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Samar Colleges, Inc.

Catbalogan City, Samar

Basic Education Department
S.Y., 2019-2020

First Quarter Summative Test

in Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics

TEST I. Modified True or False

Directions: In your answer sheet write TRUE if the statement is true and if FALSE change the
underlined word to make the statement correct.

Social sciences 1. The progress of human knowledge, hard sciences is the last to develop.
Rationalization 2. Social life is more and more subjected to calculation and prediction.
3. Anthropology as a scientific discipline originated from social philosophy
True and travelogues of Western travelers.
4. Ruth Benedict, one of the leading figures in modern sociology, described of
Max Weber the process rationalization.
5. As it defined, Society as the costume beliefs, social forms, and traits that
Culture defines a specific racial, religious or social group.
6. Positivist or the awareness of the social scientists of the ideological, political,
and social biases of the standpoints when doing research and publishing
Reflexivity their works for the wider public.
7. Feminist Anthropology that seeks to transform research findings,
anthropological hiring practices, and the scholarly production of
True knowledge, using insights from feminist theory.
True 8. Another term of a controlled system is “open system”.
Quantitative 9. Qualitative method refers to research involving the collection of data in
method numerical form for data analysis.
10. The origin of the social sciences can be traced back to the Modern Greek
Ancient philosophers.
11. Rene Descartes, who advocated the use of rigorous philosophical analysis
True to arrive at truths rather than basing on dogmas.
12. Culture pertains to a group of individuals involved in social interaction or
Society sharing the same geographical or social territory.
13. As stated, that Philosophy is based on analytic understanding of the nature
True of truth asserted about specific topics of issues.
True 14. Kinship is referring to a web of social relationship like family, friend, etc..
15. Reflexivity is the conscious effort of the social researcher to be aware of the
True social conflicts and power struggle that underlie one’s subject of research.
Qualitative 16. A research refers to investigates aspects of social life which are not
method amenable to data measurement, “Quantitative method”.
17. Politics is referring to achieving and exercising positions of governance over
True a human community
18. The problem of explaining how societies manage to exist over a long period
Reproduction of time is called reduction.
True 19. It is referring to uncontrolled system, “Closed System”.
20. Since the development and progress of human knowledge, the social
True sciences were the last to develop.

TEST II. Matching Type

Directions: Match the terms in column A with its corresponding meaning in column B. Write the
letter and the word in your answer sheet.

N 21. Divorce A. gay marriage

B. learn about people and societies so that they can
design products/services that cater to various needs
D 22. Goal Attainment of the people.

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23. Ideological State C. use physical force to conform to the laws and norms
G Apparatuses of society
R 24. Scientific Method D. political system
A 25. Same-Sex Marriage E. cancels a marriage
P 26. Adaptation F. locks social regulation through social norms
G. members shared the same values and beliefs were
O 27. Sociology society possesses
H. union of two people as partners in a personal
S 28. Latency relationship
I. practice of acquiring full or partial political control
Q 29. Globalization over another country
U 30. Indigenization J. consisting of parents and children living together
H 31. Marriage K. belief that society does not exist
F 32. Anomie L. societal community
J 33. Family M. culture
T 34. Sociological Realism N. termination of a marriage
35. Repressive Ideological
C State O. study of social problems.
36. Methodological
K Individualism P. economic system
Q. develop international influence or start operating on
B 37. Social Research an international scale.
R. consisting in systematic observation, measurement,
and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and
L 38. Integration modification of hypotheses
E 39. Annulment S. fiduciary system
T. society is reality and not be reduced to individual
I 40. Colonialism parts
U. act of making something more native; transformation
of some service, idea, etc.

TEST III. Analogy

Directions: Analyze the following statements and write its equivalent term. Write your answer
in you answer sheet.

41. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle : Greek philosophers; Martineau, Marx, Comte : ______________
42. __________ : controlled system; Open system : uncontrolled system
43. Material Culture : Created by human person; Non-Material Culture : ________________________.
44. Reflexivity : conscious effort of the researcher ; Positivist : ___________________________
45. _____________ : Louis Althusser; structural functionalism : Talcott Parsons
46. couple and their dependent children : Nuclear family; _________________ : grandparents, aunts,
uncles, and other relatives,
47. man has more than one wife : Polygyny; woman has more than one husband : _________
48. termination of marriage : Divorce; ______________ : Annulment
49. Qualitative Analysis : Qualitative Methods; ____________________ : Quantitative Methods
50. Beautiful : You; Ugly : ______

“Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle.
This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the FUTURE.” - Albert Camus

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