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Kuehne Family YMCA - YMCA Safe Visit o

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Merna To.: All Munitured UV-Famili

From: Safe Visit Staff
~ () t .~
Regarding: Huliday Plans .
Date: 11-14.07

The huliday seasun is fast appruaching. It is impurtant that yuu review yuur parenting
plans to.determine who. is Parent A and Parent B so. schedules can be uutlined. If yuu
fulluw Shawnee Cuunty Guidelines fur parenting time (must families du), the typical
parenting time is as fulluws:

Thanksgiving is from Wednesday until Friday with parent B in even years and with
parent A during odd years. The parent who does not have the child on
Thanksgiving shall have the child for the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Christmas is divided into 3 parts:

I. Pre-Christmas is from the day school is dismissed until noon on Christmas
Day with parent B in even numbered years and with parent A in odd
numbered years.
2. Christmas is from noon on Christmas Day until December 30 with parent A
on even numbered years and with parent B on odd numbered years.
3. New Years is from December 30 to the eve before school resumes with parent
A in even numbered years and with parent B in odd numbered years.
This is 2007; a udd number year. Remember, if there is a cunflict between the weekend
and a huliday schedule, the huliday schedule uverrides.

Safe Visit is availabl~'tu, assist all parties with schedules. The center willl5e upen un the
fulluwing days to.aceummudate exchanges fur the hulidays:

Wednesday the day befure Thanksgiving-drop uff at 4:45pm pick up at 5pm; the late drup
uff and pick up time is also. available 8pm drup uff and 8: 15pm pick up.
Thursday-Thanksgiving Day- the center is clused
Friday the day after Thanksgiving- drop uff at 5:45pm pick up at 6pm; the late drup uff is
7:30pm and pick up is 7:45pm '-
The center is upen regular huurs un the weekend.

Fur the Christmas huliday-the center is clused un Christmas Day and New Years Eve and
New Years Day. The center is available all regular huurs fur exchanges. All exchanges
required fur Christmas Day at nuun shuuld uccur at the Law Enfurcement Center (3,d and
Kansas Ave) ur thruugh a family member at sume uther public lueatiun (All Walgreen's
are usually upen Christmas Day).

Please cunfirm yuur schedule with staff ASAP to.avuid last minute cunfusiun.

Thi.sprogramfundrd in part by grants provided by the United Way. Shawnee County. CilY Youth Servias Fund. the State Child f:.xcJumge and
\isilatWn Center Program. and 1M Federal Stote Access and \1sitation Program as administe1l'd by Kansas Anomey General and The Governor of Kansas.