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Multiple Choices. Read the statement carefully. Shade the letter of the correct answer

1. Which instrument is a Chordophone?
A. Saung Gauk B. Samphor C. Chhing D. Kongvong
2. How to play an aerophone musical instrument?
A. Blowing B. Tapping C. Plucking D. Strumming
3. What do you call to the speed or pace of a given piece of music?
A. Meter B. Tempo C. Texture D. Timbre
4. What is Saung Gauk musical instrument?
A. Finger Cymbals B. Drum C. Harp D. Reed Pipe
5. A Malay Folk song that literally means “loving feeling”
A. Sakura B. Chan Mali Chan C. Burung Kakatua D. Rasa sayang
6. It is a loud sounding Instrument from Myanmar.
A. Oneat B. Pat Waing C. Skorthom D. Chhing

Choices for items nos. 7-10

A. Aerophone B.Chordophone C. Idiophone D. Membranophone
7. Samphor (a double headed drum)
8. Hne (double reed pipe)
9. Oneat (xylophones)
10. Saung Gauk (Myanmar’s Harp)


11. Merlion is an example of _______

A. Carving B. Sculpture C. Weaving D. Painting
12. What insect produces a silk?
A. Bees B. Ants C. Butterfly D. Caterpillar
13. What is a Kopiah?
A. kite B. hat C. puppet D. Amulet

14. Chisel is for carving, Fabric is for_________

A. Drawing B. Carving C. Weaving D. Painting
15. What material is used in origami?
A. Stone B. Paper C. Textile D. Dye
16. Which does not belongs to the group
A. Thailand B. Laos C. Canada D. Cambodia
17. What do you call to the most popular theatre puppet of Indonesia?
A. Buddha B. Wayang Kulit C. Merlion D. Ramayana
Choices for items nos. 18-20
A. Thailand B. Malaysia C. Cambodia D. Vietnam
18. Silk Painting-
19. Wau Kite-
20. Wat Pho-
21. Jason is a runner, What Health Related Fitness Component he uses?
A. Body Composition B. Cardiovascular Fitness C. Flexibility D .Muscular Strength
22. Which of the following test measures Flexibility?
A. Push – Up B. Step- Test C. Sit and Reach D .Curl - Ups
23. What activity uses Mascular Strength?
A. Push – Up B. 12 km run C. Sit and Reach D .Swimming
24. Which best describes Mascular Strength?
A. A boy can run 100 meters in 10 seconds
B.Carlo can perform different swimming strokes in a competition
C. JM can lift and transfer heavy objects at a distance
D. Faye reaches the longest mark in the sit and reach activity
25. Which sport requires Cardiovascular Fitness?
A. Gymnastics B. Swimming C. Baseball D .Long Jump
26. Which is NOT a Skill Related Fitness Component?
A. Agility B. Reaction Time C. Speed D. Flexibility
27. If TJ weighs 56 kg. And stands 1.54 meters, what would be his BMI?
A. 24.62 B. 23.62 C. 27.62 D. 25.62
28. Anthony has a Computed BMI of 30.0 He belongs to __________ Classification
A. Underweight B. Normal C. Obese D. Overweight
29. Which is NOT a Health Related Fitness Component?
A. Body Composition B. Cardiovascular Fitness C. Speed D. Flexibility
30. It is defined as a condition in which an individual has enough energy to avoid fatigue and enjoy life
A. Fitness B. Wellness C. Holistic Health D. Total Health

31. It refers as an individual total self
A. Gender B. Sexuality C. Gender Equality D. Gender Roles
32. What term defines a man or a woman based on biological characteristics?
A. Gender B. Sex C. Gender Identity D. Gender Roles
33. In gender role, what activity is best to do for Daddy Joseph?
A. Doing household chores
B. Washing the clothes
C. Helping his children with their homework
D. Making a living

34. It is a social concept on how men and women should think, feel and act as influenced by parents, peers and society
A. Gender Equality B. Gender Sensitivity C. Gender Identity D. Gender Roles
35. These influences sexual behaviour except:
A. Family B. Peers C. Money D. Society
36. Why it is important to understand human sexuality
A. We will all be mature adults
B. We have similar sexuality issues
C. There’s a specific age for developing one’s sexuality
D. It will help us build a better relationship with ourselves and others
37. Which of the following illustrates gender?
A. Miguel loves to cook
B. Hazel has a positive body image
C. Marco does not cry in public
D. Akhmad is attracted to Sahaya

Choices for items nos. 39-40

A. Social Self B. Physical Self C. Ethical Self D. Mental Self

38. The way you value Relationship

39. The way you interact with others
40. The way you think as man or woman