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•5 jun. 2019

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A small list of things to make your pathfinder experience alot better.

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Fräulein Wunderlich Hace 2 meses

As a sidenote: there is a mod that changes the fightmode to a round base system. Like a tabletop round.


M2theAGGOT Hace 2 meses (editado)

The biggest tip of all. Avoid "Hard" and "Unfair" at all costs. The developers think that making the
same mobs have 2.5x the AC and damage rolls, makes the game "harder". They are wrong. So is
anyone who agrees with them. They could of changed the mob densities, or changed the mobs that
spawn in particular areas to higher CR mobs. Instead they just think adding blanket buffs to all the
numbers of all the mobs makes it difficult. They are wrong, it just makes it IMPOSSIBLE to play
without save scumming. Stick to normal, you won't miss out on anything.

Useless Information Hace 3 meses
Things I wish I knew: 1. AC IS GOD 2. Boost your AC 3. Keep 4. That 5. AC 6. UP 7. SON


Wayne Coady Hace 4 meses

I cannot believe you have so few views and comments. I've been playing the game for a while now.
This is very practical. Some people get thousands of views for pretty basic playthroughs and it's
obvious they don't understand the basic principles of pathfinder character generation let alone game
mechanics. Thanks heaps mate

GrumblingGrognard Hace 3 meses (editado)
omg, I love the intro. On Summer sale now 50% off.


Persona Slates Hace 3 meses

I feel bad for people who haven't played 3.5 or pathfinder pen and paper before playing this game. Its
just so much to take in.


Omgilovesteak Hace 2 meses

I have owned this game for a while but i am just now about to dive in to it :D ( ima noob tho )

Genghis Kong Hace 4 meses
Thanks for the CTRL! I was so annoyed by the snap-to!


Lenard Burgess Hace 2 meses (editado)

Was having fun until level 4, I came for Icewind dale, got simcity:pathfinder at level 4
Jocko Jonson Hace 3 meses
160 hours in game. Y-key whaaaat? 😱


J3D1M1NDTR1CK5 Hace 3 meses

heeey, subscriber 777. my lucky day

Hazy Bear Hace 3 meses

Can't wait for this on PS4 big fan of isometric Western rpg's.... Ever since BG 1-2 on PC back in good
ol days of 98'.

Owlcat Games Hace 3 meses

Useful tips indeed! Thank you for a great video :)

Brent Ryan Hace 2 meses

Having a good party layout is more than just OCD, because some enemy units have AoE spells and
abilities... so if your party stands close together, that is bad.
Dave Vd Hace 3 meses (editado)
I just got the game, I loved playing both Divinity Orginal Sin games...But this just seems like a whole
different beast. I'm curious how it will play, any solid build names I should research ?

gurugeorge Hace 2 meses (editado)

Yeah the Inspect facility and the fact that your characters get to know more and more about the
monsters the more they encounter them (through the various Knowledge and Lore checks for different
types of monsters) - that's HUGE. (Cool tip: in the Turn-Based mod you can Right-click on enemy
names in the list and it brings up their inspect panel.) Particularly, it's huge for tailoring the kinds of
spells you use against an enemy - for example an enemy that has low Will saves compared to Fort, use
a spell that has a Will check instead of a spell that has a Fort check. Just generally, while playing
Pathfinder, you can get a lot of a sense of how the game works just by occasionally reviewing the
combat panel bottom right, to see exactly what's been going on when your character has hit or fired off
a spell - you can see in detail how all the buffs accumulate to push a roll just over the edge against
something with high AC, for example. It can get quite interesting, and you understand the game better
and better. Great channel man, keep up the good work!

Nicole Hace 1 mes (editado)
2:15 Holy crap thank you for this! Very helpful video overall, well done.

Marcello Morales Hace 2 meses (editado)

a few things about the unfair difficulty, it is almost broken: Enemies will kill(not going unconscious) in
one hit if they ever crit and dropping(going unconscious) your character in two hits if they don't. Early
on there will be enemies that have ac and attack bonus so high that you can't hit them without getting a
20 and they won't miss you unless they roll 1. good thing, the game now has coup de grace(something
that I didn't have when I started playing it) that makes the early game incredibly easier by putting
enemies to sleep or prone and then using coup de grace on them + proccing a lot of attacks of
opportunity, very rarely I don't play on the hardest difficulty and if you are like me prepare to reload a
lot and be extremely frustrated early on by the encounters but it gets easier the more levels you get.
Currently I don't know if it is possible to do last azlanti(only 1 save) + unfair because of the high
amount of luck that you need to have on the encounters early on, the only way I did get past the early
game was with mods(the most important one is turn based, that helps a lot because you can play
optimally it is really good especially with caster classes that can do almost anything in their turn).

