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S7 GATE 2018 Admit Card

Date 11 February 2018

Time 09:00 to 12:00 hrs
Registration Number CE18S73007827

GATE Paper CE: Civil Engineering

Examination Centre:
Centre Code: 3007
iON Digital Zone iDZ 2, Mathura Road
A 27, Mohan Co-Op Industrial Estate
Near Sarita Vihar Metro Station, Near Metro Pillar No. 294-295
New Delhi, Delhi - 110044

Professor G. Pugazhenthi Enrollment ID: G127A72

Organizing Chairman, GATE 2018
Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Instructions to the Candidate

1. A printed copy of this Admit Card must be presented for the verification along with at least one original (not photocopy or
scanned copy) valid photo identification proof (For example: Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, College ID, Employee
ID, Driving License).
2. The Admit Card is considered to be valid only if the photograph and signature are legible. To ensure this, print the admit card on
an A4 sized paper using a laser printer, preferably a colour photo printer.
3. Candidates are advised to locate the examination centre at least a day before the examination, so as to ensure that they can reach
the centre on time.
4. To facilitate the verification of their identity, candidates must report at the examination venue at least 60 minutes before the
scheduled commencement of the examination.
5. Personal calculators, any kinds of watches, mobile phones or any other electronic/communication devices are STRICTLY
PROHIBITED inside the examination hall. Note that the GATE authorities are not responsible for the safe keep of candidate’s
personal belongings.
6. During the examination, candidates may be checked for possession of any of the prohibited items. If the candidate is found to
possess any of these items, he/she will be liable to be debarred from the examination and/or to disciplinary action, which may
include ban from future examinations.
7. Candidates will be permitted to appear for the examination ONLY after verification of their credentials by the centre officials.
8. Candidates will be permitted to occupy their seats 45 minutes before the scheduled start of the examination. Candidates can login
and start reading the instructions 20 minutes before start of the examination.
10. Candidate will NOT be permitted to leave the examination hall before the end of the examination.
11. During the examination, a virtual scientific calculator will be available on the computer screen, which can be used for the
numerical calculations.
12. Candidate should NOT bring any charts/tables/papers into the examination hall. Scribble pad will be provided for the rough work.
Before using it, candidate must write his/her name and the registration number. At the end of the examination, this scribble pad
must be returned to the invigilator.