shall be final. However, the officer
programs, projects, and activities of the SPG / SSG embodied in the yearly charged shall be informed twenty (20) days prior to his/her impeachment case
action plan endorsed by SPG / SSG adviser and duly approved by school head. proceedings, of the charge/charges against him/her, to afford him/her the
opportunity to be heard with or without a counseling his/her defense.
Section 8 The SPG / SSG President and the Treasurer shall be the signatory of all fund
disbursement and bank withdrawals of the SPG / SSG. All fund disbursement Section 4 Resignation of an elected officers shall be in writing and shall take effect five
and bank withdrawals must be accompanied with an SPG / SSG resolution duly (5) days after the approval of the majority of the SPG / SSG officers.
noted by the SPG / SSG Adviser. All expenses must be supported by official
Section 5 Resignation of an elected officer shall be in writing and shall take effect
receipts. The School Head shall be provided a copy of all the resolution relative
immediately after the approval of the appointing authority.
the disbursement made.
Section 6 Any vacancy in any of the positions for the reason of death, resignation,
impeachment, shall be filled, subject to the recommendation of the SPG / SSG.
Section 7 Any vacancy in the SPG / SSG, except the position of the President, shall be nationwide with a view to make it efficient and responsive to the needs of the student, school
filled, within ten (10) school days from the day the position is rendered or and the community. The Supreme Pupil Government and the Supreme Student Government
considered vacant, by appointment of the President from among the qualified plays a significant role in implementing the programs, projects and activities and in upholding
members of the SPG / SSG. Immediately upon appointment, the the values, principles and ideals of the Department of Education.
appointee shall serve the remaining period.
Article XX
a. To help students develop passionate love of country, values, and competencies that will
Ratification of the Constitution enable them to realize their full potential and to contribute meaningfully to building the
Section 1 This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended or modified in full or in part
b. To help develop a student -friendly, safe and motivating learning environment;
once every three (3) years from its official issuance through a depED Order
c. To nurture an inclusive, service-oriented, gender-sensitive and environment conscious
Section 2 The school SPG / SSG, the Division, Regional and /or National Federations of d. To help students to develop self-confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving,
Student Governments may propose amendments. Such proposal shall be carried decision-making, and to utilize these skills in contributing towards nation building;
through a resolution duly signed and concurred in by a majority of vote the e. T0o empower the student to strive for excellence in the academics, Leadership, and
School SPG / SSG officers, the Division, Regional or National Federation social responsibility towards being proactive members of the society;
officers concerned voting separately. f. Standardize the By-Laws and constitution in the Supreme Pupil Governments and
Supreme Student Governments;
Section 3 Proposed amendment shall be transmitted to the office of the Undersecretary g. Standardize election code for the Supreme Pupil Governments and Supreme Pupil
for Regional Operations at least (1) month before holding any National Governments and Supreme Student Governments;
Conference or events organized for the purpose, where the same shall be h. Provide reference in monitoring and evaluating the performance of the Supreme Pupil
submitted consultation, discussion and deliberation. Governments and Supreme Student Governments;
Section 4 Amendments to this Constitution and By-Laws shall take effect immediately i. Harness the supreme Pupil Governments and Supreme Student Governments as
upon approval of the Secretary of the Department of Education. partners in achieving quality education and academic excellence in schools; and,
j. To make available real exposure, experience and learning in responsible and
(Enclosure No. 2 to DepEd Order No. 47, s. 2014) participative democracy in leadership.
GUIDELINESON THE ADOPTION OF THE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE 1. Effective School Year 2014-2015 and every year after, all public schools nationwide
SUPREME PUPIL GOVERNMENTS AND SUPREME STUDENT shall strictly adopt the constitution and By-Laws of Supreme Pupil Government and
GOVERNMMENTS IN ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS. supreme Student Governments in Elementary and Secondary Schools. Privates schools
Introduction may freely adopt the same as they see fit.