Eric Evans Hace 3 meses (editado)
Some things I like to add. If you want to do a player made party without mods here's how. When you
get to Oleg's at the very beginning of chapter 2 DO NOT level your main character to level 2. After you
you fight the Bandit raid off and sell off all of the trash loot. you can hire 5 mercenaries and outfit them
if you like. That way you can devote you companions skill points into what ever advisor roles you
assign them. IMO this gives you a better party overall as well as more effective advisors. Edit: I also
highly suggest a Charisma centric ability score class for the main charactor as your persuasion skill will
make parts of the game go much easier. IE Cleric Pali Bard Magus ect ect.

DADDEYHOME Hace 3 meses

I hope you do a let's play I know the game is long but seeing your tips in action would be fantastic

Vladimir V. Hace 3 meses

7:48 I do agree with other points. This one though was kind of vague. Personally i didn't care about this
side of the game, but i didn't want to auto-resolve it. Kingdom Resolution mod makes handling your
kingdom really easy. I hated spendng weeks to level my advisors so i made it a 3-day task. I set other
activitiest at 50% duration and didn't bother with this aspect of the game at all.

Ilhares Hace 2 meses

Those teleport circles/mage towers are a major time saver, and reminded me that when I set up new
villages in my domain to really try and spread them out, so I save the maximum time by teleporting.

Benjamin Sorrentino Hace 2 meses

4:35 I actually tried a run with an almost full cleric party xD (2paladins and 4 crusaders, you get what
I'm trying to do here). the survivability is ridiculous with that party comp and I rest way less often. I
didn't finish the game with this party yet I had 2 previous run so I'm currently on another game but I'll
definitively get back to it to see if I can manage to finish the game with that comp.

Psychotic Bob Hace 3 meses
This one RPG Camp...I played...Dragon's Dogma.

Mike Clarke Hace 3 meses

The no.1 thing I wish I knew was that there's a turn based mod.

CruzerZERO Hace 4 meses
Great tips! Especially the one @2:15. Thanks!


DADDEYHOME Hace 3 meses

I also would like to see what type of character you would build in your second or third playthrough to
maximize checks challenges and persuasion rolls

Sean Thompson Hace 3 meses

Thanks for the info, I was struggling to find out how to get more advisors unlocked.

badejong Hace 3 meses (editado)

Great video! I found this one at random and I like it! Gonna see if you have any more video's on
pathfinder...I would like to see your build on Valerie. And maybe on some other standard chars.. All I
find are total respecs and that is something I do not like

Hazy Bear Hace 6 días

Wish I could play this...still no release date for PS4😵😵😵
sneakybawls Hace 3 meses
That Inspect feature I actually didn't realize till just the other day. LOL I just assumed it was some
ability to discover hidden cache or doors..... like most other RPGs. I had no idea that was what it did till
I saw someone else's build video and saw that they moused over an enemy and all those stats popped
up. I was like "What the Hell is that?! Where is that in the options? Is that a mod?" LMAO Didn't know
about the holding CTRL key for aiming.... learning stuff every damn day still.

Bigs Bee Hace 3 meses

Thanks for the info. Definitely going to give this game a try.

Alexandru Hace 2 meses

nr. 1: the ending is the most anticlimactic thing ever, and you can't play anymore after that, to explore
and enjoy the game.

Sean Thompson Hace 3 meses
Another good tip is to save all the money you can and buy a mercenary as soon as possible. I think if
you grab everything you might have enough to get one after the prologue. They go up by 1000g each
time you level. I forgot if you level during the prologue but if you do you can wait and stay level 1 until
after you buy the mercenary. Mercenaries are great if you want a companion that you can build the way
you want.

Stefan Onderdelinden Hace 3 meses

thanks for this

Nerdy Rodent Hace 3 meses
Oh, there is a monster info key! Thanks 😀

ILoveMortarHED Hace 3 meses

Kingdom: America hahaha nice!

Nub Sauce Hace 3 meses

John Burgundy!?!?!? Ron's brother? :O

Gary Sanders Hace 3 meses
You're telling me.. You can pick any name in the world, and you went with a community college?
lmfao Love it haha

vereen70 Hace 3 meses

This video is pure gold... just subscribed!!