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Daily Lesson Plan School: Murcia National High School Grade Level: Grade 7

Teacher Ashly S. Violanda Learning Area: Handicraft Production

Teaching Dates: Quarter 1: Handicraft Production
Quarter 2:
Quarter 3:
Quarter 4:
A. Content Standards Demonstrates understanding of the scope and basic concepts of the handicraft
B. Performance Standards The learner explains with confidence the scope of the handicraft industry and the
employment and entrepreneurial opportunities it offers.
C. Learning Competency/ies Explain the basic concepts of handicraft
LC Code
D. Specific Objectives:  List down the different embroidery stitch
 Identify the different examples of embroidery stitch

II. CONTENT Embroidery Stitch (Back Stitch – Feather Stitch)


A. References Learning Module in Handicraft Production pp. 16 – 17,

B. Instructional Materials Projector, download a video about embroidery stitches, laptop, sample pictures
A. Review  What are the different problems occurred on embroidery thread?
 What are the ways in caring embroidery thread?
B. Motivation  The teacher will show a short video about embroidery stitches
 Are you familiar with the design shown on the video?
C. Presentation  Our topic today is all about Embroidery Stitches
D. Activity Proper/ Discussion  The teacher will distribute the activity cards (5 groups preferably) on each
 Each group will identify the embroidery stitches assign to them by
arranging the cut out letters to form a word/s , using a manila paper and a
marker they will explain the uses of the stitch in embroidery design
 After 5 minutes the reporter will present their work in the class.
E. Analysis  Why do we need to know the different examples of embroidery stitches?
 What are the uses of these stitches in creating an embroidery design?
F. Return Demonstration
G. Application  The teacher will show a picture of a sample stitches:
Picture 1- cross stitch
Picture 2 – feather stitch
Picture 3 – back stitch
Picture 4 – bullion stitch
Picture 5 – chain stitch

H. Abstraction  What are the different examples of embroidery stitches?

 What kind of stitch where it is used for outlining, borders and to fill
in an entire area?
 It is a type of stitch most often used to outline a design.

I. Assessment I. Identification: Identify the embroidery stitches being described.


In 2-3 sentences, explain the proper care of embroidery thread. 5 pts.

II. Agreement/ Assignment In a ½ sheet of pad paper list down the different examples of
embroidery stitch.

Reference: Learning Module in Handicraft Production (pp. 16 -17)