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ETAGECS001 Abhitha K.M

ETAGECS002 Aneesh P N
ETAGECS003 Anju Thomas
ETAGECS004 Anju Vincent
ETAGECS005 Ardra Thampi
ETAGECS006 Arun Rushdie
ETAGECS007 Ashith Krishnan
ETAGECS008 Aswathy Anand
ETAGECS009 Bipin P Gopal
ETAGECS010 Bristow Thankanchan
ETAGECS011 Deepak M R
ETAGECS012 Deepthi Antony
ETAGECS013 Denny Jose
ETAGECS014 Finoob M K
ETAGECS015 George Joy
ETAGECS016 Ihsan Ali
ETAGECS017 Jaffar Ali
ETAGECS018 Jaslina K K
ETAGECS019 Jerry Mathews
ETAGECS020 Jinny Thomas
ETAGECS021 Joona Theresa Johny
ETAGECS022 K Devidas
ETAGECS023 Krishnendu T
ETAGECS024 Lajish Lakshmanan
ETAGECS025 Leslie Sebastian
ETAGECS026 Lisha P K
ETAGECS027 Mathew Kallarakkal
ETAGECS028 Mathew M Visacanthara
ETAGECS029 Merlin Varghese
ETAGECS030 Midhun P
ETAGECS031 Mohammed Rishal
ETAGECS032 Nabeel K C
ETAGECS033 Neetha Azeez
ETAGECS034 Nifana Kabeer
ETAGECS035 Ishaqu Ali
ETAGECS036 Priyanka S
ETAGECS037 Rahul P E
ETAGECS038 Rahul R
ETAGECS039 Ramakrishnan N K
ETAGECS040 Ranjith Babu
ETAGECS041 Reeja Mary
ETAGECS042 Remya R Nair
ETAGECS043 Rogen Abraham
ETAGECS044 Rohith Rajesh
ETAGECS045 Sailesh P R

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ETAGECS046 Saranya U
ETAGECS048 Sethu S
ETAGECS049 Sreejith K
ETAGECS050 Sunija S
ETAGECS051 Tony Thomas
ETAGECS052 Vedesh Mohandas
ETAGECS053 Vijin C P
ETAGECS054 Vimal Raj K
ETAGECS055 Vinu Jose
ETAGECS056 Vishnu K M
ETAGECS057 Vivek R
ETAGECS058 Vyshakh Krishnan
ETAGECS059 Priya S
ETAGECS060 Soumya P Shankar
ETAGECS061 Silpa S
ETAGECS062 Kavitha K R
ETAGECS063 Manju Unni
ETAGECS064 Noushad Tottiyil
ETAGECS065 Regin kumar
ETAGECS066 Rigi George
ETAGECS067 Shibu K P
ETAGECS068 Shaheen P P

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Trustworthy voting : From machine to system

Iris Recognition
Co- Writing Fast File System
Data Deduplication Disk based Network Backup System
Google Wave
CadiaPlayer: A simulation based general game player
Autonomic computing
Video stegnography in FLV
Cloud computing Open Architecture
Blue Gene Supercomputing Architecture
Multi layer cyber attack detection through honeynet
A Broadband Wireless Communication System
Two layered access control for storage area network
A survey of botnet and botnet detection
Sympathetic Haptics
Realistic electronic books
Network worm vaccination architecture
Virtual keyboard
Silent Speech Interfaces
Digital forensics: bloom filters in MD5 hashing
Revesible data hiding
Human Area Networks
PUCS: Personal Unified Communications over Heterogenous Wireless Networks
Crime Pattern Detection Using Data Mining
XML Security In the Next Generation Optical Disk
Quantum Cryptography
The Universal Handset
A Novel 3D Graphical Password Schema
Wireless Vehicular Identification and Authentication System

IP Spoofed Denial of Service

Online Scanning of Virus in Routers
Semantic Deep Web
Mobile Access to MPEG-7 Based Multimedia Services
Ray Tracing
Advanced Data Recovery Using Part replacement and Magnetic Recovery
Combinatorial Software Testing
Client-Side Attacks and Protection Mechanisms in Internet Banking
Compressed Pattern Matching in DNA Sequences
Flow Routing
Millipede memory Technology

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Rover Technology
General Purpose Computing on Graphics Hardware
Application of AI in Anti-Virus System
Computing with Proteins
Visual Cryptography
Slicing Distributed Systems
Virus Scan System based on hardware Acceleration
Analysis of Software Aging in a Web Server
IPv6 Security Issues
Collage Steganography
Virtual Graphics For Broadcast Production
Video Based Human Interaction : 4D Touchpad
Identity Management
An Integrated WiMAX/WiFi Architecture with QoS consistency over Broadband Wireless Networks

InterPlaNetary Internet
Artificial Passenger
Volunteer Computing Using BOINC
ZigBee Protocol Stack
Robust Face Recognition Using Posterior Union Model Based Neural Networks
Ext4 FileSystem
Traffic Control in Linux Kernel

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