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You can display posted or archived documents.


You have posted or archived a document.


When you change or display a document, the first screen you see is an overview screen containing
the most important information from the document header and the line items. For more information,
see Document Overview.


Display Document

1. From the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Accounting Financial Accounting General
Ledger or Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable Document Display.

The Display Document: Initial Screen appears.

2. To display a specific document, enter the following data:

o Document number

o Company code

o Fiscal year
The system specifies that the document number is the number from the document processed last.
The default company code is the company code that you used last. If you work with year-related
document numbers, the system also defaults a fiscal year (in accordance with your system settings).

Finding a Document

If you do not know the document number, proceed as follows:

1. Choose Document List.

The Document List screen appears.

2. Enter the company code, fiscal year, document type, posting date or document entry date, reference
number, and so on as selection parameters.

You can also display noted items or search for your own documents. Select the appropriate fields
under Also Display Noted Items or Search for Own Documents.

3. To determine the document number, choose Program Execute.

A list is displayed.

4. To select the required document from the list, select a document and choose Edit Choose.

The system displays the document overview first. To see the details of a line item, position the
cursor on the relevant line item and select it.

Displaying Bank Details Used

The bank details of the business partner used for the payment are displayed on the one-time
account additional screen and saved in the payment run in the one-time account data for the
clearing item.

The function is only available for those clearing items of a document created by the payment
program SAPF110S.
The bank details saved in the one-time account data are deleted from the document when you reset

You have to activate this function in Customizing at company code level.

Additional Functions

From the document display, you can create an adjustment posting request, that is, a request to
change a document, via the Intranet. To do so, choose Extras Adjustment Request.

An Intranet window appears. Complete the form and then send it. The system determines the
accounting clerk responsible for processing the request automatically.

For more information, see Request for Adjustment Posting via Intranet.