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DAILY LESSON Teacher Learning Area ENGLISH

LOG Teaching Dates and Time OCTOBER 28-NOVEMBER 1, 2019 Quarter THIRD
Objectives must be met over the week and connected to the curriculum standards. To meet the objectives, necessary procedures must be followed and if needed, additional lessons, exercises
I. OBJECTIVES and remedial activities may be done for developing content knowledge and competencies. These are assessed using Formative Assessment strategies. Valuing objectives support the learning
of content and competencies and enable children to find significance and joy in learning the lessons. Weekly objectives shall be derived from the curriculum guides.
The learner demonstrates understanding of how Philippine literature in the Period of Emergence and other text types through using different reading, listening, and viewing
strategies, word relationships and associations, direct/reported speech, passive/active voice, simple past and past perfect tenses, and sentence connectors; employing the
A. Content Standards appropriate oral language and stance in informative speech forms to express ideas, opinions, feelings and emotions; serve as tools to assert one’s identity in a diverse
B. Performance Standards The learner proficiently participates in a simple debate about asserting identity in a diverse society.
EN7-III-a-3.3/3.3.1: Recognize the main points and supporting ideas
C. Learning Competencies or in the text listened to.
EN7LT-III-a-5: Discover literature as a tool to assert one’s unique EN7G-a-3: Use the past tense of EN7WC-III-c-2.8.5: Compose
Objectives identity and to better understand other people. verbs correctly in varied contexts a series of journal entries
(Write LC Code for each) EN7OL-III-a-1.3: Express one’s ideas, opinions, feelings and
emotions during discussions and conversations
An Emerging Change
Simple Past Form of the A Celebrity with a
II. CONTENT Listening: Kaleidoscope World National Holiday
Verb Helping Heart
Pliant Like the Bamboo
A. References
English 7 Teacher’s Guide pp. English 7 Teacher’s Guide p.
1. Teacher's Guide pages English 7 Teacher’s Guide pp. 291-297
300-302 306
2. Learners' Guide pages
English 7 Learner’s Material pp. English 7 Learner’s Material
3. Textbook pages English 7 Learner’s Material pp. 300-308
310-312 pp. 315
4. Additional Materials
from Learning Resource Portal
B. Other Learning Resources
Introduce the activity by saying
 Relate the activity by stating that the period in Philippine
that the learners will focus on
Literature that the learners will study will focus on a time Introduce the learners final
A. Reviewing previous language. Help the learners
when foreign people invaded our country. task for this lesson by
complete the given sentences by
lesson or presenting the  Lead the learners to analyze the pictures in the LM. (page emphasizing that their
directing their attention to the
new lesson 300). expected output is meaningful
word pool. Give two minutes for
 Guide the learners in answering the “Fact or Bluff” activity journal entries.
the learners to accomplish the
on the LM (page 301). task.
B. Establishing a Purpose Emphasize the following points about the Period of Emergence: Process the activity by asking Give the learners a
for the lesson  During the Period of Emergence, Japan invaded the them the process questions walkthrough of the task by
Philippines leading to the destruction buildings. found in the LM. Lead the using the GRASPS format.
 In this period, movies became popular replacing zarzuela. learners in identifying the uses of
 The English language was widely used by the writers. the simple past form of the verb
 Carlos P. Romulo was one of the famous writers during this using the answers from the
period. previous activity.

Introduce the song that the learners will listen to by stating

that it will provide them with insights on differences of people, Discuss the notes provided on Present the rubrics which
C. Presenting examples or and how they should acknowledge these differences. Ask the simple past form of the verb will be used to assess the
instances of the new following questions before and after they listen to the song: on the LM. Use the previous output of the students. Ask
lesson  How do people differ? sentences to guide the the learners if they have
 How should you treat differences among people learners. clarifications.
according to the song?
Ask the learners to read the selection “Pliant Like the Point out also the formation of
D. Discussing new concepts Provide enough time for
Bamboo” by I. V. Mallari. Ask them to stop at “Reflection the simple past form when
and practicing new skills the learners to accomplish
Time” part and answer the question/s given. Guide the using a regular and irregular
#1 the task.
learners in answering the questions. verb.
Provide examples of regular Ask some volunteers to
E. Developing Mastery Ask the learners to identify the given statements in the LM if
and irregular verbs present their work in front
(Leads to Formative they are true or false. Connect the next task by saying that
transformed into the simple of the class. Give your
Assessment 3) they will use the information from the selection that they read.
past tense. comments and feedback.
Final Task: A Celebrity
Task 11.1: Grammar
F. Evaluating Learning Task 7: What Kind of Persons are Filipinos? page 307-308 with a Helping Heart page
Exercises pages 311-312

A. No. of Learners who earned 80% in

the evaluation

B. No. of Learners who scored below

80% & need/s additional activities for

C. Did the remedial lessons work? No. of

Learners who have caught up with the

D. No. of Learners who continue to

require remediation

E. Which of my teaching strategies

worked well? Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter which
my principal or supervisor can help me
G.What innovation or localized material
did I use/undiscover & wish to share
with other teachers?