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Bianca Marie M.

Cabrera 12-Rutherford

The Fishermen
by Ang Kiukok

What materials are used in the artwork?

The artwork used oil paint on canvas.

What is the subject?

Three figures pulling the diagonal lines of a net straining
with the harvest of fish as the red disc of a sun hovers above
them, it spells out the surname of the master. “Fishermen” is a
modern-day letras y figuras. “

What elements of visual arts are very dominant in the artwork?

All elements are actually visible in the artwork. SInce the
masterpiece is a cubist painting, shapes are dominant in these
artwork. The colors also symbolize and intensifies parts of the

Do you like the artwork?

Yes, the artwork is really interesting to me. Every single
detail in the art may symbolize something. It a unique piece of
art and that is the reason why it one of the most expensive and
famous painting in the Philippines.

How do you compare the artwork to other artworks?

The artist’s appropriation of geometrical shapes to portray
the fishermen, their figures absent of features or defining marks,
inspires movement within the painting.
Bianca Marie M. Cabrera 12-Rutherford

Sarimanok Series
by Abdulmari Imao

What lines are used by the artist?

The artist used ukil which is the flowing, curvilinear form
used as decorative motif in the South of the Philippines. Lines
with varying thickness, smoothness, bold curves, straight and
pointed lines also highlights the visual of the artwork.

How many colors are present in his artwork?

He used a variety of bright solid colors which slightly
resembles the colors of a rainbow.

How many shapes are shown?

Because of the different lines, several shapes and
patterns are shown, approximately 10 diverse shapes.

What can you say about the artist work?

This Sarimanok artwork is a unique piece of art which
emphasizes the Philippine's culture way different from the
Southeast Asian cultures. Imao's soaring vision of the
Sarimanok rainbow is a translation of our indigenous forms into
contemporary imagery.