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Entrepreneur Vs Intrapreneur

Topic Entrepreneur Intrapreneur

Meaning Entrepreneur refers to a Intrapreneur refers to an
person who set up his own employee of the
business with a new idea or organization who is in
concept. charge of undertaking
innovations in good,
service, process etc.
Approach Intuitive Restorative
Resources Uses own resources. Use resources provided by
the company.
Capital Raised by him. Financed by the company.
Enterprise Newly established An existing one
Dependency Independent Dependent
Risk Borne by the entrepreneur Taken by the company.
Works for Creating a leading position Change and renew the
in the market. existing organizational
system and culture.
On the contrary, an
intrapreneur operates from
An entrepreneur operates within the organisation
Operation from out-side. itself.
Core objective To innovate something To increase competitive
new of socio economic strength and market
value. sustainability of the
Status Free and sovereign person Organizational employee
doesn’t bother with status. expecting freedom in
Failure and mistakes Recognizes mistake and Keeps risky projects secret
failures so as to take new unless it is prepared due to
innovative efforts. high concern for failure
and mistakes.
Decisions Independent decisions to Collaborative decisions to
execute dreams. execute dreams.
Whom serves Customers and Organization and
entrepreneur himself. intrapreneur himself.
Family heritage Professional or small May not have or a little
business family heritage. professional post.
Relationship with Basic relationship based on Authority structure
others interaction and negotiation. delineates the relation.
Time orientation There is no time bound. Self-imposed or
organizationally stipulated
time limits.
Focus of attention Increasing sales and Technology and market.
sustaining competition.
Attitude towards Strong commitment to self- Strong self-confidence and
destiny initiated efforts and goals. hope for achieving goals.