2. All School Heads are tasked to ensure and oversee the implementation of this DepED
The Department of Education Supreme Pupil Government and Supreme Student Order in their perspective Schools. All Division and Regional Coordination of the
Government Program seeks to organize and institutionalize the Supreme Pupil Government Supreme Pupil Government and the Supreme Student Government Program are
and Supreme Student Government in public and private elementary and secondary schools required to report compliance with this DepED Order to the Office of the
Undersecretary for Regional Operations, Department of Education Central Office 4.4 ‘Campaigning ‘means any intentional action is support of, or in
(DepED CO). opposition to, a candidate or political party for an elective position,
3. All previous DepED Orders and Memorabilia issued in regard to the Student including but not limited to the distribution of literature and posting of
Government Program inconsistent with this Order shall be considered as null and void. election specific materials.
4. These policy guidelines shall take effect immediately upon approval and shall remain 4.5 ‘Campaign materials’ means any print or electronic materials used for
enforce until repealed, amended or rescinded. the purpose of supporting a candidate or political party.Compain
material shall include, but not limited to, fliers, posters, social media
(Enclosure No. 3 to DepED No. 47, s. 2014)
posts, and clothing;
4.7 ‘Election’ refers to the annual simultaneous election of SPG / SSG
Section1 This code shall be known as [name of school] Supreme Pupil Government / officers.
Supreme Student Government Commission on Elections Standard Election 4.8 ‘Ballot’ means the printed sheet of paper or secure online database
Code which shall here in after be referred to as SPG / SSG COMELEC. containing the names of candidates.
Section 2 The SPG / SSG COMELEC shall govern all regular and special elections of 4.9 ‘Polling precinct’ refers to the station where student write and cast their
SPG/ SSG. vote.
4.10 ‘Officer-elect’ refers to a candidate who was proclaime as a winner in a
Section 3 The SPG / SSG COMELEC shall make every effort to comply and o follow the election but has not yet taken his / her oath of officer.
standards set for in this code. This shall include, but not limited to;
1.2 Adhere to the Standard SPG / SSG Standard Election Code;
3.1. The review of the rules governing standard;
1.3. Validate the electoral proceedings and result;
3.2. The adoption of rules to achieve and to maintain the maximum degree
fairness, impartially, and efficiency on the procedures of voting, 1,4 Accept or revoke candidacy;
including write-in voting, counting, tabulating, and recording of votes 1.5 Proclaim the new set of officers;
by voting system used in SPG/SSG elections. 1.6 Keep all pertinent election papers / documents;
Section 4 For the purposes of this code, the following words and phrases used shall have 1.7 Decide on protests relative to the conduct and results of elections;
the meaning as ascribed to them in this section: 1.8 Prepare and distribute the necessary election paraphernalia, certificate
of candidacy forms, and other election related material before, during,
4.1 “SPG / SSG COMELEC’’ refers to Supreme Pupil Government / and after the election; and,
Supreme Student Government Commission on Elections 1.9 Disqualify candidates who have violated any of the guidelines, which
4.2 “Candidates’’ refers to a student whose application for candidacy to an have been promulgated.
elective position was eligible and qualified to his or her name placed on
ballot and duly approved by the SPG / SSG COMELEC. Section 2 The Commission on Elections may create additional rules and guidelines, by a
4.3 “Election calendar’’ refers to the period of time from dissemination of majority vote at SPG / SSG COMELEC meeting, to ensure a fair and efficient
information to the induction of newly elected officers. election, provided that any and all rules must complete the rule making process
by no later than one week prior to the start of the election cycle. Any rule created
by the SPG / SSG COMELEC must comply and be consistent with SPG / SSG Section 3 The composition of the member in the SSG COMELEC chair shall faithully
By-Laws and Constitution. excecute the duties and responsibilities as designated in the SPG / SSG
COMELEC Standard Election Code and other duties that are deemed necessary
Section 3 At least ten (10) days prior to enacting any rule, the SPG / SSG shall be post a
to the proper conduct of an election
Noticed of Proposed Rulemaking in the SPG / SSG COMELEC shall ensure
that any Noticed of the Proposed rulemaking; Section 4 In the event of a vacancy in the office of the SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair, a
new Chair shall be chosen in pursuant to Section 1.
3.1. General subject matter of the proposed rulemaking;
Section 5 the SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair shall conduct a meeting immediately
3.2. The place of meeting to collect information about the proposed
preceding the first day of elections. The purpose of this meeting shall be to
area of rule making. inform all student wishing to participate in the upcoming elections of the rules,
procedures, and proper conduct required during the election cycle as stated in
3.3. The time of meeting and that any student is welcome to offer comment the SPG / SSG COMELEC Standard Election Code.
on the general subject matter.
Section 6 The SPG/ SSG COMELEC Chair shall be responsible for receiving the
Section 4 The SPG / SSG Chair shall ensure that any student who wishes to offer qualifying papers and documents of the candidates.
information to the SPG / SSG COMELEC shall be given the opportunity to do
so. Section 7 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair may grant a preliminary order that a politic
party or candidate cease and desist from the distribution of campaign material
Section 5 If the SPG / SSG COMELEC enact any rule, the enacted rule must conform where the SPG / SSG COMELEC deems that a prepoderance of available
exactly to the proposed rule. evidence leads to a conclusion that;
Section 6 If a rule takes effect during an election, SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair provide 7.1 There is a strong likelihood of a violation on a complaint brought by the
notice to all parties and to all independent candidates of the newly promulgated offended party; and
7.2 Where the material is so offensive that it may irreparably harm the
Section 7 The SPG / SSG COMELEC shall have the power to penalize violations or any offended party or candidate.
other rules properly promulgated by the SPG / SSG COMELEC.
Section 8 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair shall distribute all information concerning
Article V the SPG / SSG COMELEC Standard Election Code which includes but not
Composition, Qualification , Term of Office, and Vacancies of the SPG / SSG limeted to the required ducoments, deadlines, campaign rules, and campaign

Section 1 The composition of the members in the SPG COMELEC shall be three (3) from Section 9 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair shall be responsible for the preperation of
Grade 4 and Grade , and four (4) from Grade 6. the ballot.

Section 2 The officers of the SPG COMELEC are the duly elected SPG COMELEC Section 10 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chairshall ensure thet all candidates for a given
Chair, Co-Chair and board members. office are listed in alphabetical order within party groups on the ballot. For the
purpose of listing candidates , all independent candidates shall be grouped
together in alphabetical order as if they were a party.
Section 11 In the event that a polling location becomes unavailable due an event or 2.2. With good character and reputation in the school or cummunity;
circumtance ouutside the control of the election staff, the SPG / SSg
2.3. Must be non-partisan, and shall not hold nor held any position as an
COMELEC Chair, at his or her discretion, may add or change a pollihg location
adviser of SPG / SSG;
to the nearest available building so long as it is properly noticed at the original
polling location.
Section 12 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair shall provide the poll workers with written
instructions on how to assist students with disabilities. The instructions shall
read as follows. ‘Students with sight, vision or physical impairments may
request a componion or poll worker to read and mark their ballot. You are to
help any students to requests this service.’
Section 13 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair Shall announce the election results no earlier
than one (1) hour after the closing of polls.
Section 14 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair Shall ensure all ballots are stored until all
complaints are resolved.
SPG / SSG COMELEC Co-Chair and Board Members
Section 15 The SSG/ SPG COMELEC Chair Shall appoint a Co-Chairperson and Board
Members prior to the general election. The Co-Chairperson and Board
Members’ term shall end in conjunction with the expiration of the natural term
of the SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair.
Section 16 The SSG / SPG COMELEC Co- Chairperson and board members shall asists
the SPG / SSG Chair in the performance of his or her duties during the elections.
Article VII
Section 1 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Chair shall endorse an adviser to the school head
/ principal prior to the general election. Adviser’s term shall end in
conjunction with the expiration of the natural term of the SPG / SSG
COMELEC Officers.
Section 2 The SPG / SSG COMELEC Adviser shall have the following qualifications.
2.1. Have an experience in organizational management;